Hey Foodies
This is me Yusuf Ebrahim And I’m Sarah
We’re at Legends Diner in the Attic room and it’s so comfy I can see that you’re
a huge spider-man fan which movie is your favorite The amazing spider-man My other favorite superhero is Flash I just love running so much So the food is coming Oh wow, that looks so good I have a good idea we should eat the
food So this is my Lego knife and fork and spoon Do all kids get to have
this when they come here Yes I think Yes they do, that’s really cool That is the best What do you think about the chips I like the salt So we’re gonna start our
fan quiz are you ready for this? Yeah Earthworms breathe through their
skin False My name is Stacy False Peter Parker is Spiderman’s real name True C’mon you should know this Number 4 Lego is 82 years old True True
– Yeah Number 5 Chameleons can move their eyes in different directions at the same time What’s a cameel??? A chameleon, they can move their eyes in different directions at the same time False Number 6
Legends Diner has the best chicken nuggets and strawberry milkshake True Number 7
You have your own YouTube channel True Number 8
Potatoes are 80% water True Veggies are very very good for you Yes But do you like veggies No No, but it’s good for me
– Are they good for you? Number 10 A tomato is a fruit Yes Well done We’re gonna see how many you get out of ten and if you beat all our other
fans then you’ll come back onto our show again Okay that’s that sounds very nice So Yusuf I heard there’s something interesting coming There’s a big kiddies playroom coming But I heard it’s gonna be the best and the biggest and the nicest right? On Sundays kids eat free Aunty Sarah, did you enjoy your food? Yes I’ve had an absolutely amazing time with you Thank you for showing me around Legends
and this wonderful food Thumbs up, like the video and subscribe Bye

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