Do buffets even allow her to go in? [Boss in the Mirror/ENG/2020.01.12]

Come on in. What kind of buffet is it? (Shameless Yang’s noisy entrance) Should we sit here? Thank you. An unlimited refill restaurant, right? (Could it be? Again?) As you can see, we offer all-you-can-eat. As expected. Incredible. We’ll take the unlimited raw beef. (A beggar who only goes to all-you-can-eat restaurants) (Gangnam beggar only goes to all-you-can-eat) (I want to be a solitary heavy eater) He knows all the all-you-can-eat places in every neighborhood. There are really nice all-you-can-eat places around that neighborhood. (Prime spot for all-you-can-eat eateries) – We eat chicken. / – Around Gimpo. They had a spicy stir-fried chicken place. All-you-can-eat spicy stir-fried chicken. We loaded up on protein. He found the place online. He’s the master of finding those places. (Beggar’s radar) As soon as we entered, I noticed the “all you can eat” sign. Since we had a large group, he probably took us there to save expenses. My only thought was, “We can eat a lot today.” All-you-can-eat for $10.90. (Low-cost protein party) It’s really cheap. ($10.90 per 8 people, $87.20 total) This is about one chicken. Think of this as one chicken, and plan your portions accordingly. It’ll take some time to cook, so bring another plate of chicken. (Getting ready ahead of time) Each of you, bring another plateful. (Team Gimpo starts with salad) The others begin with salad. (They take rice cakes and glass noodles) (Team Gimpo, done with the salad bar) What are they doing? Where are they? You won’t have room for meat if you start with rice cakes, so get them after we eat meat. They eat so differently. (She’s a pro) (Heaps of chicken only) (Reaching) (Gosh) That much… We can’t finish that. Is it too much? What is that? – Pickled radish slices. / – Pickled radish. All the restaurant owners probably get… – Nervous when they arrive. / – Indeed. It’s the day they go bankrupt. (Biggest crisis since opening business) (Seongsu arrives with two more chickens) Let’s pour them in. Pour it in. The restaurant welcomed the wrong customers. It won’t cook well if you add too much. They’ll eat it raw. (Team Gimpo never saw them eat in person) Let’s finish this first. (Here we go again…) Goodness. Oh, dear. Do you have any nice employees? Nice in what way? For Director Dongeun here. She’s still single. I have to know who she likes. What is your type? I want to meet someone who can enjoy eating with me. Too bad Hyun Juyeop is married. Manager Hyun is the only one who can keep up with her. No one else can eat as much. I want the person to be a good cook. Chef Choi is married too. (Gloomy Dongeun) Too bad Chef Choi is married. I have to find someone for Dongeun. I want her to get married next year. Honestly… I wasn’t listening. – She wasn’t. / – The chicken was in front of me. – Getting cooked. / – She replied half-heartedly. She is gazing at the chicken. Enjoy the food. – Thank you for the food. / – Enjoy it. Eat more if you want to. The meal is on me. Eat your fill. Yes. Do you go to all-you-can-eat restaurants for company dinner parties? We never go to these places. Is this your first time? Yes. What a wasted life. The Gimpo employees usually have VIP meals at luxury Japanese restaurants. Really? And lamb chops. – Or premium beef. / – Gosh. They also enjoy brunch cafes. Earlier, they filled a plate with salad. Get your sales figures up. Then we can eat Korean beef too. (Getting nagged after asking…) Without sales, we can’t. (Team Gimpo tries spicy stir-fried chicken) (They’re not used to the all-you-can-eat system) (Team Gangnam prepares to eat) (Gloves ready) She brought her gloves. Finally, those gloves… Sanitation gloves. – Looks tasty. / – It was tasty. Looks delicious. (Taking a lot to eat) (Her chopsticks don’t stop) It’s surprising. Every week, I’m always surprised. (Inhaling food) (Gosh) It was scary. Her expression never changed. She just kept eating. (It’s real!) Do you want some gloves? (It’s what I saw on TV…) (Fumbling) – It’s more surprising in person. / – The gloves… Come in handy for eating lettuce wraps. (Hahaha) (Item received!) He’s copying her. (Tastes better with gloves) (Getting drunk on the all-you-can-eat system…) (Chomp) We’re getting beggar scenes again. (There it is! Beggar mode) The same beggar at a new location. (Beggar from the previous episode) (Still alive, he returned) The beggar instead of Stingy Yang. That’s so funny. (How does Team Gimpo eat?) They eat at a totally different speed. (A different restaurant?) (Team Gimpo reminds us of their chandelier) (Team Gangnam reminds