En toute honnêteté : Au Restaurant

Good evening, do you have a table for two ? Of course, I could place you here. Yes It would be perfect. But I’m going to place you there, between the restroom and this drunk russian supporter It’s more convenient for me because it’s just next to the kitchen If you please. Sor… sorry May I ask what you will drink with this ? What is your advice on this ? With your ribsteak… A Saint-Emilion special cuvee ? It’s 127€ A bit expensive for a first date, right ? Surely for this price you’d better pick up a hooker. Yeah… Sir The guinea fowl supreme deglazed with balsamic vinegar, with its seasonal vegetable mousse, in a Rajasthan ginger reduction. Okay so actually I’m paying 56€ for pork and spinach. That’s exact, Sir. First date ? You should go for or a first price wine, a pitcher of our house wine. Hum she’ll think I’m a skinflint The goal is to take her home afterwards. -To have sex. Can’t wait. Hello, delivery from Deligroo Yeah, well you’re 40 minutes late. You’re going to tell me it’s because of traffic jams, right ? No, traffic was fluid. I even ran every red light. No, I just stopped to light a joint. How was it Sir ? Did you enjoy ? -So good, especially the meat. Where is it from ? The supermarket Sir. – That’s blunt hypocrisy ! -That’s exact, Sir. Bon appétit You’re going to tell me the restaurant gave it to you like this or ? No, that’s because I’m high and I fell off my scooter. Fortunately your bag was there. Or else I would have hurt myself. Ciao bambino ! *italian accent* Let me warn you, I’m not Italian at all but I’ll talk to you with the accent like this so that it’s a bit more… authentic. Okay, well Vaffanculo. Hum I don’t speak Spanish sorry And now you’re going to tell me your dog ate it right ? No I already told you, I’m high, I was hungry you see ? But it’s soooo good man. With the pickles and everything, it’s fresh. I don’t what you think, but it’s disguting ! *Belgian accent* Yes man. Yet all the comments on Food Advisor were exceptional ! Look. For example, Sarah83 says: This restaurant is wonderful, The chef is a rare gem. Hold on. Sarah83 ? It’s me. I love posting fake comments on Food Advisor. Gotcha. Bastard. What is a gourmet coffee exactly ?. -It’s only an expresso with 3 piles of crap on the edge of a plate. It’s basically a 10€ coffee. -A scam basically. That’s exact, Sir. -I’ll take anyway. -Perfect This osso-buco is a real delight ! Congratulate your Chef for me. By the way, what’s his name ? *italian accent* I’d tell you his name is Giuseppe and that he’s from Napoli *normal french* but in fact he’s Randit, he’s from Mumbai. Bon appetitio There are even comments from foreigners, look ! Steven from Sydney who says: “Great food, great service.” Each year, millions of tourists get scammed by fake comments on Food Advisor And that, is funny. because they’re only tourists and we don’t give a damn about them. Hum Sir, please. Could I have some parmesan ? Of course. I’ll arrange that for you right now. Eww that’s gross ! -That’s exact. Bon appétit. Yo, we hope you liked this sketch ! If you want to order homemade parmesan from Manu, click here to see the Making Of ! And you can also subscribe to Lolywood by clicking here. Tell us in the comments what other ‘In all sincerity’ you’d like for example ‘In all sincerity: Lawnmowers’ but that’s not… great. So, see you next week !

  1. lUc!3 Ma poule

    2:34 les gens derrière 😂😂

    -tire sur mon doit




    -ha ha

    -ha ha



    -c drôle hein?



    -slt j’te laisse L’addition..

    -Et pas la soustraction 🤣

    -…tg j’me tire



    – A bientôt surtout

    -TA GUEULE!!…….allo la police une fem…



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