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Silence on set! Hi guys! Welcome to another episode of Eatbook Vlogs! I’m Chiara, and today, the weather is, gloomy! Because we are in the east! That’s why someone is here with me today. Can you not call the East gloomy? The whole Singapore is raining today. But today, because of the gloomy weather, we are going to have a great time having some hotpot! Yeah! Other than hotpot right, we are also going to show you some less well-known hotpot hacks with crossed fingers, we hope they work. So first stop, Hai Di Lao. Let’s go! Okay, we are now here at Hai Di Lao in Century Square, and this place needs no introduction. Yeah, this is one of the most popular hotpot spots in the world. So today, we are going to share with you some tips and tricks that you already know, and we are going to test out if they are really good. And tips and tricks that you don’t know, so that you can try the next time you are here. or not try, in case it fails. We already ordered the soup bases and food, so we got tomato soup, and mala soup in a quad pot. That means 4. And the rest is just 2 water pots. You can wash your utensils, or try to make the soup base like us. But it’s cheaper than getting 2 like soup bases, like the dual pot. You save about $5.50 leh. We are going to use the $5.50 for more meat. And to buy bubble tea later. Oh, my gosh yes! Disclaimer! If you have ever made soup base in your life right, you will definitely need something that produces flavour, You know what I mean? The stock. Yeah! You need some vegetables or something, but the only vegetable there that I can find is like celery, So I take the celery, pickled radish and carrots. It’s just the side dish but I just take for fun. Then I took some white pepper, garlic, spring onions, beef sauce, and some chilli oil. Hopefully it will taste nice. For me I’m doing a Doenjang-jjigae (soybean soup). Because when I walked to the sauce station, I saw soybean sauce. And I was like eh, can do some Korean inspired stuff. Not bad, not bad. I’m going to flavour it with their beef sauce, beef cubes that you said was really good. Soy sauce, sesame seeds, garlic, and also a trio of vegetables. Coriander, parsley and celery. Oh my lord. Oh my God, it looks like a stew. As we let our soup boil through right, let me tell you about the land of free stuff, Hai Di Lao. You sit down, they give you a warm towel, and then a lens wet wipe, ziplock bag for your phone, and also like hair ties. And if you are feeling cold, you can also ask for a scarf. You can even change your phone screen cover, and if you are a kid, they even give you a doll. Oh, no wonder they gave you the doll just now. Come. we cheers! Cheers! Mine tastes legit, but it doesn’t taste like Doenjang-jjigae. I want to try! Mine isn’t nice. Mine’s like sweet, I don’t know why, maybe I added too much carrot. C: I like sweet stuff, let me try,
A: You try, you try. Wow, your’s is quite legit, A: but it’s not Doenjang-jjigae.
C: Yea, it’s not. But it’s still okay right? Yeah, not bad! Mine sucks right? I know what your’s tastes like already. What? Sweet beef soup, with ajinomoto (MSG). No, it doesn’t taste like that! It just tastes off. We have this very creative hack, that’s inspired by your favourite item in Hai Di Lao. Basically, I love this fortune bag that they sell, getting inspiration from that right, we decided to buy the fried beancurd skin, and fresh mashed prawns. So we are going to basically stuff the skin with the prawn. Ooooh, so cute, oh my goodness. Now, let’s try our prawn pockets, along with our favourite soup bases in Hai Di Lao. I love the tomato soup here, because it’s sweet, it’s slightly sour and tangy. It’s very refreshing also. And I won’t stop drinking it. C: What about you?
A: My favourite is the mala because, mala is just life and I like that you can actually drink the mala soup here. Nice eh! Good job! Woooh! The tofu skin has soaked up the soup, so it’s super nice, and the prawns are damn fresh. So it has a bite to it. You know that full portion, half portion thing right. You’d think that because the prices are cut in half, you get half the portion, but no! There are 2 items on the menu that will give you more when you order half portion. For the fried tofu skin, the full portion is 7 pieces, while the half is 4 pieces. And the pork ball, this is the half portion. So the half portion is 8, while the full portion is 12. And it’s only 2 items on the menu. So I think it’s something like an Easter egg. Hai Di Lao wants to give you a little trick somewhere in the menu that you don’t actually really know, unless you really know. It’s so good. It makes the soup even better, do you know why? It’s deep fried beforehand, so it’s really oily, so it makes the broth really rich. So next, let’s head to the more priced stuff, which is the meat platters. So today we got the Iberico Pork, Swish, swish. It’s like much leaner than pork belly, but there’s still fats, so there’s still a fatty texture, like it melts