It’s so good Hey Hey, what’s up Phil? Welcome back to my channel Shakira Miriam and today Today baby, we had ourselves a chicken corporate appetizer. Oh my gosh I will not take full credit for this because I’m kind of running short out of ideas, but I saw this online I just saw a picture of it And when I saw a picture of it, I knew I had to try and try to duplicate it It’s like a I think it’s a good appetizer as long as everybody only eats one. So Yano hides their maker. Do what I do. Oh My gosh Isn’t it so it’s so nice it’s a different alternative I thought with something different Oh my kind of what it’s falling apart Meet that chicken, you know chicken baby. Come on I Never build I guess table My muffin there’s a piece of parsley I might eat that I’m on my corn bread spot apart I’m excited to see how this tastes together mashed potatoes and corn bread It tastes like Thanksgiving I’m serious just within a good idea for something for Thanksgiving Mm-hmm. I Know we do but I’m gonna do this over again. I’m gonna do it with turkey cranberry sauce In the Nash potatoes the reason I say it tastes like Thanksgiving because Instead of water I Use chicken broth in the mashed potatoes I Remember eat me about two or three of these it’s so good. Hey, hey, hey Is so good We try to use chicken broth in your mashed potatoes And it definitely tastes sobbing Got some praying cran-grape juice We’ll try this one without the hot sauce I’m telling y’all. I Think if you make this as an appetizer you give people something to talk about It’s not very expensive If you just buy I take I take a full pack of wing-dings a wings, I’m sorry My family pepper wings and I cut it into Dean’s cut them in half And then Usually a family pack of wings it’s like They’re like 14 wings and a family pack Well, sometimes I take a family pack and I split it in half and there’s seven in the bag. It’s already had in the freezer Seven so I just cut those in half Brick gave me 14, but I only made 12 only made it doesn’t But making the corn muffin mix was like a dollar or 74 cents I’ll find it the price and I’ll I $0.47 Walmart Mmm and then the box of mashed potatoes was like 230 mm 30 cents Basically That’s under Its under um Under $10 Mmm Tell you something better this nails, would you call that ton Reacher when you go to it? It doesn’t come to you That Tong Reacher This tastes like Thanksgiving I’m telling you Use chicken broth and your mashed potatoes. I sure showed me doing it, but I didn’t I’m sorry And use chicken broth low-sodium chicken broth instead of water you would not be disappointed Yes Thoughts and prayers goes though out goes out to those who have been affected by the hurricane and Since it started even before it got too, you know too bad. I instantly went into prayer. It’s nothing As some friends where I’ve donated to We can send water Canned goods and such money To a food bank, I just gave them to her and she took care of everything so My thoughts and prayers are with you most definitely I’m so sorry That you all are going through that have gone through but you found Walter Mmm, I’m gonna do one more Alright three corn muffins Lord Jesus MA goodness this checker I need a combination by the cornbread and mashed potatoes by the chicken Yes, this is definitely good idea for Thanksgiving Hmm Mmm-hmm. I Just dropped my penguin So delicious if you knew this channel welcome If you haven’t subscribed please do so go ahead and subscribe, you know, I love you guys I think there are so much for the love of support. Thank you for continue to keep this channel positive and Continue to enjoy what we enjoy, but just a food. I’ll see you in my next video. Bye peace

  1. M. Rivera

    Yeeees Baaybeeeee ! I Love This So Creative. Love Watching Your Channel So Satisfying 💕
    Ps I Have A Video Step By Step On How I Apply My Lashes Just Incase You Would Like To Go Ahead & Check It Out I Hope It Helps You Out ( Instagram @M.RiveraYT )

  2. Tammi Robinson

    Love your earrings Miriam. U look pretty! You get better with the lashes the more you do it. Practice makes perfect 👌🏾. You’ll get there!

  3. Lady Blanks

    You are the best in the business, Miriam. I truly believe that from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for not following everyone’s platform. This is what separates you from the rest. Quang Tran is in his own lane as well. Please, don’t change anything about this channel. Beautiful beautiful beautiful spirit indeed. In the end; your soul is what matters most and money is an unspoken word. 🌹❤️🌹❤️

  4. Whitnei DeNay

    I just had to Subscribe to you! Your personality gives me so much life. I've watched a few of your videos and find myself more caught up in your reaction then the food. God Bless You! 😁

  5. madhouze

    As others have suggested…you really need to make a cookbook! I don’t care if you have to sell it out the back of your car, I’d fly down to get it! 🙂

  6. michelle brown

    You are truly blessed and highly favored . watching ur videos makes me feel so much better I just love food! Keep up the great work hunTy😊

  7. Chantel

    What if you do it with rotisserie chicken and top with a gravy and let the muffin and potato soak up some of the gravy. I think that may be a banger if not too messy.

  8. Tiffany Thompson

    Omg no she didn’t 👀👀 that’s it I’m moving in and I’m not taking no for a answer I’ll pay the bills and buy the food as long as she cooks 😂❤️❤️ sooooo love herrrrrrrr 😍😍❤️❤️

  9. SkyRay's Eat's

    Why I was biting every time you bite down on that chicken oh I want some! 💦💦👄foodporn right here I'm just salivating! Lashes look amazing.

  10. Azaleá la Chapiz

    Girll… much love ❤going your way,, Love every single video you post , dammm mouth be all watering every time I watch you're videos 😣 , may God Bless you always 😙

  11. Orion Pax

    just wanted to tell you your so beautiful with your hair up….girl you do your thing , but just wanted you to know , with out seeming stalkerish…lmbo

  12. Alvin Whitaker

    In love sister. I'm concerned for your health! I pray that God continues to bless you in cooking and creating wonderful recipes but gives you the discernment to know what to cook for people that want good health. Please take this comment in love. I feel in my spirit you have a love for food that falls into gluttony…be cautious my sister.

  13. buttercuppy269034

    Hey Miriam, I love your channel and think you're so funny! Here's a suggestion, instead of serving those as an appetizer, serve them as a main dish and some collard greens, or steamed asparagus!

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