Dilip Lama Armani Hotel Dubai epitomizes luxury Hotel Dilip Lama

Welcome to this special edition of luxury love so as we previewed the brand-new Armani Hotel Dubai a joint venture between fashion guru Giorgio Armani and devised email Hospitality so join us as we take a preview tour Located within the iconic Burj Khalifa in downtown dubai the Amani designed Hotel is set to raise the benchmark in luxury hospitality Well here we are we’re actually inside the amani Hotel, Dubai This is the bustling lobbyist guests arrived mean your invitees are gathering and also as one would expect with anything connect with Giorgio Manny There’s going to be a number of fashionistas So what does this? Fashion base hotel actually have stay with us join us as we get on a tour of the amani Hotel, Dubai Inside the world’s tallest tower the hotel occupies floors from the concourse level up to level 8 and then levels 38 and 39 And that’s where we’re going to take a look at in Amani classic room This is one of 36 classic rooms and the rooms in the classic reign series are unique different fittings different furniture different coverings on the wall and floor for example There’s no square walls and what it’s caught my toes, and it’s this box everything he has been designed by mr. Marni himself and this well if I open it up of course any stain of hotel these days often a matter of combining Leisure with work, and this is the amani desk So have a look around while I call the office and update on what’s happening Every aspect of the hotel has been planned and designed by Giorgio, Armani With his philosophy of having a hotel in which he would like to stay and entertain his guests Very much his home from home. Well. This is one of eight restaurants in the hotel. This is a lull It’s an Indian restaurant serving cuisine from across the different regions of India and to complement the food stunning views of the lake at Burj Khalifa and while I await my meal I hope this preview is whetted your appetite for a further look at this elegant hotel from fashion icon, Giorgio, Armani I hope this preview is whetted your appetite for a further look at this elegant hotel from fashion icon, Giorgio, Armani People Ptolemy preachy Okay George Armani was delighted to talk about his long-term dream of having his own hotel Eventually come to life. This is Phil blizzard at their money Hotel Dubai for a me infocomm

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