Famous Chicken Manchurian Restaurant Style | Street Food of Karachi Pakistan

We are right now at Food Studio You can find Out address in Google map Today we are going to learn how to make Chicken Manchurian restaurant style recipe If you need egg fried Recipe too then you can click link on below description box Add 2 Table Spoon Cooking Oil Add garlic paste 1 table spoon Capsicum half cup Onion half cup cubes cutting Stir fry for 2 to 3 minutees Add Water or chicken stock Add again very few amount of water or you can add Chicken stock Add Chicken stock or water Add ketchup 4 tablespoon Add chilli sauce 2 Table Spoon Add Soya sauce 1 table spoon White pepper half tea Spoon sugar half tea Spoon and salt half tea Spoon Mix it very well Add fried chicken cubes 6 to 7 take 6 to 7 small cubes chicken add salt add soya sauce add white pepper and Black pepper then coat with egg and Maida flour and deep fry Don’t over cook vegetable When gravy will be full hot then add corn flour water Dissolved two tablespoon corn flour in half cup then add Our Chicken Manchurian is Ready

  1. Sajna Jee Cooking Time

    Masha Allah Boht Achhi Dish Hai, Or Ye Chef JO Khana Bana Rahe Hain, Ye Bohat Achhe Hain Bohat Achhy Tariqe Se Taawan Kr Rahe Hain, Dobara In Se Milen To In KO Mera Salam Zarur Keh Dain,

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