Egg in a Basket Brunch Recipe

chef buck here and today we’re going to
cook up eggs in a basket remember when you were a kid and you would get some
toasts your mom would cut a hole and put an egg in it it’s super simple but
that’s what we’re eating now we’re still in Mexico so we’re eating super simple
at home because we’ve been eating out so much so I’ve been eating a lot of
breakfast stuff there’s a bakery nearby that’s really good so we got this kind
of fancy-pants bread and if you’re making eggs in a basket
you know Fancy Pants bread it’s nice because there’s a not a lot to it
I mean it’s eggs and bread this is thyme and olive any kind of fancy fancy bread
you can use it’s gonna be nice but you could just use plain Jane bread too you
can just get your wonderloaf throw you an egg in there and cook it cook it but
if you use a fancy bread you almost make like a giant crouton with an egg it fry
it up and butter and then serve it on top of a green salad that’s $20 brunch
item right there but we’re gonna do a fancy-pants kind of Mexican style
because we’re in Mexico so I’m gonna put a lot of different mexicana type of
couch oh my lord my French is a little rusty you want to
slice it kind of thick ideally so that you can cook your egg and not bust the
yolk but if you had like a regular wonderloaf type of slice of bread you
could take like a cup put it on there and cut you out a little hole for your
egg I can’t really do that here I don’t have a cup small enough so I’m just
gonna dig me out an oval with a little knife here and it’ll work just as well
but you want to make sure and leave yourself enough edges around the bread
to test boom bread with a hole in it that’s all you need
I got me skillet warming up over here and I got it on low and I’m gonna throw
me some butter and you don’t want to be shy with the butter it’s a lot of butter
instead of buttering our bread we’ll just put butter on the skillet and then
so coffee I’ll do one side there get it nice and buttery
I already tore my bread but that’s okay it’s not the end of the world boom boom
boom and then I’ll just butter up the other side but the egg will help it stay
together – yeah egg is going to seal it up the bread
broke kind of easily because this is an older piece of bread we bought this loaf
a couple of days ago that’s okay you can use a older bread for this it doesn’t
really matter because we’re putting so much butter on here and we’re grilling
it up it’ll kind of revitalize an older loaf of bread we’ll just go ahead and
leave this alone for a few minutes and let it grill up on that one side before
we put the egg in there because it’s not gonna take long for the egg to cook okay
look at that now my bread is really falling apart but that’s okay I’m not
giving up because I have faith that the egg it’s going to it’s gonna be like
what is a Gorilla Glue maybe it’ll be like gorilla
egg you see it’s starting to get a little grilling on this side so I’m
gonna turn it over and then I’ll let it do it on the other side what’s masking
girl let me take my egg give it a crack boom boom boom throw it in my
thingamabob still unload still on low for sure this is a pretty awesome
kitchen boom to house it if you want to find out more about how city you can go
over to the link down below at our or our channel channel but as awesome as
this kitchen is it doesn’t have a spatula that I can use on a nonstick
skillet so I’m gonna try to do it with this Spoony spoon type thing we have
faith in you buck already don’t a lot of pressure well where’s the confident buck
we know ah you know confidence doesn’t that doesn’t change the math boom okay
done done okay alrighty well you see now the egg really
did glue it together we’ll see I might have tossed it too hard on the
other side and busted the yolk you don’t want to bust the yolk
come about there y’all you know cuz I kind of like this sauciness oven but
while that’s going it won’t have to grill for very long but come on over
here camber girl like I said I’m gonna do this kind of a Mexican tea type thing
so I got refried beans like I said you could serve this on a salad you know
make it kind of brunchy but we’re gonna serve it on some beans this is just some
canned refried beans and I went ahead and sauteed it up with some onion and
garlic and all those entre it looks like it’s holding
together pretty well boom-boom-boom let’s see what it looks like oh don’t
think my yoke busting lay it right across right there boom boom boom I’m
gonna throw me a little wakka moly on here I made cuz that’ll be a nice color
why not a little bit of fresh cilantro then we got some papaya we’ve been
eating tons of papaya while we’ve been in Mexico look at that that’s that’s a
piece of artwork right there very simple and it looks like it was a lot of work
but you can’t get any simpler it’s basically toast and eggs but I like to
do with kind of a nice thick piece of bread that way you can cook it and it
still has some yolk inside without busting now like especially if you had
this on top of a salad you know and you could use that yolk as kind of a yogi’
dressing and you can grill this bread up really well and it’s almost gonna act
like a crouton but you know you’ve got a nice little crunchy toast there you got
the runny yolk of the egg and then whatever the heck you want to put it on
I seem to remember when I was a kid beans and toast was that a popular thing
or was that just in England when I was a little kid I lived in England for a
while and I think I think beans and toast was a thing over that it’s a good
idea it’s just canned beans some leftover guacamole or fruit isn’t like a
$20 Brent flavor that’s some fruit fruit place you know we’re gonna have to go
and stand in line you know you have to get up and go it 9:30 on Sunday morning
just so you can get a table but you could stay home and eat your own beans
and bread at home what’s better net all right here’s camera girls she didn’t
want all that stuff on there she’s gonna do it with the dressing on there that’s
a Roger managed yes telling you that adds a nice little taste
looks like toothpaste and this cilantro that we just stumbled on is also good so
slides the egg yolk which i think is a great sauce I just have a little bit of
extra well dive in there while you still got a run you tell me what you think
right down the center look how perfect of yours if you’re nice I’ll share it
with you I already clean my plate yeah better
helped I’ll admit it just go Shoop Shoop Shoop Shoop yeah you kill the sound
effects dude well it’s late afternoon so this is our dinner it’s a good meal for
dinner or for breakfast hmm good and crunchy let you say a creature like a
really great proton yeah I think the key is making sure to grill the bread pretty
well before you add the egg to it and make sure that you slice the bread thick
enough or you use bread that’s thick enough so that when you put the egg in
there you can cook the egg and turn it and still have a whole yolk so that
you’ll have a runny yolk cuz it kind of sucks you know when you turn it into
yolk bus that’s not fun but that’s it if you want some recipe ideas for this
egg in a basket type thing go over to you can find all
the recipes over there subscribe thumbs up do all that stuff and we’ll see in
the future thanks for watching

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