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Hello everyone. This is Richard. Hello, this is Sum. Today is the second time we do a challenge! Yup! We’re doing a spicy Ramen challenge today. Let’s do it. I’m really anxious today. What do we have today? Let me introduce the spicy noodles we have here today. Well … Chinese “Mapo hot pot” noodles. Is this gonna make our mouths go numb? Yes. Maybe! Perhaps. This is hot & spicy Japanese ramen, I’ve never tried it, so I bought it. This is “Shin- ramen” from Korea. Many people know about it! I eat this from time to time! Well, it’s kinda hot & spicy! I can’t read this! It’s fromThailand. I guess it’s hot & spicy! It’s called “Gapao noodles” Oh, It says ”fried noodles.”
I thought it was Ramen! Fried noodles. Gosh! It’s gonna kill me! Looks delicious. “How exciting!”😭 You’ll be fine! 😝 I have heard about this spicy Japanese Ramen. I have never eaten it. Sounds like it’s famous. Yes, it’s famous! Yup. Well, we have these four types of noodles! (Sum) So …
(Richard) Let’s eat & compare them. Yeah, let’s eat & compare! Let’s find out one which is delicious & which one we like. Let’s choose one. Yes. Since there are four kinds of Ramen today, I have prepared four questions. Three out of the four questions are easy to answer. Each of them has only 2 choices. The other one is an open-ended question. We are doing this challenge while responding to a French fan’s request.
(Thanks, Benedicta) Yeah. The request is … a challenge of whether or not we know about each other well. Along with this request, we’ll do this “Spicy Noodles Challenge” together, with me, a spicy food hater, hoping to see if I have the potential of eating hot & spicy food. yeah !! yeah !! The first question. This is the first question. Yes, we’ve got two answers to this question. Which would you choose?
(1)super power of eyes (2)super power of ears Okay, which one? Yes, let’s write. (Richard) Let’s do it at the same time.
(Sum) Wow, I’m nervous If you guess my answer right, you win. Yup! Well, first of all, let’s show the answers to our viewers. Should we show our answers to the viewers? Yes 1, 2, 3! Yes. (Richard) (Sum) 1, 2, 3. I got it right Me, too! Wow, I didn’t expect this. Really? You even drew pictures! Yes. Please explain! So why did you choose “a super power of eyes”? Well, if I had a super power of eyes, If I walked around in the city, and saw a cute guy, I’d be able too see through the clothes. If I had a super power of ears, I’d hear all the bad things people say about me, which I dislike! I see. From far away. And, I thought Richard would think in the same way, So I chose the same answer about him! You got it! LOL! Wow, you’re a pervert! You, too! We are perverts, LOL! Yes, we are!! Let ’s eat something that doesn’t seem to be spicy. Yeah. Let’s eat this. Yes, let ’s eat. We’re ready to eat! It smells good. Right. I’m hungry. In terms of color, it doesn’t seem to be spicy at all. (Richard) Lets way!
(Sum) I will. 3, 2, 1. Oh …Spicy. What is spicy? (meaning “Not spicy”!) You feel it’s spicy after you swallow it. What? You’re lame against spicy food! Yup. Well.. It’s not spicy at all. This is delicious. What? I think i can bear with the spiciness. I can handle it! That’s weird! No problems! Yes, here’s the second question. The second question. There is also two choices, You can give up
(1) the Internet (2) deodorant Deodorant is the spray we use to avoid sweeting too much. 3, 2, 1! I wrote Sum can quit the Internet. As for me, Ⅾ … deo …Japanese is a little difficult. deodorant. I can quit using deodorant How about Sum? I chose deodorant cuz it’s unnecessary. So Richard, I don’t think he can live without the Internet. No, I can’t. I lost the 2nd round! I lost. I lost. Haha, haha. . . I won! I am nervous. Let’s explain! Yup. And I don’t sweat so much, No, you don’t. So I don’t feel deodorant is necessary. And because you really need the Internet. Sum sweats a lot! So, I chose deodorant for him. I thought it was necessary for him. So I chose “Sum could give up the Internet.” In the end, I made a mistake. I won! please explain. I really sweat a lot! I sweat too much that I don’t think I need any deodorant. I see Please. Let’s choose one that doesn’t look spicy for now I think every one can be pretty spicy (Sum) Do you think we should accept your request ? Come on. How about this one? It doesn’t look so spicy! Please! Then this. Really ? This also seems spicy. I’ve never eaten this. It looks spicy. this? This one … it says “super spicy”! This one. Please. And this one be super spicy, too! I don’t know. How about the Chinese noodles? (Richard) the noodles will make my mouth go numb!