us) (Of their battered washing machine) (Same restaurant, different eating style) By the way, my employees said they want to work here. – Since it’s so nice. / – I see. Honestly, I need stylish employees. – Stylish. / – Want to swap trainers? No, thank you. You’ll regret it. Instructor, I’ll do well here after some employee training. (No… Thank you) I admit I’m not stylish, but… We should recruit him. (Doing daily laundry) (And cleaning) I wish we could have this much space. What a great place to work. (Jeongtae envied everything) Do you only do fitness training? Or do you have other work? We do a lot of chores too. – Chores? / – Yes. Did you ever do construction work? – Construction work? / – Yes. We did all the construction work before opening the place. Really? How about laundry? Laundry? I do the boss’s laundry. How about washing dishes? Of course, I wash dishes. My employees… They don’t count their blessings. (It was a mistake to mention it) Everyone does chores, but they think they’re the only ones. It’s the same everywhere. If they didn’t do chores, Jeongtae might’ve switched workplaces. So he checked. (He’s not going anywhere) – Bring some more. / – I will. (Stop talking and bring more food) (Leaving right away before he nags) Bring some glass noodles. (One more plate of spicy chicken) They’re eating more spicy chicken? (Two more plates of spicy chicken) (Dump) He’s just dumping it in. How many plates did they eat? (Deliciously cooked spicy stir-fried chicken) It’s overflowing. Eating like newly-arrived customers. It’s was tasty. Is it all done? (How to eat spicy stir-fried chicken) (Add a pickled radish slice to a lettuce leaf) (Add about four pieces of chicken) (Open your mouth as widely as possible) (Eat in one bite) Now my week isn’t complete without watching Dongeun eat. They all put down their chopsticks, right? Team Gimpo, I mean. Team Gimpo won’t overeat. – Team Gangnam just began. / – Team Gimpo… Is just talking now. (Open wide for the spicy chicken) That’s simply incredible. (Pretending to listen) She’s pretending to listen. We should bring more. (Empty) How many times did you empty the grill? (Shaking his head) Instant noodles. Get instant noodles. (A heap of instant noodles) (As always, instant noodles are their dessert) They’re filling the grill again, right? We need instant noodles as our dessert. We need instant noodles. He knows how to eat. Team Gimpo would’ve gone home if it weren’t for the others. (How long will they eat…) (Newly-created instant noodle lettuce wrap) (Focused only on eating) Gosh. That wrap… Gosh… Incredible. (Instant noodle lettuce wrap burger) Aren’t the lettuce wraps getting bigger? Who puts instant noodles in a lettuce wrap? The wrap is as big as her face. She’s eating that huge wrap. That’s larger than before. Will it go in? It’s really big. (Wondrous Dongeun’s challenge) (Spicy chicken vanishing into a black hole) She didn’t spill a single bit. – It’s all in. / – The whole thing. (Clean success) When I watch her eat… Yes? I can’t eat until the next morning. Watching her makes you full? It makes me too full. (Indirect fullness) (Boss Yang, beggar mode again) The beggar! – Noodle-eating beggar. / – Beggar mode. Noddle-eating beggar. (All cleared, down to the last noodle) Seriously, it seems like… He ate a whole pack of instant noodles. After so many plates of chicken too. (Fighting against food instead of trainers) (Clean) This isn’t a conveyor belt sushi place. How many plates did you eat? Four plates. Is he trying to win? (Extra contest, eating spicy stir-fried chicken) We ate too much. – The others ate a lot too. / – Take out… Two plates for the veggies and instant noodles. Take these plates out. That makes it fair. (12 plates of spicy chicken) We had 12 plates. We always win at eating. Glad they won something. Where’s the next fitness center? (Trying to win eating contests?) – Next one. / – They ate triple the amount. We’ll win against the next one. Let’s go! Yes. (Gimpo training session is a success) (Would they work there if offered a job?) Well, I’ve grown attached to Boss Yang. I’d choose to stay at our gym. I’d refuse, of course. I’ve never thought of switching workplaces. – So loyal. / – We can make our gym… – A stylish place like that. / – Right. We’ll learn from this place and apply it to our fitness center. – Jeongtae is great. / – It was a good experience. (Boss Yang and his muscle crew) (Welcome all eating challenges)

  1. kayal vizhi

    Please don't call him gangam begger or similar expressions. He's saving money and it's a good thing. He's a good boss and takes good care of them.

