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Yes! The bread is so good. Hello to all Thailander fans out there. Those who like hamburgers are going to be so happy today, because we’re bringing you to one of the best hamburger places. Foreigners, especially Americans, are the ones who know the best about hamburgers, right? So, today, I’m bringing my friend, Caitlin, who’s from America. But theres a problem, because she can’t speak Thai at all So, we’ll have subtitles for you. Well.. honestly, adding subtitles is a bit too tiring for me. I just bought this few days ago. This one that I’ve got, which I bought from Japan, is a jelly translator. Hi. Hello. What’s your name? My name is Cat and my first name is Caitlin. What kind of burgers are we having today? We’ll be having various kinds of burgers and other snacks as well. This place is called ‘Fatty’s Bar & Diner’, located at the Din Daeng – Rama XI Junction. Cat really likes American food and I do trust her taste on that. You even used to run your own ribs shop, right? That’s right. I used to open up a burger shop, burger food truck and American BBQ shop. You must have good knowledge about food. Well, then, let’s go inside and check it out. Let’s go. Now, we’re with Matt, the owner of this shop. Before talking about the food, let’s just talk about the concept of this shop first. Because this place looks really extraordinary. Cat, can you explain to us what does ‘dive bar’ mean? Even I’ve no idea either what that is. Generally speaking, ‘Dive bar’ is a bar which has friendly atmosphere. You’ll feel cozy. And for the decorations, as you can see here, it’ll be something personal for the owner. So, when you enter this place, you’ll feel welcomed and free to make friends with other people. Wow. This place has been opening for 7 years. Fans of Star Wars must come here because there are a lot of Star Wars stuff. There is a Darth Vader mask right there. Matt’s also wearing Boba Fett t-shirt. There’re a bunch of rare items like The Rocketeer. It’s an old movie that I love and is based upon a comic book. Apart from food, there are also various types of beer. Right. The specialty of this place is cheese, cheese and cheese. Okay. So, cheese is a must try. Actually, personally, .. Yeah. Personally, I like cheese but I don’t usually have it with hamburger. But, today, I’ll have hamburger with cheese. I’m actually thinking about the Chilli Cheese Burger. I’m thinking about ordering 2 or 3 menus so we’ll have the variety. There are about 2 to 3 menus here which are fried snacks, that you can’t find them anywhere else in Bangkok. And there’s Cream Cheese Burger that mustn’t be missed, because the cream cheese is imported straight from Wisconsin. Wow. Okay, I really want to try that. And they also have Jalapeño. Alright? Yeah. Like what I said, it’s going to be cheese, cheese and cheese. I think by the end of today, we’ll be throwing up cheese. Cheese is going to come out through our eyes, nose, and ears. Everywhere. It’ll be worth it. Trust me. Awesome. Let’s see how Wisconsin food in Thailand would be like. Alright. Let the feast begin. Here they are, looking so tasty. Oh my God. Okay, let’s start off with the appetisers. Alright. Let’s start with this one. What is it? This is what I talked about earlier, it’s something you can’t find it anywhere else. It’s Wisconsin cheese curds. Wisconsin cheese curds. I can’t wait anymore. I’m going to try it right now. Go ahead. Go ahead. I’ll try it without dipping first. As you can see, the cheese is a bit stretchy. They’re small pieces of cheese, so they’re also called baby cheese. In the states, especially in Wisconsin, you can buy a whole bag of them. Actually, what makes it tasty is the coat which is mixed with spices. But in the States, people also eat plain cheese curds. What’s nice about the cheese is that it has a nice buttery smell. Yes. Though ranch dip is really good, but it doesn’t need sauce because it’s great by itself. Right. It’s perfectly seasoned and crunchy on the outside, and the inside is an amazing cheese. This is something that can’t be described into words, so you must come and try it yourself. You must try it yourself. The cheese is truly amazing. It’s too hard to explain. And the next one? The next one is my favourite. What is it? What is Jalapeño poppers? Jalapeno poppers are Jalapeno peppers, which are Mexican pickled peppers, stuffed with cream cheese that is also imported from Wisconsin. Try it. Yeah. Look at the inside. The cheese here is so amazing. Right. If we’re talking about cheese from the States, the best cheese must be from Wisconsin. Wisconsin. What makes it taste so unique is that on the outside is the seasoned coating, right? Yes. And on the inside which has the sourness. There’s a sourness. And spiciness. Sourness and spiciness of Jalapeño. Then, at the core, there’s fresh and creamy cheese. Yeah. Feeling like it bursts in your mouth. And the dip is also really good. I agree. Is it good? It’s so good. Right? Moving on to.. The main dishes. Okay, let’s try this one. Okay. Actually, when I come to a place like this, I don’t usually care about the side dish that comes with my order. But this one is something else. Though it looks like a normal coleslaw, but the taste is another level. Take this. Should I put ketchup or mustard? Usually, if people are going to put something, it’ll be mustard. Okay, then, I’ll put mustard. Yeah. I’m telling you that this isn’t a kind of food that can be eaten properly. Not for this shop, alright? We have to eat with hands here. It’s going to be messy. We’re going to make a mess. Okay. First of all, the bread is really soft. It’s so soft. The bread is really soft. Their choice of bread is impressive. This is it. The sausage is fully flavoured with spices. Right. There are fennel and coriander seeds. Something like that. And peppers. Yeah. Those are really obvious. I can’t describe the taste. But if you’ve ever tried sausages in