(Sum) Ok. Ok. I’ll accept it. Thank you very much. Hey, eat this …
I think it’s probably not that spicy. You can see the word “flame”. (Richard is funny!) I’m really worried. We’re ready! Yes, we are! It smells really good, but Somehow, it smells dangerous. The soup is red. Very red. Can you see it? Gotta be careful. I don’t want to spill it. this is very scary. Let me have a smell. Oh. Now, I regret. I shouldn’t have asked for this earlier This … Oh? Isn’t it spicy? Hmm well, Just a little bit spicy, … like this … After I swallowed it, I started to feel it’s spicy! It ’s okay. I will. The soup is a bit spicy. How was it? Oh, it tastes like Thai food. Let’s go next. the third question. This is the third question. Well, then, this also has two choices. You want to be
(1) a handsome man. (2) an interesting man. 3, 2, 1 Sam selected “He wants to be a handsome person. “ You guessed right! How boring! Why do you think so? I feel I’m an interesting person already, I’m not handsome enough! So, I wanna be a handsome man. And Richard is a boring person, Thank you for nothing. I hope he can become a more interesting person. I think so too. So I wrote I want to be an interesting person. And, Sum is not so handsome He’s not handsome, I want him to be handsome … What did you say? So, what should we do? Ok! Rock, Paper, Scissors. Rock, Paper, Scissors. If you win, you get to choose choose the next one to eat. OK Rock… Let’s do it normally. I always lose, So I want to think about it now Rock, Paper, Scissors.( to surprise Sum) Stop it. Rock, Paper, Scissors. Rock, Paper, Scissors. Rock, Paper, Scissors. Rock, Paper, Scissors. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I won! Shoot!!!! You’re lame. I don’t have any luck I lose it every time. Then you choose. Then, let’s choose this. Yes, let’s do it. Spicy miso I’m scared. Yes, it ’s done. Hey, it looks crazily hot! Everything is red. Very red! It looks like this … Like this. Just put some in Richard’s bowl. I hope it’s not hot & spicy. . . Somehow, the soup looks so thick. Oh. (Richard) Let’s eat!
(Sum) Wait a minute. It looks quite hot & spicy! 🥵 Let’s eat! It seems delicious. Really? You’re exaggerating it. Really. Really? this looks so thick! Wow, it may kill me. How was it? Ah, it ’s spicy!! This is a little impossible for me to try it. But it ’s delicious. Ah, but hey, it is really delicious. It ’s pretty hot. I will do my best. You don’t have to finish it, Richard. It’s delicious, though! It tastes really nice! No way, I can’t stop eating it. It ’s so delicious. It ’s spicy. It’s yummy! It’s addictive I can’t eat it anymore. I did my best already. My mouth went numb ~ Gosh. My tongue hurts! Is your mouth going numb? delicious. The noodles are perfect! My tongue hurts. It hurts. It hurts w Hmmm I now know why it’s popular. It still hurts. Oh, it still hurts. My tongue hurts. Delicious! You look weird with the facial expression. truly, Spicy. painful. . . Are you acting? No!!! Is it really painful? There is a lot of spiciness left in my mouth. So, let’s take a break for the time being? let’s do it. Yes, then let’s take a break. Well, then, the fourth question. What are you scared of most? Are we ready? Wow, you wrote very short answers? So quick! I finished writing in no time. Ok! 3, 2, 1, Yes. (Richard) We have very different answers!
(Sum) Tats true! I’m scared of snakes Snakes Snakes are scary. Sum is afraid of cockroaches. So what is the answer? cockroaches. Oh, cockroaches. Cockroaches! cockroaches! No problems! Human beings are the scariest. What? Did you say philosophical things? Was it philosophical? Cockroaches are cute!
Come on, cockroaches, come to me! Gosh! Every time you see a cockroach, You always scream. Yup, I scream! I feel sick seeing cockroaches. So Sum hates cockroaches. And I hate snakes. They are scary! I see! Richard doesn’t like anything related to ghosts! I dislike them! That’s right. You always (Sam) Richard doesn’t even see horror movies.
(Richard) I don’t watch them at all! You can’t watch “Sadako,” a JP horror movie, can you! No, no. This is quite hot & spicy!! eatg this all the time. Always? Yeah, I like this “Shin-Ramen” from Korea. I eat a lot of bag noodles. I’m a little worried. Let ’s eat. Quite good! I’m scared. Let’s eat! It’s scary! it is done. Yup! Oh, it ’s the usual smell. It doesn’t smell spicy at all. No, it doesn’t. It’s the smell I’m familiar with. A good smell. It’s not red and it should be okay. Let ’s eat together. Sure, together. (Richard) Let’s eat!
