Fried Boiled Food vs. Boiled Fried Food Taste Test

– Bubble, bubble, boil and deep-fry? – Let’s talk about that. (upbeat theme song) Good Mythical Morning. – Today we’re flip-flopping food from how you frequently feed upon it and I’m sure it’s going to be fantastic! – For sure.
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nice hot meal in the winter, but the way you get that food hot can make or break a dang dish. Some things will boil,
some things are fried, but what would happen if we flipped the way those dishes
were typically prepared? It’s time for “Fried-Boiled
versus Boiled-Fried. Which Will Be Better? That’s
For Our Mouths to Decide.” – The Fried-Boiled versus Boiled-Fried match ups we are about to try were posted online, and you voted on which ones you thought
we would like better. And now the truth will be discovered and the prize or punishment
at stake is for you. – It’s for you, if you guess
three or more match ups incorrectly we’re going to post a photo on Instagram of us
holding a “Loser Tomato” and you must comment with one sentence explaining why you are a “Loser Tomato.” But, if you get three or more right, we’re going to put on fabulous Fabio wigs in front of blowing fans and tell you how beautiful you are. That’s what’s at stake here. – Alright, let’s flip that fry and boggle that boil. – There are few things better than a freshly fried donut, maybe a latte, which technically is boiled, so we decided to switch those things up. Here we have a box of boiled donuts and a fried latte. Boiled donuts look good,
this fried latte looks like. – It look’s like a fried
stick of something. I mean the boiled donuts, I would just think, “these are donuts,” so you just took dough and just boiled it? – [Nicole] Pretty much. And then I made it pretty. – And then you covered your
mistakes up with icing. – [Nicole] I always do. – Now is this brown one cinnamon? – [Nicole] It’s cinnamon sugar, yes. – Oh, I’m going to try part of this. – I’m going sprinklies. – Oh gosh, it’s so floppy. – Oh gosh. They’re a little wet. – Dink ’em, sink ’em. – It has a dumpling consistency to it, like cold dumplings. Like day-after.
– There she goes. I mean basically it
tastes like a raw donut. – [Nicole] Pretty much. – I mean if you’re a guy
who likes eating dough. – I love it. – Half the time I go into his house he’s just got a thing of cookie dough squeezing it right into his mouth. – Ignoring his children. He’s got daddy’s cookie dough. – Because they’re begging for it. – Daddy’s cookie dough,
they don’t even make it. – They can’t have it.
– There’s a special place in the fridge with his name on it. It’s ridiculous. – Yeah, I should start selling that. (voices overlap) – But this isn’t bad. – And I like it. – I really like icing too. Let’s try the fried latte.
– I mean there is a sliminess to it that is,
it’s a little off putting. – It really stuck right into the corner when you threw it though. – Yeah, I know. – Okay. – Now, how would you,
how do you fry a latte? – [Nicole] So, I pretty much made a pudding out of a latte, and then I froze it, and I fried it. – Okay, so I can see, I can see some pudding-esque stuff creeping out. – I couldn’t get a whole one out, I just grabbed the tip
and it came right off. – [Nicole] I have spoons on the side if you need help. – I got a bite-full. That’s pretty good. – Yeah, it’s coffee pudding. – With some fried-ness on the outside. – Alright, so we have to
decide which is better. – That’s better dude.
– This tastes good. There’s a sliminess there that makes me vote for the latte as well. – So we agree, these are both completely edible, but I gotta say that that’s almost a revelation, you do that at a coffee shop and I think that people are gonna
be completely into that. Let’s see what the Mythical Beasts say. – Yeah like fried latte,
I’d be lining up for it. – [Nicole] So 54% of the Mythical Beasts thought that you’d like
the fried latte better. – You know us so well. – Y’all allowed this. – Well, half of you know us so well. Alright, let’s move from sweet to meat. It’s the match up the
world’s been waiting for, chicken-boiled steak
versus fried beef stew. – Now these fried balls are inviting, but that right there seems scary. – I’m going to avoid it. I mean this just, oh yeah. I love the idea of just putting things in balls and frying them. – We’re kind of in meat pie territory, don’t you think Nicole? – [Nicole] A little bit, inside should be like a really beautiful. – You know the Brits like those meat pies. – Oh we didn’t touch our food. Let’s be cretins this time. (exclaiming) – So good, what kind of bread
do you have a round here. – [Nicole] It’s a Pillsbury biscuit, the butter kind. – A fried biscuit?
