Haitian Food 🇭🇹 Cuisine haïtienne 🇭🇹 Griot, Pate Kòde & Pikliz : the best foods of Haiti

(drum beats) – What is Haitian food?
That’s a great question. I actually don’t know. But I’m excited because today we’re gonna discover it together. Interestingly enough, Canada
has a huge Haitian diaspora. (pronunciation variations)
Diaspora? Diaspora? Diaspora? A huge diaspora, and in Quebec only, the community is made of about eighty thousand people, and yet I’ve never had
their food, ridiculous! And we’re gonna fix that today. But, thankfully for you
today is not gonna be me talking about a food that I don’t know. I have a Haitian food
expert with me today. My dear friend, Miriam. (drumroll) – [Myriam] Am I suppose to appear? – Yes (laughing) – [Myriam] Hi guys. (laughing) – Decades of food eating
experience. – Decades! (inaudible) (laughs) I hope you’re excited. I’m excited. I’m actually a bit sweaty. This is gonna be fun. (drum music) Cheers – Cheers – Un ti’punch? – Un ti’punch That’s made with Barbancourt, which is the national rum of Haiti. Jamaicans they think they’ve
got it all with their rum, but no, it’s really the
Haitians, I’m not joking. (inaudible) – This is gonna be fun. This is only our first drink and already there’s some dirt going on! I like it, cheers. – Mm hmm! (inaudible) – Yes – (inaudible) – Careful! – Uh oh. (inaudible) Did you order this? (laughs) What’s happening here? – I heard you guys are
bon vivant so I’m like eh – Did you order this? I didn’t order this. – The more, the merrier. – The more, the better? [An] There’s another one coming out! Ooh that is beautiful! – Okay, we’re being told to drink up. (laughs) – This is gorgeous! It’s like an arc-en-ciel and it’s actually called, no, this one is called a bulldog. I’m already a little bit tipsy. Cheers, An. Which one do you want?
– Are you self-cheering? You’re self-cheering
honey! (laughs) (applause) – I think you should have this one. – Thank you, thank you! (inaudible) – No, no, (inaudible) Hose down with it. – I thought you knew
nothing about Haitian food. – No, this is a drink,
I know about drinks. – Okay. – Never take out the
bottle. It will overflow. – Well, it looks like it’s
just about to overflow indeed. Okay. – Cheers – (inaudible) – Well, fine, no cheers. – Thank you. – Food, ladies! Plantain burger. – Wow. Say hello to the co-owner. Boss lady. – Hello! – (inaudible) She’s gone. Wait! Where are you going? Huh? (laughs) – To get more food! – (inaudible) Can’t wait to bite it. – Wow! Look at this burger! – (inaudible) (laughs) – Chiquetaille de morue – Yum! – (inaudible) – Chiquetaille, chiquetaille. – You can do a dance with it – Chiquetaille dance! – (inaudible) – Okay, she’s running away from my dance. – I’m sorry! – I liked it. (laughs) I did! – Thank you. – Try your chiquetaille. It’s shredded cod. – According to the Internet, “chiquetaille” comes from
the French “déchiqueter”, which means “to shred”. – I’ll try. Can I try? – Yes. – Thank you. (reggaeton music) – (inaudible) (laughs) Bouche. – She calls me “mouth”. Do you eat chiquetaille at home? – No. And I don’t make it. It’s a bit of frying,
well I don’t fry at home. This is really good. – It’s good! Oh, it’s flavorful! – “It’s flavorful” would describe it well. – It’s salty. – I think I could
stuff all of this in one go. – It’s too big. – Uh uh. Mm! (laughs) – This is delicious. – And another entree. Pate Kòde. (inaudible) – Oh, dear [An] I love Pate! – [Claudia] Enjoy, ladies! – Okay, me too, I’m gonna try. – Bouche! (inaudible) “Bouche” means “mouth”. So tasty. And it’s piké “piké” means “spicy”. – There’s a little burn. – There’s a little bit of a, there’s a bit of a
hotness right there. Yes. – (inaudible) Burger. – Burger, is not a typical Haitian food. Now what’s a typical
Haitian food is this here. Pate kode is next. – Yes, but let’s start with this, I think it’s a, like, modern twist. – Yes, indeed. – So, instead of the bread,
what you have is green plantains that are smashed. – You got it! – So it’s thinly, and it’s
fried, and it’s crispy. Let’s dig in. – Looks pretty delicious. Mm! – Oh my god. This is better than your
cheeseburger, right? Wow. Tomatoes are juicy,
there’s cheese melting. – There is something, kind
of a mayo, there’s a mayo. – There’s a mayo situation going on – [Myriam] Yum, yum, yum! What is that? What is
it, shrimps on a skewer? – Yeah! You don’t like shrimp? – I love shrimp! I’m just, like,
loving your face right now. And your cheeks! – It’s like a fan. – Okay. Give me one. – Can I feed you? – Thank
you, you may, my darling. (inaudible) – Is it garlicky? – Not really, no. And that’s refreshing. [Miriam] The Haitian Pate, ideally, the dough will
be made with butter. God knows that the butter
and the Haitian patty goes much further than just, like, some greasy