in your mouth. And when it melts, it fills your mouth up with all the porky flavours. So on the menu they actually have this set menu kind of thing, so it comes with a portion of meat, and an assortment of vegetables. So the meat, you can choose from fish, chicken, beef or pork, and for the vegetables, you have shitake mushrooms, enoki mushrooms, lettuce, cabbage, tofu, and black fungus, and even like a very nice orchid, for display. This is a half portion of meat, So if you order normally, it’s already 12 dollars. So think of it as topping up $4 more for so many vegetables. Swish. swish, up! Swish. swish, up! I feel like the texture of the beef, it’s not as melty as the pork. But flavour-wise, this wins hands down. Okay, now that our pork ball is cooked, let’s taste it. That’s a damn good pork ball. It has been soaking in the broth for quite some time, but it’s not hard. a bit silky. It has that minced meat texture, unlike typical meatballs from supermarket that’s very bouncy, like they added a lot of fake stuff. This is like all natural. It’s never a complete Hai Di Lao experience without some noodle dancing. Noodle dancing! Oh! Pull? Yes. Oh my God, am I doing it? Ally look here, Ally! No! No! Yay! Thank you! I feel like that again, just like many of their dishes, there’re different textures in one item. Ya! I thought he swung the noodles for fun but no, it gave the edges of the noodles a bit of a very light fluffy texture. What do you think about this Hai Di Lao experience today? A bit different right? Ya, I feel like every Hai Di Lao experience right, I will always enjoy it. but I think today we tried a lot of things that I won’t normally try. Now I will know the tips to make my Hai Di Lao experience better the next time. Okay so now we are at Goro Goro, at Tampines 1. And it’s another hotpot! Look at the weather outside, it’s rainy! It’s perfect! But this is different because it’s like a steamboat, and they also have cooked food. Do you know what Goro Goro means? Is it Korean for monster? Because I see the monster icon right beside the name. Good guess but no. Someone told me, goro goro is the sound that your stomach makes when it’s hungry. Ohhhhh! You know like “gooloo, gooloo” Cute right? So for this place, we got 3 soups, 1 is the bak kut teh, the ginseng, and the collagen soup. Okay, let’s have a taste of the broth first. Actually it’s not bad. It tastes a bit different. I think the taste is there, but it’s not that type of very thick kind of collagen based soup. It’s a bit milky, and you can taste a bit of the chicken flavour. What now? Okay I feel like I’ve been staring at it, and it’s been staring at me. And it’s the bak kut teh. Wah! C: It’s like pepper and garlic.
A: It’s like 1 karate chop like Bam! At your throat. Actually it’s not bam, it’s bam bam! Because it’s pepper and garlic. Okay, last but not least, let’s try the ginseng. Yeah. It’s really ginseng soup. Ya, this is not my type of soup. Yea it’s not mine either. But, I feel like my parents would for sure love it. I guess if you eat steamboat before, you will to always put in those very hard to cook vegetables first, like lotus or potato. People always think that, “oh vegetables cook very fast” It’s better to put it last. Ya. But I love how vegetables bring out a very naturally sweet flavour to the soup. There are also a lot of mushrooms, and a lot of different balls. They also have seafood. We have fish slices also, let me put some! Oh ya! I love eating fish soup, so, since we already have this collagen broth, I’m going to show you another hack. Okay, get some fish, and the soup. And you know how, when you order fish soup, they always put this deep fried egg on top. Oh ya, like the very crispy and oily bits. Ya, and I noticed when we were taking the chicken namban right, they have this crispy egg on the top. So you can just put it in your soup. How is it? Legit! Wow! Okay. I mean it’s damn nice. Since there’s no hand pulled noodles here, should we do another noodle related challenge? So why don’t we do some dry noodles? Then we let each other try our own concoction of sauce. My sauce is a very typical sauce that you’ll get at those kinds of hand pulled noodle places. Basically it’s just soy sauce, vinegar and oil. With chives and garlic. And a hint of black pepper. So for my sauce, I tried to do something a bit like scallion oil also. So I put scallion, sesame oil, and also Lao Gan Ma. How is that scallion sauce? Add a bit of soy sauce to taste also. I keep drooling! Ew! Then I still have to eat the food that you make! Can I just talk about the appearance of mine, like dude it looks so appealing. Oh my gosh it looks damn red! Hmmm, it smells of vinegar… That’s all. I feel like my proportion’s damn off. It tastes like when you eat soup dumpling, The dish of ginger and black vinegar, you just took that and pour over. Okay, it smells appealing. I feel like yours complements this well. Because this is very light, But yours is like, LAO GAN MA! Now that we are done with the steamboat segment, let’s go to the cooked food section. So it’s quite interesting, they have both Korean and Japanese stuff. The Japanese stuff are like the candied sweet potatoes, and the nanban chicken. Korean side, they have the kimchi pancake, the jap-chae and the tteok-bokki. And they also have 2 dishes from their dinner menu, these are also available on weekends, it’s the salted egg yolk popcorn chicken, and also the honey soy chicken wings. Let’s try all of them, and we’ll talk about what we like the best. Okay! Ready? 