German cuisine, you’ll know that there are various kinds of sausages. And each one has its own style. This one is like the one that’s rich with peppers. This one is kind of like German Sai Aua (Northern Thai spicy sausage). Something like that. Because it is full of spices. It’s really popular, right? That’s right. It’s so good. Their coleslaw is so good because of how well everything is mixed together. True. I just know that it tastes better than anywhere else but I can’t explain why. They use high-quality mayonnaise. They don’t only mix everything with mayonnaise but with spices as well. I think there’re celery seeds and vinegar. For me, the most important thing is how the vegetables are chopped into the perfect size. To have them all quite small makes them absorb the sauce better. So, it tastes so good. That’s why it tastes so rich. Right. Nice. Another thing that Cat recommends is pickles. Yes. This is also homemade. Pickles here never fail me. The taste is great as they meticulously prepared everything. It has a bit of saltiness which helps contrast with the creaminess of cheese. Right. Cheese and pickles just go perfectly together. This is what I ordered, Chilli Burger. Actually, the Chilli thing majorly comes from Mexico. Right. It’s from Mexico. And there’re also pickles which is also the Mexican style. For those who’ve never tried Chilli, what exactly is Chilli? It’s ground beef mixed with the sauce similar to tomato sauce. But in the sauce, there’s also a mixture of Mexican spices. So, it’s really rich in flavour with Mexican spices. He said that this is a special Chilli which he designed for putting on hotdogs and hamburgers. It’s a Chilli that has only 6 ingredients. So, it’s a simple recipe but the taste is really great. This is Matt’s recommendation , Cream Cheese Burger. Cream Cheese Burger. Can I see the inside? I suggest you do, so that you can see that this shop isn’t stingy at all. This is cream cheese. The cream cheese is so thick. Yeah, it’s really thick. Having a burger with cream cheese like this is nothing like the one with a regular slice of cheese. They’re totally different. This one has a really nice smell of milk. Now, I know how truly fresh cheese can contribute to the taste of burger. The last one. Reuben. Actually, this is not Reuben, but Reupen. But there’s a thing that’s called Reupen, right? Yes, there is. Usually, Reuben is composed of corned beef which is another type of beef. It’s kind of like deep fried marinated beef but in slices. This is it. Okay, let me explain something, starting off with the bread. Yes! This bread is crunchy right? It’s not only crunchy but it also tastes so good. This is called German rye bread. The bread is so amazing and dense. I like rye bread because of the rye itself. There’s an odor of fennel. If there’s anyone who likes the odor of fennel, this is perfect for you. This whole thing might look thin but it’s actually full of fillings inside. There’re really thick layers of fillings. There’re a lot of things inside, indeed. What’s inside though? There’re a lot. There’s cheese but not the regular cheese because it’s Swiss cheese. It’s saltier than the Cheddar cheese. And there’s pastrami which is slightly salty so it comes as slices. There’s sauerkraut too. Yes, there’s sauerkraut. Don’t forget that nothing here is for decorations, eat them all. This is potato salad. There’s boiled eggs, potatoes, mayonnaise and dill. I can’t stop eating. That’s alright. I’ll have this one and you can have the rest. It’s salty, creamy, sweet and sour. There’re many more menus other than what we ordered today. I guarantee that everything on the menu is really good. But the one thing that you really need to try is the chicken wings. In the future, Cat will be bringing us to try different burgers from different places. In fact, speaking of burgers, it’s really subjective. So, we’ve to showcase a variety to the viewers. Some people might prefer thick and large burgers. Some might prefer the smaller ones. There’re those tiny ones too. So, I suggest we better check them out from different places. Alright, let’s do that. This is just the first episode of the burgers series. Can you tell us again the name of this place? It’s Fatty’s Bar and Diner. And where is it? It’s at Din Daeng – Rama XI Junction, near to Fortune Town. So, I suggest you park at Fortune Town and then walk here. It’s not really far away. You can also search for this place on the GPS really easily. It’ll show up right away. And this place will turn into a very lively place at night with open mic and jam sessions. There’re always events going on here. You can check out the Facebook page of this shop and you’ll see all the events that this shop held. This is such a fun place. And like what I said, the atmosphere here is the most welcoming. Yes. Cat, thank you so much for bring us here today. You guys can tell us your favourite burgers in the comment section below. If you have been to this place, you can also tell us which one you like the most. Is it among what we ordered? And is there anything that we missed here? Or are there other places that you’d like us to go? Leave them all in the comment section below. Also, don’t forget to like and subscribe. Where can we follow you on your social media? You can go follow me on my IG which is caitlinbkk. You can follow me. Sure. Thank you very much, Cat. Thank you so much. See you guys again next time on Thailander. Bye bye. Let me finish this. I’ve got a question. When can I go back to speaking in English again?

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    Clearly not meant for Western / English speaking audiences…poor audio quality and the sound affects makes this look like Thai comedy. I stopped watching after 5 minutes….and I am a near fluent Thai speaking American that loves his burgers. But good try Thailander! Hope to see some improvement on your next food video!

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