thing in a Jamaican patty. – [An] (laughs) I think you’re starting an online beef. – I’m about there. – [An] How are you doing? – She is. – Oh. It smells so crispy. – [Myriam] Ann, that’s amazing! – This (inaudible) is fantabulous. – [Myriam] Fantabulous? – Oh, fantabulous! It tastes
smokey, it’s a bit salty, there’s just enough filling,
it’s savory, it’s spicy. From what I understand,
this is a major street food. – Mm, mm, mm! – I think I could have,
like, five more of these. – I know, I absolutely agree. (inaudible) You can have it. – I’m not gonna fight for it because I know that she would
actually kill me. (laughs) – That is right! (bright music) (inaudible) – Yum! (inaudible) – What do we have here, my dear? – (inaudible) – [Myriam] Yes. (inaudible) (inaudible) – [Myriam] Which one’s your favorite? – (inaudible) Mm! – I hope you’re hungry! (laughs) We have a couple of plates on the table, starting with the griot, which I understand is, like, national dish of Haiti. Marinated pork for like twenty four hours, and then slightly fried it. – It can be an appetizer
with a shot of rum. Barbancourt ideally. [Miriam] Or it could
also be served as a main. – I’m noticing that some pieces
have fat and others don’t, so you can choose whether
you want it fatty or not. – I like it fatty. – It’s better with fat. (laughs) I’m gonna go for the ox tail. The ox tail has bone marrow in it, which is pretty awesome. – Is it something you like? [Myriam] I love marrow as well. – [An] Yeah? – Ouai. – Are you just gonna stare at me eating? – No, I am waiting for you
to tackle the piece of– (inaudible) – I believe in you. – Whoa. – Interesting. It looks like there’s a little
bit of pikliz in it, eh? – Is this your life, An? – (laughs) – Your life sounds pretty good to me. [Myriam] It’s really good,
yes, but what’s in there? (inaudible) – So this is the– – I think
Jamaicans call it (inaudible) – [Claudia] See, that’s the problem. Every different nationality, you know who uses it often? The Lebanese. – No? – [Claudia] But they
totally something else. It starts with an “M” then. – This is delicious. – It’s very nice. It’s like a bitter spinach, mixed with crab, (inaudible), and oxtail. Wow! I am loving this. – And it’s less fat than
what we’ve been eating. – Well. (laughs) – We’ve been indulging
in quite a few calories. – Oh, I really like this. – (inaudible) – Like, literally, the
ratio of red to orange, it’s practically one to
three. Oh! – (inaudible) – [Myriam] An is having a
little bit of a hard time. (inaudible) (laughs) – Like, you know when it’s
hot and you’re getting dizzy? – It’s hot. – It’s starting to spin now. – Ah, just have a drink. – (laughs) The Haitian solution.
– There you go. – To life. – You go first. – [An] I need to, uh. – I’m not having it. – No, no. (inaudible) – [An] You don’t eat it alone. – No. – [An] Okay, so, that was a mistake. – What was she doing
there sitting next to you? – (laughs) So beware, this is not normal coleslaw, you don’t just scoop it. You’re supposed to have it as a garnish to everything else you’re eating. Now you know. [An] Nice. – [Myriam] (inaudible) Trust me. – Mm! – I, I is done, man. I’m done. – [An] We are clearly done. – (inaudible) – [An] So this is a nice exchange. The plates for the desserts. Is that a shot of? – [Myriam] Barbancourt? – (inaudible) – [An] (laughs) She’s
like, (evilly laughs) I’m kinda full. This is really good, I’m really
glad I discovered this food. – [Claudia] Are you guys
unbuttoning your pants right now? – (slow motion talking) This
is really good. (laughs) You know when you kinda pull
your pants over your belly because you’re so full? – Are you okay? Are you there? – Like, it’s been there
for half an hour now. – I am quite there myself. Merci. – Wow. How did you discover Creole food? – I’ve known it before, ’cause Montreal is all (inaudible). – Yes. – But then my partner is Haitian. – That’s amazing. – That’s how we started learning. – Your business partner is Haitian, is that your, like, personal
partner in life as well? – Yes it is! – Wiggling eyebrows! – Juicy! (inaudible) – (laughs) Eat Haitian food and find love. – (laughs) – Okay, An, is that your
turn? Is this your turn? – This was delicious. We’ll have all the details below of everything we ate, where
you can find the food. Now any last words for anybody who wants to discover Haitian food? – It’s succulent, it’s spicy. – Succulent! – And it has all the flavors
in your mouth. (laughs). – There you go! – It does. – The pikliz. – The pikliz will kill you. If you like this video, don’t
forget to give it a thumbs up. If you’re new to this channel,
make sure to subscribe and to turn on the bell thingy, so you get notified on the next time we’ll be eating a bunch of food. – Do it. – Thank you Myriam for coming
with me today. – (inaudible) Aren’t you gonna do, like,
your extro on your own? – No, I’m just gonna
go to nap now. (laughs) – I’m turning it off.

