Gordon Ramsay Teaches Cooking II: Restaurant Recipes at Home | Official Trailer | MasterClass

Watch carefully. [SIGH] Look at that. Oh, boy. F****** delicious. [MUSIC PLAYING] Oh, my Lord. I decided to teach a
second MasterClass. Oh, boy. This time around, I’m going
to take you into an area where you felt your home
cooking could never go. The secret behind any great
soufflé is in the buttering of the mold. You brush vertical strokes up. This crispy chicken
salad, for me, is the get out of jail
card, especially when you’ve got a big dinner party, because
that is good enough for four or five of you. Grab a leaf, lift it up. Now, I’m fed up when you
see chefs boiling asparagus. Beautiful. You get a free facial
at the same time. Cooking is a labor of love. Stay close to every
step of the way. I’m going to teach you methods– secrets– that I’m teaching some
of the best chefs in the world today. I’m Gordon Ramsay, and
this is my MasterClass.

  1. Bedouin

    Whoever mixed this needs a Masterclass because this video is bass-heavy as shit. Bumping up the bass on things doesn't automatically make them better, especially when you're mixing vocals. I don't know if they fucked with the sound signature, or they're just using a microphone that wasn't meant for vocals, but it's really clear but stupidly muddy because that sound signature was not made for this video. The microphone they used for this is probably much more expensive, but I recommend a Rode NT1-A regardless for recording something like this, it would sound leagues better.

  2. Aidan Knoll

    The ending was anticlimactic because the music had stopped and you just had the deafening silence after Gordon Ramsay finished his sentence.

  3. No Name

    I swear, Gordon Ramsey needs to make a cooking show where he declares the winner of the most horrendous and the most ridiculous food ever crafted.

  4. Dr. Royalty

    Anyone else remember Gordon covering up his laugh when he was pretending to take out a cooked beef wellington from the oven for the shot on his first MasterClass?

  5. Kingdomrush Strangecombinations

    First 25 seconds transcript: chop chop chop watch carefully…aaah…look at that oh boy…hmm.. fucking delicous. Chop chop chop. Oh my lord

  6. mr. apple السيد تفاح

    Imagine being in class while the teacher is showing you ted talks you get this ad and when the teacher doesn't skip the ad gordon drops the f-bomb

  7. Michael Fowler

    I know the basics and standard techniques and have been cooking for a long time. This is the level I want to be on. Badly. Fuck me, I'll pay whatever

  8. Yeral Vargas

    Does he start screaming at the camera during the class as if he can see you at home fucking it up?

    "I told you to fucking chop vertically!!!"

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