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Helloooo and welcome to Katie Pix! Ahh tis the season to be merry because it’s December people and you know what December means it’s Christmas! it’s Christmas time! Today we are talking mince pies oh I mean, is it Christmas without a mince pie? is it Christmas without a mince pie, no no yes? no confused myself, think I’ve done a double negative there It’s not Christmas without a mince pie! let’s get cracking ok so what we’ve got here is a nice tray this is how many it’s hopefully going to make if anything you’re probably going to have a bit of excess is that ever a bad thing? we want to preheat our oven to 200 degrees so I’ve got here just filo- I mean you can try and make it yourself but… with our filo I want to cut it into squares and we’re going to take some melted butter and you just want tot line your tray with a nice splash of butter ok we’re going to take our filo, take one of your sheets they’re absolutely beautiful look at that paper thin and you’re going to tuck it into your tray right, we’re then going to take our butter and we’re going to do another bit of basting then I’m going to go in for one final layer so we’re then going to do one final layer of basting this is then going to go into your oven for 6 to 7 minutes keep an eye on them you want them to start going nice and golden but not too golden so what’s brilliant is that while they’re doing that that gives us the perfect amount of time to prep our filling which is of course our mincemeat so I’ve got here 600g of just straight out the jar mincemeat we’re then going to add in 40g of mixed peel we’re also going to go in with some almonds and I’m just going to whack in two very heaped teaspoons we’re then going to go in with some fruit I’m just going to take the apple and, skin and all grate it directly in obviously- this is going everywhere (laughs) obviously stop before the seeds we’re then going to go in with the zest of an orange and a lemon (laughs) just go in with half a lemon and half an orange if you have children give them the packet ones! Save these for the adults because I’m going to go in with a little cheeky splash of brandy (gasps) merry Christmas woah that’s awful uhhhh I’m just going to go in with a tablespoon really and I’m going to give it a good stir yeahhh so that’s our mincemeat done we’re now going to create a little extra using marzipan I just think there is nothing more Christmassy than the taste- [BEEP] oh! so I’ve just got a little star cutter here I’ve already rolled out some marzipan here you just want it about the thickness of a pound coin and we’re just going to stamp out some stars ohhh they’re so cute! 12, fabulous Ok so they’er started going beautifully golden we’re going to scoop in our mincemeat a really generous tablespoon I reckon take a segment of your clementine and I’m just going to pop that on top as well and then on top of that we’re going to place our marzipan star so already they just look beautiful so these are going to go back in to our oven for another five minutes but just keep an eye so that these don’t get overcooked bit worried about the filo on these, not gonna lie they’ve cooled to a manageable temperature I’ve got myself a pumpkin spiced latte cause it’s Christmas, why not ready? mmm mmmm mmmm! That filo is buttery crunchy and then you bite in to that lovely soft mincemeat the marzipan from where it’s toasted in the oven has almost got like a bite and a chew to it it goes almost like a toffee and then you squidge in to that lovely little clementine suprise that’s absolutely heavenly it’s all in my teeth isn’t it thank you so much for watching Merry Christmas! And I hope you were nice and not naughty because then you can eat all of these cause you deserve it! Bye!

  1. Phil Long

    I used to look forward to Katie's recipes but then found out she was a marketeer for Jamie O. And not a cook by background and a lot of her recipes were posted by others previously. This one for example.

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