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– Step two, pierce it with a fork. (upbeat music) Hey guys, my name is Sam. I’m the editorial assistant
over at Cosmopolitan Magazine. Today, we are reading an
issue from October of 1988 with my girl Cindy
Crawford, she look amazing. If you didn’t see the last episode, make sure you go check it out. Hannah B, like from The Bachelorette, put mashed potatoes all over my face, and it was literally disgusting. – Oh yeah. Oh, and I’m gonna get your eyebrow. – This is the worst day of my life. I went through earlier and marked out all my favorite tips and
tricks that we’re gonna try. The first thing I marked is, ah, dinner for one, microwave a potato, why do we only use potatoes? I mean, I’m not really complaining. I like potato in all its forms. Fried, baked, mashed,
hash browns, shredded. “Modest in calories, luscious, “eat the skin too! “Easy fix, what could be better?” I can’t think of anything. Stir in carrot. (laughing) Just stir that beep in. (laughing) Stir in carrot. I’ll just like wing it. Okay. Fabulous finger tips. Except not even joking and not even being sarcastic these- look at what she’s doing to his mouth. That poor man, that’s kind of sexy. Want to create a lovely tension? Then pay some tender attention
to those little places that can really set the night on fire. Secret love zones, okay! Holdable hands means weekly manicures. I could get down with that. For pure indulgence, Diana Allen of Diana’s Salon, in NYC, recommends a hand facial. Okay, oh, ah! Okay. (laughing) Knee deep sensuality, what are you knee deep in? I don’t want to know. The unexpected other side, backs of your knees are another secret spot that can send waves of pleasure all over. Not just to the front of your knees. I just inserted, that was an editors note. Oh, there’s more on this page. Start some leg shaping activities, like race walking, biking, ballet. Wow, take the stairs whenever you can. Work up to 12 flights a day. Normally I’m allergic to exercise, however for the sake of
the show I must do it. Body and souls, like S-O-L-E-S. (laughing) Oh, Helen. Directly under foot, a lovely love zone created it seems purely for pleasure. Um? Yeah purely for pleasure, works for me. Since fragrance, like heat, rises a drop of your favorite cologne on the tops of those tender tootsies will engulf every part of you in delicious fragrance for hours. Does it work if you’re wearing boots? I don’t know, we’re going to find out. We’ve officially gone through the magazine and made a list of all the crazy things we’re going to try today. Baked potato for one, super soft hand mask, leg work outs. Okay, wish me luck. We’re about to race walk to my desk. Can you keep up? Hi Jess. Yes. – So in about half an hour I’m going to go edit the Cory Booker video. – [Sam] Cool. Will you see if Christina
can join me for that? – [Sam] Yes. – Thank you. – Yeah, of course. Okay, guys, I don’t just
have any cottage cheese lying around so I’m going to
slack the rest of the team and see if they can help me out. Meghan usually has stuff
because the video team, you guys, is always doing crazy beep. Meghan had a lot everything which, not that surprising. Let’s go grab them from her. Hi. – Oh, hey. – I hear you have cottage cheese. – Yeah. – What? It’s like Sprite, water, cottage cheese. – Do you need carrots? – Yeah, I definitely need carrots. – [Meghan] Oh, you need help? – No, I’m good. I’m going to eat this. Okay, cool.
