Garadu Chaat ||Indori Style Garadu Recipe|| गराडू ||Yum Recipe ||Street Food

Hello Friends, this is swati and welcome to my channel A Girl From M.P. So,the recipe that we are going to make today is a very famous winter snack of Indore that is Garadu it is generally available at the time of winters, in M.P it is called Garadu and in maharashtra it is called Yum. In English also it is called Yum Basically it belongs to Sweet Potato Family, But taste wise it is quite different from sweet potato. Sweet Potato is bit sweeter in taste, but it is mostly like potato So,lets see how the garadu looke like. it looks like this Mostly looks like Sweet Potato only But the outer covering of garadu is quite as compared to sweet potato so firstly we will peel off the outer layer and then we will cut it into big qubes and then deep fry it. lets start with the peeling before peeling the garadu,make sure that you have greased your hand properly with oil because while peeling it might cause a bit of itching so, its better to grease your hands with the help of oil. like this and the peel it off before peeling, put the oil in a pan for heating. firstly cut the garadu into small rings like this so its better to peel it off its quite white from inside like this we will cut the entire garadu then peel it off like this with the help of knife. because the outer covering is quite thick so it is difficult to use a peeler like this peel off the entire rings now cut the rings into big qubes and then immediately transfer the pieces in salt water because garadu contains a lot of iron so if kept in open then it gets darker in colour so keep transferring the cut pieces immediately into salt water like this before frying if you want you can strain the water but i prefer straining it with the help of my hand one by one and slowly i put it in the frying pan because water help to cook the garadu and make it quite soft from inside thats also one of the reason to put it in water so it will soft from inside and crispy from outside so strain it like this now the oil is also ready for frying so put the pieces one by one into the oil for frying in medium high flame its the speciality of garadu that it dont require too much of oil for frying like this fry it in medium high flame it will take approximately 4-5 in total for frying so that it will be properly cooke from inside and crispy from outside keep stirring it in between once cooked from side then flip it and cook it from the other side for 2-3 inute in medium high flame and then increase the flame for another 2 mins so that the outer layer become crisp and from inside it will be softly cooked cook till it turns golden brown in colour the entire process will take 4-5 mins approximately see now it has turned golden brown in colour like this remove the excess oil and then transfer it into a different plate/dish like this the garadu is cooked properly its golden brown in texture and quite crisp from outside and now its time to add Flavour in M.P or Indore you will easily find this jeeravan Masala if this is not available then you can add chaat masala as well you can make jeeravan masala at home also for this you require white salt,black salt, Raw Mango powder, Jeera powder, a pinch of Black Pepper,Coriander powder and Red chilli powder Mix all the ingredients properly and the your then your jeeravan masala is ready and it taste quite good with garadu like this spread the masala all over garadu and then flavour it with lime just before serving otherwise it will become sougy mix the masala and lime properly so now the garadu is ready to taste.

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