  1. mtl food snob

    What was your favourite dish? Have you ever tasted Haitian food before? Let us know!
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  2. jaymama25

    Uhm, I’m sorry I saw no authentic Haitian food; kote ayisian an kap fe mange a ? No pa fe burger 🍔 🤦🏽‍♀️ and where is the soup joumou? Kote diri kote at sauce pwa! Listen I get what you were trying to do but that’s a no for me 🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️ and this is just my opinion

  3. Barbara

    I eat pikliz by itself all the time lol. Anyway, I love sharing my culture with people (hence why I'm on this video lol)….but IDK how to feel about half of this food….

  4. Andye .L

    Haitian food is the best!!
    I didnt like this restaurant at ALL sorry ! Bad experience.
    Go to casse-croûte Méli-mélo .Haitien restaurant in Montréal 25 plus years 👌🏾

  5. Stecy Adolphe

    HAÏTI 🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹

  6. Natural Unique

    If your from Haiti and you been to Haiti 🇭🇹 y’all need to see how the haitian food is and taste. The food that they presented looks good… I was born in Haiti I know the difference of food and how it’s supposed to be presented. You can’t mix something and called it Haitian food. For example like that burger with the plantain back home nobody never did such a thing like that… I guess since we are living a new era… so everybody wants to call this that.. I guess. But the Food looks good. I wouldn’t change anything and mix it with something else called it haitian food. You want to taste REAL HAITIAN HAITIAN FOOD! GO TO EXACTLY TO A HAITIAN HAITIAN RESTAURANT AND YOU WILL SEE THE DIFFERENCE.. and if your a haitian American DONT argue with the Haitians who were born and raised and know there stuff.. it’s pointless… AGAIN THE FOOD LOOKS GOOD ON HERE!

  7. Lola coca

    As much as I love reggaetón I wouldn’ve preferred to hear some zouk, kompa or even rara in a haitian restaurant. This patty did not look at all like a Pate Kode.. hope the dishes were prepared by haitians to have that real authentic haitian taste… 😕

  8. Sam Haucward

    i'm a bit confuse cause even if everything look delicious, it's not really what we called haïtian food"🤔
    it looks more like a mix of carribean food than real haïtian one.

  9. Jerry Tet Swape

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  10. Yardley J

    I couldn’t finish the video; a bit of fooling around is fun, but that’s too much for my taste; it distracted me from the dégustation. It’s supposed to be about The food ladies, not about the two of you. Pakèt tintin nou fè la.

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  12. pinkly pinkly

    For those saying that’s not typical haitian food. You’re wrong because it it they are just in different form. For exemple the first burger had pikliz, bannan and vyann. The chiquetaille also. I could go on because all of them are every day haitian food.

    She didn’t go to a friend’s house it‘s a restaurant. Keep that in mind.

  13. Emilie Trudel

    Oh wow.. je connais beaucoup de restaurant typique haitian sur la rive sud de Montréal mais celui ci se sera a essayer. Le burger a lair tellement bon 😍

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