– Oh man, it’s real buttery and so flaky. – You talk about comfort food, I just, I feel like my mom is hugging me right now. – She doesn’t hug you anymore does she? – Well, she lives a long ways away. – I’ve noticed that
last time you hung out, she just fist-bumped you. When you saw each other, I was like, “That’s weird.” – That ain’t true. Alright, let’s get into this. – And you felt the need to
clarify that wasn’t true. – My mom is a great woman, and I’m going to take up
for her at every turn. – She kisses me on the cheek every time she sees me. I should kiss her right back, boy. – On the cheek? – Depends on what day it is. Easter. (laughing in background) – Easter, what? – She said we can’t talk about it. She said we can’t talk about what happens at Easter. – Look at, now Nicole,
is this even cooked? I mean it’s so pink in there. – [Nicole] Yeah, it’s rare. – Oh gosh. So it’s just been like flash boiled? – [Nicole] Pretty much, yeah. – Don’t we know?
– No, no we don’t know, we don’t know until we dip it, and get a little more gravy. – Are you gonna cover that in gravy? Is it at least hot? – No, that’s just straight up raw. This is raw meat. – I like soft foods, and I can not lie. But I think my taste is changing. Can boiled make anything better? This sucks, this is fabulous. – That’s great, that’s a revelation. This is a mistake. Yeah, see if you guys figured that out. – [Nicole] Okay, so 76% of the MBS agreed with you on that one. – Of course, and then you know 24% of you need help. – It’s pretty tough to
screw up cheese, right? So we’ve taken mozzarella
sticks and boiled them. Did that do it? But we also fried lasagna. Man, where do you wanna start? – I don’t know, I think? – I’m a little, I wanna start
with what I’m afraid of. – I keep looking for a utensil but I think I’m supposed to, I think this is supposed
to be finger food. So, I’m just going to go in. – So, it’s got all the breading that you would normally fry? – I mean I think that the cheese has remained pretty cheesy. – Well, my cheese has kind of escaped. Some of the breading.
– Right, but now try putting it in your mouth. You’re going to dip the marinara, or I think I’m just gonna go straight. – Yeah, I’m gonna get a little
bit of the marinara here. – It basically is a,
– Soft breaded. – It’s like mozzarella
stick that has kind of lost it’s integrity, like maybe it’s a day old or something. But, I’d still eat it. – Yeah, you’ve gotta call
it something different. You gotta call it like, “Floppy Delight.” – I’m into that. – I don’t know if that does it either. – That was my nickname in high school. (laughing) – I mean, I felt like
I just had to say it. – It tastes good, but you’re
really missing that crunch and I just don’t know
if it works without it. – My oldest son.
– Even with a name like that. – Recently told me that
he didn’t like cheese. And I said, “Well son, you
can emancipate yourself from our family, because I think that’s a legal process that
can begin at this age.” – So, you took lasagna and you deconstructed it and fried
every piece individually, is that what I’m seeing here? – [Nicole] That is what you’re seeing. – Okay, I just wanna
take a piece and just. – So there’s, you’ve got the ricotta, got the, what are the big chunks? – [Nicole] Fried tomatoes! – Well, they’re fried, they’re
cooked, they’re not raw. – Are they cooked? Are they green? – [Nicole] They are not green. – Actually, that’s pretty raw tomato. – I’m not loving that. I like a fried green tomato because it doesn’t taste like a tomato, it’s really something different I think. This is like a weird, stupid sandwich. – You could be a little nicer about it. – I didn’t say it was, I said “it’s like” a weird, stupid sandwich. It’s not a weird, stupid sandwich. – It is pretty weird and stupid though, I gotta say now that I
have fully masticated it. – The fried noodle is quite tough. – The fried noodle could
be a thing for real. But, something about the way,
– It’s really unwieldy. It kinda came together in the middle didn’t do it for me. Again this is like
leftover mozzarella sticks, marinated in their own
juices a little bit. I’m kind of into this, I think we might have a
winner on the boiled side for the first time. – I agree. Did you agree? – [Nicole] 88% of MBs thought that you would like the fried lasagna. – It’s not good. It’s rather stupid.
