Experience Brunch

I like going to brunch because I get
great pictures for my social media especially snapchat and it’s good to
catch up with friends and hear about what they’ve been up to
I go to brunch pretty often. I went to Cafe Leopold, Da HongPao and
Kyirisan I think Kyirisan was my favorite because I really liked the
French food and the Asian food fused together it’s really amazing how they
were able to pair both cusines so I’m a really big fan additionally they had these donut holes that were sweet and savory at the same
time and I’ve just never had anything like it it was really really good
I had the scallion waffle which was very similar to Chinese fried rice and also
like a croissant and a waffle in French cuisine so I really liked how they had
Asian flavors in it like the sour sauce that they had there was also sesame unit
which made it seem like a Korean dish and there were also spring onions which
was really good Da Hong Pao is a Chinese place in Logan
Circle and brunch there is very very popular I liked how the service pushed these carts around with food and I feel like I’m in Asia again. The steamed bun was really authentic and I had chicken feet, egg tarts, steamed vegetables, flat noodles, shu mai and I drank lots of water In cafe Leopold I had ham and cheese croissant sandwich with fried egg and
was okay tasted just like how you’d expect a ham and cheese sandwich to
taste like they had good drinks and it was very packed for brunch I really
liked the ambience especially during the summer where people can sit around and
it’s very pretty brunch serves as the new dinner party
where friends will get together a lot of times it’s after a long night of
partying and they’ll all get together and recovered in this meal setting that has always kind of served the place of a social scene but this day and age it’s moved more towards
brunch instead of dinner parties so obviously not the first time I’ve had
brunch but it is the first time I’ve ever gone to dim sum and it was
definitely a very positive experience I really liked how they would bring
everything out and show you what the dishes actually looks like and they were
all just ready to eat so you didn’t have to wait for your order that was
definitely also enjoyable and I got to try some new foods like chickens feet
which as an adventurous eater even I was a little hesitant to try but it was a
lot better than expected it was pretty lively there were a lot of
servers walking around with the carts full of trays of food people constantly
coming and refilling you know your drink and whatnot it’s a very lively atmosphere especially when you’re with a group of friends. Brunch is great for
hangover recoveries because it kind of unintentionally forces you to drink a
bunch of water with your meal and that is a good key to hangover recovery For me I think it’s just a great time to get together with friends and go out,
possibly try new restaurants and just kind of catch up with one another I went
to the dim sum place and I’ve had dim sum before but obviously I’ve never had
chicken feet -oh I guess that’s not obvious considering I’m Asian- but I’ve
never had chicken feet before and that was kind of gross I think so I think
it’s probably something that you have to be raised on or I don’t know it was just
the bone kind of freaked me out but I’m glad I tried it so that was nice it was
a little difficult getting serviced I think I kept or just remembered trying
to flag down all the waiters and waitresses and they kept saying oh no
it’s not this card it’s that card and so I’d asked that card and they’d be like
oh no it’s not ready yet it’s still in the kitchen so that was kind of
upsetting a little bit just because I was really hungry
um besides that I mean the food was really good I think I liked it better at
Kyirisan better than the Dim Sum place just because it was a lot easier to get
food I didn’t have to kind of keep flagging down waiters and
waitresses for every plate that I wanted I had the steak hash I believe it was
potatoes steak and then peppers in tomatoes but the egg was definitely the main component there it was really good I just remember just loving it and
I also had my Mitshalotta which was surprisingly nice, and coffee I go to
brunch fairly regularly I’d like to go to brunch more but there’s always way
too much going on plus I’m usually asleep for all of the acceptable brunch
hours I usually pick a brunch place that’s close by to me although I’m
really adventurous when it comes to food so I’ll always go out of my way to go
somewhere new Brunch to me is an excuse to eat a full meal and dessert as soon as I wake up on Sunday morning also a great opportunity to catch up with
friends for brunch I went to Cafe Leopold and I would definitely go again I’d say my favorite thing about it was all of the pastries they were very
aesthetically pleasing plus they tasted very good I literally wanted to eat
everything I wasn’t really sure what to get all of the foods on the menu sounded
really good but I ended up going with the schnitzel and some fries on the side
overall they didn’t over salt the fries and the schnitzel was cooked really well
too and I really appreciated it I also got an eclaire and a caramel gray
cake which are both very tasty and definitely Instagrammable They had very good coffee as well I would define brunch as the meal between breakfast and lunch and I think it’s a lot of breakfast foods I look forward to brunch
because it’s a great time to socialize with friends and eat and drink. I think brunch is a great way to relax and prepare for the week ahead it’s a great
tradition to have with friends and family and it’s a really good time where
you guys can just catch up about your weekend and what you have to do the week
ahead I think it’s very therapeutic and I
really look forward to having brunch each weekend but I went to Cafe Leopold
and it’s this cute hidden Austrian restaurant and aura cafe located in
Katie’s alley in Georgetown this is one of my favorite brunch places and it’s also
close to where I live so it’s very convenient for me I really like how this
place has a great atmosphere and it’s almost as if I’m in Europe with all the
European food offerings the drinks are also very tasty and they’re pretty
popular I got the pork rice egg dish and it was really yummy there were a lot of
interesting flavors and the meal kept me pretty full and energized throughout the
day my friend got a breakfast croissant sandwich and she said it was really good
too my favorite part about brunch at Cafe Leopold is actually the desserts
though their dessert offerings are so great this time about the lemon tart and
I would absolutely recommend it I’d say here at Georgetown my experience with brunch has been like a gathering for friends a place for people to you know get
together and recollect I think the most common situation is like after a weekend
out like Friday and Saturday friends will gather on Sunday brunch and then
just go over like what happened this weekend any new exciting developments so
I can update about people’s lives as well as they like you know cure each
other’s hangovers together and yeah so that’s I feel a role that you know
brunch is taking on here at Georgetown I’d say brunch is a ritual you do with your friends I try to go once every few weeks you know we’re all busy and we have different schedules but it’s
something that we look forward to it’s really fun and food it’s always really
good so we always make time for that in our schedule every now and then when we
had the option to so personally you know brunch is like familia meeting to me as
well because you know I’m chinese-american growing up with my
parents we would have Chinese brunch a lot which is dim sum and that would be
like family meals almost like every week we would go to get dim sum together so
like brunch has like a couple meanings for me but yeah I’d say that in any instance brunch is definitely a very social meal
the emphasis is on like interaction and relationships as well as great food that
one causes a great dim sum restaurant in DC I go there a lot for brunch and they
have some really good dishes like sticky rice with chicken in it, good savory porridge
different kinds of like dumplings with pork and shrimp fillings chickens feed a
lot of different tasty Chinese foods and I would still prefer like Asian brunch
if you if I had to pick between one or the other but that’s just because of
you know my upbringing and like being familiar with it from an early age

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