Egg Fried Rice|Restaurant Style Egg Fried Rice Rice Recipe In Tamil|Egg Fried Rice In Tamil

Hi Friends Today Will See how to make Restaurant Style Fried Rice Check Out how to make this yummy recipe in step by step procedure Take a Bowl add some water Add some salt and oil First will cook basmati rice Let it come to boiling stage Meanwhile will wash basmati rice and soak for ten mins Now water is boiling,will add soaked basmati rice Let it cook for 5 mins in high flame Will see other ingredients required to make this fried rice Chop some carrot,Beans,Capsicum,Spring Onions,capsicum Check rice after 5 mins In 8 to 9 mins our rice is ready to strain If you soak rice for more than twenty mins make sure you dont cook rice more than 9 mins Let your rice come to room temp Now take a pan add some oil Add in 2 eggs Cook for 3 mins and keep it aside Add chopped cloves Add in chopped garlic Saute it for 2 mins in high flame Add chopped onions & spring onions Saute it for 3 mins Now add in all veggies Let this cook in high flame for 3 mins Make sure you maintain the crunchiness of onions and veggies too Add some spring onion leaves Add salt and black pepper powder Add dark soy sauce -1 or 2 tsp Add egg and mix it all together Now add boiled basmati rice Mix it together Cook for 2 mins in high flame Now our retuarant style fried rice is ready to serve If you like this video please susbcribe and like this video If you want basmati rice recipe then check the description box Garnish with some spring onion leaves Thank you for watching

  1. Priyanka Radhakrishnan

    Hi sis I tried ur recipe it’s tooooooo good everyone like it really it’s taste like restaurant style 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🙏

  2. Hepsibha Hepsibha

    Thnx akka!,I have a nice lunch in my school my friends ate and said it like restaurant and I said my mom cooked but they said u r lieing u bought from shop but I got a little too eat in lunch but it's really good thnx for this lunch recipe

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