– 88%? – Yeah. – So confident, yet so wrong. Alright, it’s our final round, why don’t we try and ruin breakfast? We’ve got boiled bacon
versus fried oatmeal. – Now, in Ireland, they do boil bacon but it’s more like a
Canadian bacon situation, it’s not like this, which is straight up bacon strips that appear to
be in the middle of a process, but not at the end of it. – Well, because really the main difference is that American bacon
just has a lot more fat and so that boiled, un-rendered fat, it just, it’s a little off-putting. – I’m sure there’s some people who like bacon this way. I mean there’s people who
like floppy bacon, so? – You seem to be going straight for the bacon, that’s
what you wanna start with? – No, I just wanna get it out of the way. I’m trying not to bite
too much of the fat, it tastes good. – It’s not bad, actually. – Bacon in most forms tastes good. – That last little swallow of fat. – Yeah, yeah, that’s tough. This looks good though.
– What’s over here in these shots glasses? – [Nicole] That’s the
boiled liquid of the bacon! – We just chase it with it? – [Nicole] Please do, yeah. – We should, huh? Do you have a reason? – [Nicole] You guys
look really good today. – Hey, alright, hey! – To health, as we drink
boiled bacon water! – That’s a real good reason. Dang Rhett! (exclaiming) – That’ll wake you up! – You know what? Once you get it down.
– That wasn’t that bad. And you breathe it’s just kind of like “I just finished breakfast.” – Okay, now oatmeal, I’ve been doing, have you noticed that I’ve been doing a bowl of oatmeal every morning? Have you noticed a change in my behavior or in my spirits? – I have noticed none of that. – Well, okay, maybe I should eat more. Because I’ve been having a bowl of oatmeal right at the beginning of every day, because I saw some old lady that was like 120 years old. And they said “What is
the key to long life?” And she said “A Dr. Pepper every
day and a bowl of oatmeal.” – I can’t see a change, just to answer your original question. – Okay, now you fried it,
but what’s the liquid? – [Nicole] Oil! (laughing) – So you basically just fried it in oil and put all of it into a bowl? – [Nicole] There’s also
brown sugar in there. – Oh good, thanks Nicole.
– [Nicole] You’re welcome! – So basically, the
greasiest bowl of oatmeal ever to have existed. – I mean it is completely soaked. I want to give this thing a chance, because I like the idea of it. – Yeah, if you like smush the oils down. It’s very greasy! – Yeah, I can slide anything in and out of my mouth right now. – Oh wow.
– Wow. – That’s a good taste! – I like this! And it’s low-fat? – I can just feel.
– Oatmeal is so low-fat. – Would you be willing to switch to this every morning? – Yeah!
– Get to 102? – If I was like preparing for a role of some kind, where I
played a literal roll. (laughing) – I’m here auditioning for the roll. – I’m the part of roll! I’ve been eating fried oatmeal all year. – And the sad thing is,
it’s an animated movie. So, you’re just the voice, it’s going method but it. – It changes your voice a little bit. – This is difficult. – No, it’s not? That’s good, man, this is an adulteration of something that is so good. – But the serving size, you could eat you could eat three strips of bacon, and I could not eat a whole of this. – Well yeah, it’s a what do you call? The little taste at the beginning? – Amuse-bouche?
– Yeah, it’s an amuse-bouche. – [Nicole] Oui, oui. – That’s what it is. The taste is excellent, its indulgent. There is nothing
off-putting about it at all, other than the fact that
if you finish a bowl you’d probably need to go
directly to the hospital. – You can’t argue with the taste. – Fried oatmeal, for the win! – [Nicole] Okay, 52% of the MBs thought you would like boiled bacon. – You Loser Tomatoes you! – So go over to our Instagram, the Loser Tomatoes over there. You need to comment with why you are a Loser Tomato underneath. – Because you are!
– It’ll be fun and therapeutic. – Those are the rules. – Thanks for subscribing
and clicking that bell! – You know what time it is! – I’m Nate from Stillwater, Minnesota. I’m at the Minnesota State Fair eating a deep-fried
Reese’s peanut butter cup. And it’s time to spin
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    People are complaining about the lasagna, but I have only one question. Do you boil a whole slabe of lasagna? Non? Then you have your answer to why it was presented like that

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