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Salam my name is Zia Tabarak… …and right now I’m at Shaheed-e-Millat Road, Karachi. I read a lot of messages & comments from you guys… …saying we’ve seen Nihari, Kebabs & Biryani & now we want something different. Arabic dishes are really trending right now in Karachi… And “Mandi House” tops the chart for Arabic Cuisine here. So today we’re here to try out Mandi. It’s a traditional Arabic dish. I’ll tell you it’s details but first we’ll go inside… …and see what’s happening here. Chalain! Right now I’m here with Zohaib. Zohaib is the owner of Mandi House. It’s going to be the 2nd year of us in this business. I was born in Saudi Arabia & I felt something was missing in Karachi’s cuisine. So we thought we should introduce it here. We prepare this in a Tandoor on wood, in a kitchen that’s separate. So your kitchen is completely separate from the restaurant? Exactly. So what’s happening in your kitchen right now? We’re grilling the meat there. Kunafa’s also being made there. We’ve also introduced Grilled Kebabs so that’s being made there as well So should we move to the kitchen now? Yeah sure. Let’s go inside their kitchen. There’s so much bustling in this kitchen… …and orders are being placed right now. That right there is our most popular item “Chicken Mazbi”. It’s grilled and a bit spicy. So that’s the grilling section? Yes. And where’s the Mandi? That comes pre-cooked & is inside this Warmer. Can you show it to me? Ok. So this is all their pre-cooked Mandi. This is all Chicken & Mutton? Yes. Salam. How are you? What’s this meat for? This is for Mutton Madfoon. Madfoon means “burried” which mean they bury this entire Mutton. So they mixed black pepper, salt & their spices. Come on tell us something. This is our special Madfoon. We just added some black pepper in it. We put it inside the oven after marination. This masala is being made for rice & it smells really nice. How long does it take to cook? Around 10 minutes. Completely ready in 10 minutes? Yes. Ilyas here will show us how Kunafa (Kanafeh) is made. It’s a traditional middle-eastern dish made by Mandi House. It’s an authentic Arabic dish. So this is Butter & Vermicelli mixed together. They’ve just put it on the stove. It also has cream & Mozzarella cheese. This is butter. I’ll change its sides now. It’s cooked from the bottom now. Just added some syrup. What’s next? Cream. This is ready now? Yes it is. So it was 8 O’clock when we arrived here… …and now it’s completely full & people are waiting outside. This is Lamb Stock which is served as soup in appetizer. So it’s made from Mutton & its bones? Yes exactly. What sauce is this? This is Faham. This is Alfaham Chicken? Yes it is. Is it spicy? It is but less then Chicken Mazbi. Our Mazbi is really spicy. The sauce for Mazbi is red & white for Chicken Faham. Mazbi is a bit more spicier than Chicken Faham. What type of Chicken is this? Chicken Mandi. This is the Chicken Mandi. So many orders of Mandi are constantly coming. Chicken & Mutton Mandi are continuously made here. So finally we’ve got a place & this is our “Chamber”. Designed very traditionally styled. My friends are here with me as well. Everything’s setup & our dinner just arrived. They’ve served the Hummus first. This is a traditional Arabic dish made with Olive oil. Made with Chickpeas, tahini & other beans. Looks delicious! It tastes just like the authentic one. It feels like I’m sitting in a Yemeni restaurant. The Pita Bread is really soft as well. Amazing. These are the Chicken Skewers & Chicken Boti. These are the Kebabs. Looks really juicy & delicious. Really nice. It would taste so nice with the Chapati but it’s really hot. I’ll first try it simple. Really soft. Crispy from outside, Juicy from inside. It’s not too spicy. It has a really rich taste. Chicken Boti. It tastes good & is really spicy. Both the Chicken Boti & Kebab are good… …but I liked the Kebab more. So the best way to have your Mandi is by sitting like this on the floor… …because it’s an Arabic tradition & they have it like this too. And the best part about this place is these Chambers they’ve made. Not only because it keeps your privacy but it gives you that traditional Arabic vibe. So this is our Mandi. This dish has Mutton Madfoon, Mutton Mandi & Chicken Mazbi… …which I’ve seen that a lot of people are ordering. And all of this is served on top of a Rice platter. This is authentic Tomato Chutney which is served with Mandi. And they’ve also given some Raita. This platter looks amazing. This is Mutton Mandi. This is Chicken Mazbi & this is Mutton Madfoon. Madfoon means to bury. This means this Mutton is buried for steaming. That’s how it’s actually cooked. I’ll first start off with this. This mutton is really soft & tender. Just look at this. The traditional way to eat it is by hands. I can’t explain how juicy, soft & tender this Mutton is. Took this huge chunk of meat & these amazing rice… …and having this with your hands is a unique way. The aroma of the spices in these rice… … and with it this soft & tender meat. Yeah it’s tastes really great. Amazing. The mutton is great but these rice are so good you can have them without the meat. I’m not used to eating by hands but I’m trying because that’s the traditional way. Mow let’s try Mutton Madfoon. This is made in Black Pepper & some other spices. This also looks really great. I’ll first try it without rice. This is actually tastes a bit salty. Just like Mutton Namkeen or Mutton Rosh. Usually they’re are really salty. This Madfoon tastes just like that. And I think you can have it plain as well. The quality of this meat is amazing. That’s the real thing. Amazing. Yeah it tastes really different. Chicken Mazbi looks really spicy to me. Just check this layer of Masala on top. They apply this with a brush. I think this Chicken Mazbi is with skin. Usually chicken with skin tastes nicer. Chicken Mazbi is a little spicy but not too much that it becomes unbearable. It texture with the skin is really different & juicy. Let’s try it with Chutney. This Tomato chutney has really enhanced the taste of Mandi. But it all depends on your taste. It tastes great without Chutney & Raita as well. So we’ve just finished our dinner & it was fantastic. And now they’ve served us this special sweet dish which we saw in the kitchen. This is Kunafa, made with Vermicelli & Butter. And it has a really unique recipe. It has a really unique taste. This is my first time trying this. It’s not really sweet. It’s taste is balanced. It has a buttery & creamy texture. So the dinner was fantastic, specially the flavor of the rice. And the Kunafa made this all even better. So if you’re in Karachi & you haven’t tried it out… …and you want to have authentic Arabic cuisine… …then you must try out Mandi House. If you liked the video then Like, Comment & Subscribe. I’ll see you in the next episode. Allah Hafiz.

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