  2. Houda lola

    How can they keep o' calling him a begger the guy bought his mother a house give her alawance and always treats his staff to eat. I mean my boss even waits for me to buy her cooffee lol

  3. Haria l

    i dont like how they keep on saying that he's such a cheapskate like bro it's already 2020 stop being judgmental! let these people eat in peace damn

  4. Andrea Landi

    I don’t think she really eats a lot in real life. She’s just doing it because she wants people to talk about her. She’s doing it for fame.

  5. Rohcrlne

    I really ship Boss Yang and Dongeun ❤️❤️❤️

    And oh, I felt bad when they call Boss Yang beggar. I hope they stop calling him such names

  6. mimie wanie

    I wish they could stop calling names. It makes me sad when they call him BEGGAR. Imagine his mom watching this and what would she feel when people call/label her own son a beggar.

  7. Ekarista Ari

    i think if you come or make reservation in ALL YOU CAN EAT restoran in Indonesia, they will say their restoran already close or no more table for you…

  8. Tiny Pony -

    i love her expression and her attitude. 🙂 but its kind rude to keep saying someone as beggar. really shows how low they themselves are. less than significant

  9. Tuan Tuan

    I am not from Korea but your neighbourhood country. Each time I watched they went inside eat-all-u-can, I pity the restaurant owner! Should alert all other restaurants about them.

  10. Sarah Nova

    I really don’t like the fact that they are calling him a beggar in every episode. It’s ridiculous. Why would he spend more money on food when this is a perfectly fine meal for all the employees, considering how much each of them eat, and he pays each time. Be thankful!

  11. Gabbie Cruz

    Oh my god, it’s such a lie that they don’t go to all you can eat restaurants and that this was their first time. These types of places in Korea are a dime a dozen, they were just trying to seem boujie.

  12. low felicia

    Remember to keep comments respectful, how to keep the comments respectful when the show showing disrespectful comments by calling someone beggar all the time. Its rather disgusting. I enjoy the show but whenever the words beggar comes out it turns me off like fk. Spending money means luxurious, saving money means beggar. Lol

  13. Syahirah Sidek

    It's a good thing that he tries to save money. If he didn't think of that they wouldn't make it this big. He might even can't afford to pay their salary. Just look at how much they eat. It's a good enough that he pays for their food. Calling him a begger is rude

  14. its_ miszey

    It's not something weird to see someones eating like that, just eat happily bruh, i hate people who like judged the other people 🙄

    Shoutout to boss yang and team uwuuu 😎👏💞, so satisfy looking they eat like that 😆

  15. Keiyh Aruya

    boss yang is consider a nice boss, he pays for his employee food.. it is no wrong at all from being cheap, since his employees eat too much..

  16. Hann

    What’s wrong with being thrifty. If you want him to eat extravagantly every meal and with the amount of food his employees can eat, he will go bankrupt sooner or later

  17. Mosarrat Siddika

    Honestly, I will marry Dongeun. She is just so adorable and innocent. And I think her eating habit is her best and the cutest quality of her. She amazes me everytime.

  18. Skrrata

    I dont rlly like how this show treats boss yang especially knowing how hes been scammed in the past by his own friend they still continue to mock him and call him a beggar I think hes v smart for saving his money and taking his clients to all you can eat places since they do love to eat ALOT. Atleast in the western way that's a massive treat

  19. annisa virliana

    I hate this show when they're just critism people who being himself. He treat his employed nicely.. how can someone can't seeing positivly? Like KOREAN PEOPLE please be nice to each other. I like this program just because dongeun she is nice person in my opinian. Maybe, she's slow but she's honest and not BADMOUTH about the way her boss eating his food… ,

  20. elli

    Boss yang team is the best. They have that family vibe and they are more alive, they enjoy food, working and everything unlike the other 3, they looked so boring. Boss yang team is the best. I love them 💙

  21. colleen

    i feel like dongeun is expressionless most of the time because of botox, but im not saying she definitely had it, just an assumption. still a fan of her though! 😂

  22. Not your ordinary fangirl

    dogeun is probably going to marry the food, and btw I dont know why people finds it ridiculous to go to an eat-all-you-can buffet isnt it nice to save money and still eat a lot of good food. Me and my friends would also target the eat all you can buffet so that we can save while filling our stomachs so I find it very insulting people calling mr Jang beggar because of this

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