1 2, 3! Both: Honey soy chicken wings! The batter is really crunchy, even though we’ve left it out for quite awhile, And the sauce is really sticky, so it coats the entire chicken wing with that sweet yet salty sauce. Ya, and it’s juicy as well. A really good dish. Overall I feel like this place is very different from Hai Di Lao or other hotpot places, there’re both cooked food and steamboat ingredients. And there’s also a fusion of food. You get Japanese, Korean, Singaporean. It’s much more affordable, and if you are the kind who likes to eat until you feel like vomiting, you know, just eat, eat, and eat a lot right, I think here is a better bang for you buck! Okay, so we are done eating, I’m so full! Do you still have room? Of course! There’s something about Tampines that you have to know. Tampines has almost every single bubble tea brand in Singapore. And we are going to the newest one that’s opened. C: Okay?
A: You know Xing Fu Tang? C: Ya, ya, ya. It newly opened here, do you want to try? I also haven’t tried, but I’ve heard a lot of good reviews of it. All these food how? You guys come here and eat, okay? Then we’ll go buy bubble tea. Ya’ll eat, we go buy bubble tea. Okay, bye bye. See ya’ll. Yay! Oooh, it’s so warm still. Try this, this is the signature. Wait. I also want, I also want! Oh my God! C: Wah, it’s nice!
A: The pearls are like next level soft! And chewy! And the brown sugar is damn nice. See, I told you Tampines has so many nice things. Hana, hana, you guys also have Two Hana right. Eatbook’s written a review for them before. You guys also have the Go-Ang Pratunam Chicken Rice, the Michelin Bib Gourmand one. Wait, there’s still more. Teahouse by Soup Restaurant, and also this Jeju Kitchen. Like, I don’t think I see them in the west you know. That’s why I always come here to eat with my friends and family . Because there’s so much stuff anyway. So, glad that I got to bring you here. Thank you for showing me around the 2 malls. Ally, how was your experience with all these hotpot hacks? I feel like if it doesn’t require much effort, and it really saves me money right, I don’t mind it. But I think it’s not bad, like it’s fun to try once in awhile. It was a bit eye opening, Because when I eat hotpot last time, I don’t play, and get creative with stuff, I just dump our stuff in the water and eat when it’s cooked. So today, it was actually very fun for me. And the whole hotpot experience really brings out the Chinese New Year mood for me today. I don’t know why, but I always relate hotpot with Chinese New Year. I feel very festive and like I love gathering with friends and family to eat. So thank you AsiaMalls for making this video possible. They have a wide variety of eateries that are great for both families and friends. So come down to Tampines 1 or Century Square, if you are looking for somewhere to feat this Chinese New Year. Thank you for watching this episode of Eatbook Vlogs. If you like this type of video, you can catch more over there! And you can like, share and subscribe! Bye! Comment in the comment section down below, if you want me to bring Ally to the west! East side best side forever! Bye, I love you easties!

  1. xAsun_a

    i live in the north-west area and now i look at the east yall r too blessed with shopping malls
    u know west got nothing much and north is a dangerous place?
    (also i only been to the east 2x cuz its rlly far away from where i live and honestly the most number of young people i have ever seen in singapore)
    but great vid

  2. James loh

    really nice review from the two, straight up like friends speaking from their point of view. and very entertaining too well done eatbook!

  3. walao eh

    would appreciate if yall can indicate what timing yall went "lunch hour/dinner hour" cuz the menu is diff so some stuff yall feature we might not find because of that difference

  4. roy sim

    For me HDL is so not worth it. Overrated price so expensive and food quality soso only. Not buffet style also. Not full at all. Gorogoro is much way more better. Steamboat is about food . The staff at HDL keep approaching me while I eating is abit annoying..dunno why so many people love to go HDL.

  5. Gail Tay

    Tbh, the review on Goro Goro is really quite bad. I frequent Goro Goro very often and the spread for lunch and dinner is really very different. There will not be any seafood, chicken wings and some other stuff during lunch.

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