(Sum) Let’s do! I’m already full. Weird! you’re fine with that? That’s weird! Ah, It’s good! Yup. You had the 3rd type of noodles. It was super spicy, so you’re used to the spicy tastes, right? It’s hot & spicy, but… But what? But you don’t wanna mess up with this one! Is n’t my face a little red now? Do I look Ok? You look okay. OK You felt the spiciness after eating it. Yup. You don’t wanna think lightly if it! The moment you put it in your mouth .. Dear everyone, this … this … this … Perhaps,,, Gosh… What should I do?
(Richard can’t think cuz it’s too spicy) (Richard) you’re the host for the show!. Yes Wait Wait. We ate all the four types of noodles.
What do you think of them? It was an interesting challenge. And unexpectedly, I feel like I can eat about three of them today. Perhaps I have the potential of eating such spicy foods. Maybe! You could be ok with hot and spicy food! so. Today I’m glad to find I have this potential of eating spicy food. If you eat spicy food, you can have a better appetite. (Richard) Yes. . . Recently,
(Sum) Indeed I don’t have a good appetite, Somehow … I ate one after another, and I felt I had a good appetite. First, let’s choose the spiciest . Sure! Yes, then …I hope our viewers can do it with us. Please try to guess which one we’d pick! The spiciest one is… … 3, 2, 1, This Japanese ramen. “Arctic Ramen” from Japan! It ’s very spicy It’s not super, but moderately spicy. For me, it’s super spicy! My tongue was numb for a long time! Of course, it ’s okay now, but not earlier! Well, Again, my mouth went numb. Indeed, I’ve finally found another good cup noodles again in a long time! Really? Hmm. Yup. I think it’s one of the best ones! So good! The soup is delicious and I like noodles. I see. Next, please guess what we like best. 3, 2, 1. (Richard) Wow, we chose the same one
(Sum) Yup! The Chinese one! I feel we are now similar. Since we’ve been together for a long time, It feels like we’ve become more and more alike in many ways. We chose this today, maybe it’s because both of us liked the new taste, Dear all, how was your guess? Well then, If you like spicy food, Please “like” this video, right? Yup. then? Please subscribe to the channel. Also please share and comment. With the number of your likes We’ll know whether or not you like this video. If we see that everyone likes this video, And, We can make more and more this type of video Please let us know your preferences by “liking” the video. Thanks so much! Thank you very much. We are always grateful for your help. That’s all for today’s video. Was it fun? I’ve had lots of fun. And I discovered my potential I’m happy about this new discovery about myself I’m so full! Yup, I am! You’re PangPang (meaning “full” in Japanese.) Pang-pang! You said that in one of the previous videos! Gotta go jogging later & burn them calories later. See you in the next video or livestream! See you again. (Richard) Bye-bye.
(Sum) Bye bye.

  1. Cara Booker

    Ramen is one of my favourite foods. Cannot wait to try these.

    Great job hanging in there Richard. You guys are so fun! Cannot wait for the next video.

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  3. Sum & Richard Gay Youtubers

    (日本語・中文↓)How was this video? We probably won’t do it again in the future cuz Richard can’t handle spicy food that well, but he did his best!! Please give him a hand for his hard work! Btw, which Ramen would you wanna try. Let us know in the comment!


    大家喜歡這支影片嗎?Richard 不太能吃辣,日後可能不會再拍吃辣的影片了。不過,還是請大家給Richard鼓勵,他盡力了!對了,你們想吃影片中哪一種辣味拉麵?請留言告訴我們!

  4. Poojita J Gaikwad

    Wow this is something different for you guys. How were your stomachs after eating that spicy stuff. You guys are very entertaining. I have never tried something this spicy till today. Wanna try it once either as noodles or as chicken wings😅 RIP my stomach and intestines

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    Deo over internet, I give up deo cause I don't sweat much😆😆😆, but I really want to give up internet. No connections with anybody for sometime will be nice

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    Wow you guys are so compatible in Rock paper scissors… And that was funny Richard, you said you will always loose 😅. I feel for you

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