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preparing tea and bread for late morning breaky I’ll be eating with fig jam and fruits. I like the delicate sweetness of my homemade fig jam. Eventually, I spread jam too much With bread, I’ll drink ‘cheep up red’ tea. It’s made with cnidium, dong quai, dates and arrowroot flower It helps to keep your body warm. When I have a meal, the most important item is my laptop. A sip of tea, and a bite of bread. There are still figs coming out these days. I should make one more before the season by. When I have a meal, I always watching Youtube. I like to watching baking videos, but In these days, I like vlogs too. I don’t know why, but watching others’ life is quite interesting. I think I should film more vlog style videos. How do you think? Actually, I tried to film several times, but it feels cringe. Weather turned suddenly cold, so I drink tea often. I was coffee addict, but I try to drink at least one cup of tea in a day instead of coffee. This tea looks like flowers are blooming in water, so It makes my eyes pleasant. After washing dishes, writing grocery list. What should I eat for dinner When I’m not sure, I just go grocery store. Came grocery store 5 min from my home. They are selling cute kisses for Halloween. You’re going with me. Kabocha (we call ‘sweet pumpkin’ in Korea) lemon grapefruit This corner is always noisy b/c of the advertisement. fish cake small variety pack I bought udon noodles too. Came back from the grocery store. Today’s lunch is pumpkin egg slut. Cut the kabocha and dig the seeds Wrap it, and microwave for 4 min. Add egg and cheese, (Adding cheese A LOT) again, microwave 1~2min. I was little bit disappointed that kabocha wasn’t sweet I expected. It would be sad if I didn’t add much of cheese. Next time, I’ll buy kabocha on the internet. **Eating lunch with watching Youtube** With next kabocha, I’ll make pumpkin puree for baking. After cleaning, I turned my incense stick Light a stick with lighter which I don’t know why I have. This incense stick is bought from prop shop in Busan. Today’s plan is editing my YouTube video. Rough cut editing>translating>make caption>color grating & final editing I edit my video in this order. Right now, I’m translating the recipe to English. Wanna be good at English… For snack, I’ll make madeleines. I gifted all my desserts, so there’s nothing in my home. Today’s baking is madeleines with adding ‘mystic purple’ by ccotcha. I’ll make with my ‘earl grey madeleines’ recipe. Infuse the tea in melted butter. Measuring sugar. Without filming, I don’t pre-measuring. Mix well. Mix with adding eggs, one at a time. I added 2 eggs. Adding pastry flour Baking powder And salt. I’m such a lazy person, so I didn’t sieve. Because of that, I have to mix such a long time. While making a dough, smells of mystic purple is sooo good. Mystic purple is blending tea with mulberry, apple, rosemary, and marigold. When I saw the ingredients, I thought it is for making madeleines. Passed resting b/c I’m lazy. Bake 170C / 340F for 15 min. These madeleines are too good, I’m in a hurry to make drinks to eat with. I’ll make with ccotcha’s ‘citrus pink’. It’s blending tea with lemon, orange, apple mint, and cockscomb. At first, infuse in water. Love the color changing into pink

  1. SweetHailey

    안녕하세요! 헤일리에요 🙂
    이번 영상은 저의 첫 브이로그에요😆
    이번 브이로그에서 담은 하루는 요리하고, 편집하는 것 밖에 없는것 같네용,, 쩜쩜

    첫 브이로그라 많이 미숙하지만, 이번 영상 많이 좋아해주셨음 좋겠어요☺️
    그리고 이런 영상이 좋은지, 어떤지도 댓글로 많이 남겨주세요~!
    만약 좋아해주신다면 브이로그도 자주 담아보도록 해볼게요 ❤️

    Hey Viewers! It’s Hailey.
    This is the first time that I make VLOG!
    This vlog, all I did is cooking and editing I think.

    But hope you like this kind of video, and Let me know, you like this kind of video or not!
    If you like this, I’ll make more 🙂

    And English subtitle will be upload within 2 days.
    I’m so sorry about that, but hope you enjoy ❤️

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  2. 궁화

    갠적으로 브이로그도 너무 좋은 것 같아요!!
    수능이 9일 남았는데 이 영상보고 마음이 편안해진 것 같아요 감사합니다..! 앞으로도 자주 브이로그 찍어주셨음 해요 🙂

  3. Welcome to the HikiNEET

    I love these kinds of vlogs! I was actually looking for something like this yesterday so I'm glad you decided to do one. I'd love to see more of these!

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