– Scallions. Yup, hit me. (laughing) Oh this feels right. – Okay and we’ve got potatoes too. I don’t have some of the beauty stuff. I think you have to go
by the beauty closet. – We can do the beauty closet. – Oh but I have this for you. – Going to need it. Ah, yes. Let’s go to the beauty closet. Hey girl. What do I need? Lotion. Ah you’re amazing. Will you drop that in there
for me with all the radishes. Thank you honey. We have to start by scrubbing and drying a medium sized potato, and then I have to pierce
it in several places with a fork. Potato. It’s needs a good scrub, okay. (water whooshing) It’s a nice looking potato. Okay, step two, pierce it with a fork. It didn’t really say
how much to pierce it. How deep to pierce it. Where to pierce it. Microwave plate. T minus 20 seconds until potato time. Once it’s done I need to cut it open and top it with the
cottage cheese topping, which we are going to
make together here today. Cut open. I can do that. Oh yeah, that is a baked af potato. Okay now we have to make
the cottage cheese topping. Oh my god. Wow, it’s like water. We’re going to use a food processor now. I’ve never done this at my job before. Okay, it’s happening. Oh my god. I’m just going to put the lid on because I’m terrified
it’s going to explode. Puree, there’s a button
that says puree, okay. Okay, ready? (food processor whirring) Next step, stir in carrot, celery, half a tablespoon of
onion, salt and pepper. Okay, we got carrots, that looks nice, onions. So you guys I actually know how to cook, I just don’t do it very often. Stir in the onion and
then salt and pepper. Hello onions. Yum. (food processor whirring) Oh that is mixed. Oh yeah that is some
real life cottage cheese. I’m kind of comfortable with this. Okay, we’ll garnish, they say garnish. Wife me up. Guys looks, it’s so cute. Okay well that was really exciting and it’s really pretty
so let’s go eat my lunch. Little desk potato action. Okay, it’s delicious. Guys these tips today
are really holding up. I like want more of this. Can I eat this, like, okay. This has been pleasantly surprising. Sorry I’m still eating
this, it’s delicious. Okay we are back to secret love zones and now we are on the
body and souls section. Which I told you before
sounds really gross that’s because it is really gross. Basically we’re about to spritz some of our favorite fragrance on the tops of my tender tootsies. I’m sorry you had to hear that from me. But you did and so now
we’re just going to do it. So I’m going to take
my favorite fragrance, this is Eau de Juice by Cosmos, and then Maxwell over here is going to smell my tender tootsies and tell me how delicious I am. Oh, so much of it just
came out on my foot. Helen Gurley Brown says that
like heat fragrance raises so by spraying perfume on my feet that means like my whole body is going to smell heavenly
for the rest of the day. Maxwell please, will you do the honors? Tell me how I smell, is it juicy? – It smells juicy. – It smells juicy. Do I smell like Helen? – [Maxwell] Honestly, yes. – Like can you smell it up there. – I didn’t have to get down to your feet. – Like you smell it everywhere. – I smell it everywhere. – Okay, that Cosmo tip seems super legit. Thank you for your service Maxwell. That’s another Cosmo tip in the books that is super legit. I feel like I would only try this tip if I were wearing open toed shoes or like a shoe that gives
my feet room to breath. So I would probably try
this if I was having like a flip flop moment. Okay, now we’re going to
go down to the 14th floor and we’re going to try out the bike, which I am not very
familiar with already, okay. I’ve never been in the stairs before. Honestly we’re already on the 20th floor, this isn’t even so bad on the way down. I’m more worried about the way up. That’s what they do on the bikes I think. I’m working on my secret love zones, this one being shapely legs. This is really good for shaping my legs. Wow I haven’t done this in a long time. Okay, now that I have super shapely legs we’re going to fast walk all the way back to my desk and oh my god I just realized we’re on the 14th floor and that means I have to take the stair
all the way up to 22. Beep. (panting) Now that I’m nice and sweaty let’s do some self care. I propose hand masks. We need this, need this, oh need these. Let’s do it. Okay, step one we have to steam the towel, so I’m sorry for making you do this with me but we are going
to have to race walk again. Are you allowed to come in here? We don’t have like a real
humidifier or a steamer right now so this is going to have to do. Step one, wrap hands in steamed towel. Here I go, this is nice. (laughing) It doesn’t say how long
so I’m just going to stay. Okay, my hands have been softened they’re probably a little pruney because that’s what- a little pruney. That’s what happens to me
when I get in the water. I don’t know they say it has something to do with like how dehydrated you are, and I did have a couple
glasses or wine last night, so. Follow with the richest moisturizer. So we have a lot of good
stuff in the beauty closet, which you would know if
you watched beep yourself in the beauty closet. I’m not exactly sure what
makes something the richest moisturizer in all the land. This one by Versed is called
skin soak rich moisture cream, which, that sounds about right. Actually I should take
off all my rings first. Moisturizing time. This is so fun, this is way better than
putting mashed potatoes on my face let me tell you. That feels like a lot. Slip on a pair of white cotton gloves. Okay if you’re ever had lotion hands which is like that greasy feeling when you put on lotion, you know what I’m about to experience and it is slightly unpleasant. Although the results are
going to be worth it I think. You going to want to
throw these out after. Slip on a pair of white cotton gloves and slip into sleep. We are slipping into
sleep my friends, okay. Let’s do a little bit of a lie down. Oh! Oh! Oh! Okay you guys make sure
you try your baked potato at home it literally was
like eight minutes total to make that delicious
potato cottage cheese moment. Did you know that’s my first time ever having cottage cheese? It was great. I’m shook, as shook as you are. I hope you stay tuned for the next episode which is going to be equally fun. So make sure you hit the bell down there, subscribe, like this video. Do all of the things,
hit all of the buttons because then you can join us next time and we’re going to have
a whole other blast. (upbeat music)

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