Here’s How The Food Industry Got You Addicted To Sugar | Eric Edmeades

What do you think would happen
if a species evolved a powerful, undeniable craving for an incredibly
nutritious and seasonally available food, and then a company figured
out how to duplicate that food, make something that tasted extremely
similar, only turned out to be extremely toxic to that species? Sugar is
in everything, I mean everything. When I first started really looking into
sugar, I was shocked to find how many things it was in. In fact,
I gave up sugar for a while on a little challenge. I thought,
“I’ll take a break from sugar.” I came home one day, I made
myself some lunch. I was ready. The lunch was sitting there, the
lunch was some pasta with some tomato sauce, all healthy, organic, good
stuff. And then, I took a mouthful of it and I almost spat it straight out
because it just tasted wrong. I thought maybe the tomato sauce
had gone off. Something wasn’t right. Something wasn’t right, it was
really sweet, like really sweet. And so I started looking at the
ingredients. And here’s what I found that shocked me, I mean, truly shocked me.
Sugar was the number 2 ingredient in a beautiful, organic tomato sauce.
Let me ask you, if you were making some tomato sauce at home, you know, for
your pasta or for a lasagna or a pizza or something like that, would you
take some tomatoes and chop them up, a little garlic,
some onion maybe, oh, some basil and oregano and then 2
tablespoons of sugar? No, you wouldn’t. But are you curious at all as to why
a food manufacturer might do that? They do it because sugar has some
really important roles in the body. One of them is is that sugar triggers
hunger. This is an evolutionary protection of our species. You see,
our species has spent a long, long time doing everything it could to
avoid starvation. Starvation’s been the number 1 cause of death of our
species right up until the modern times. And so what that means is is that when
fruit suddenly came out onto the trees and was available to us, the
idea was if we ate a little, our body would be triggered to keep
eating even if our stomach got full, because who knew how long it
would be there for, and also, what season’s coming next? Winter,
probably an entire problem around getting food. And so
if we didn’t eat enough now, we might not survive the winter.
So sugar triggers in us appetite. And so sugar manufacturers put it
in everything. Out of the something like 60,000 different foods that are
available, packaged foods that are available in our shopping mechanism today,
something like 70% of them had some form of sugar, corn syrup,
or other refined sweetener. And we are getting addicted. In fact,
it’s even worse than that because from a marketing perspective, the
sugar manufacturers and the food manufacturers that are using sugar in this
way, they know what they’re doing and they know we’re catching on,
and so what are they doing? Ever better advertising. All the
time, with the manipulation, almost to the level of hypnosis to get
us to feel good about their products. How about the cereal manufacturers?
Here’s what’s really scary. The cereal manufacturers will pay
grocery stores to keep their sugar-laden, plastic-toy filled cereals at child-height
view. Why? Because in marketing, there’s a term, a technical term,
it’s called “pester power.” And the marketing companies know that
there’s a price that parents are willing to pay to end pestering. And
so they put the sugar-laden, brightly-coloured, plastic-toy giveaway
cereals right at the height that your children can see it. And so
the pester power begins. But let me ask you something really
careful here, what do you think the number 2 ingredient is on just about every
breakfast cereal? Sugar, refined sugar. It’s right there on the label. And
it doesn’t matter that in bold print, on the front, it says,
“Fortified with this vitamin. Fortified with these essential nutrients.”
Yeah, but the number 2 ingredient is sugar. We are living in a time when our
entire western world is facing a massive health care crisis. And at the root
of that crisis is refined sugar. The statistic in the United States is the
average American is eating 154 pounds or over 70 kilograms of sugar. So
what I’m going to ask you to do is consider taking a 7-day sugar holiday with
me, so that at the end of that 7 days, if you decide to have sugar, you
can do it completely consciously, with knowledge, knowing that
you’re doing it, in a mindful way, or maybe you want to give it up
entirely. So join me and Mindvalley for a free Mini-Quest, a quest to
create consciousness around sugar, a 7-day opportunity to change your
relationship with sugar right now.

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    The food industry is intentionally killing millions of people by giving them diabetes so that they can make a few extra dollars.

  3. Gold Lick

    alcohol is also a form of sugar. and don't forget all the cover names they have for sugar, like Dextrose. they will try and hide it anyway they can.

  4. Grace Serena Christie

    Cool. I hunt targets for the military. When everyone was looking for UBL Ben Ladden. Did you know his ships were transporting sugar, and salt. Large ships with white mounds of produce all over the planet. And middle Eastern people are not supposed to drink alcoholic beverages. If they wanted to poison every person except middle eastern people. They would use sugar and soft drinks plus alcoholic drinks. But truth is I go shopping in one little area of vegetables and fruits because once it goes to a factory its over they have you doped up on corn, soy (makes your brain smaller, on the poison lists in Reference sections of the library). It has eggs, wheat, Dairy, Red Meat. Even if you get a salad you dump sugar, corn syrup, dressing on it. Scary. I don't actually think they give you sugar to make you eat more only. I think they figured out how to hurt people with poison sugar and shorten peoples lives and health by over 20 years. So good luck finding food without sugar… I try it every day.

  5. Vickey Efremidis

    Our species naturally craves sweets …. But what these companies are doing is making us sick ! They put it in everything and it’s all GMO ! Read your labels … and know sugar isn’t always labeled .
    Food can heal all that ails us … but the wrong food will kill you, sugar is one of those poisons !
    As far as I’m concerned advertising for sweets, cereals, packaged foods, high fat etc. should be banned
    as cigarettes and smoking products are banned ! Good eating to all, thank you for this video 🤔✌️🤔

  6. Elena Mastaka

    Glad you brought this out!!In a 'microwave' world more and more ppl are consuming sugar without being aware of what it would cost to their body long term…!!!Cereals,rice,pasta ,bread,pizza…. whatever can raise insulin has the exact effects like sugar!!As humans we can absorb NATURAL SUGAR /FRUCTOSE from FRUITS and VEGETABLES,but becouse of our programming we have linked types of food with nice childhood memories..Even home-made cakes,sweets …all those have the same effect as long as insulin goes higher!!This would cause hidden inflammation and would be a long term bomb for different diseases.Thank you for bringing up this subject🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 ,please share more content on this topic for children/parents also 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  7. Kevin VR

    FYI:, Pasta, lasagna, pizza all TURN INTO SUGAR in your body bro and it overfeeds yeast in the body. That yeast TURNS INTO CANDIDA which is a fungus. That weakens your immune systems and then the parasites that live everywhere can live and thrive into your system. Yes we all have parasites.

  8. Jake

    You dont have to cut down your sugar from your regular meal bcd sugar is the primary source energy for your body. Sugar is in everything, bcs we use energy. What a big deal? Ofc sugar triggres your appetite when you took less sugar. Not spesifically sugar who triggers, instead your body need it to utilize more and more energy for daily life.

  9. Down the Wrabbit Hole Travel

    My husband and I have been doing keto and trying to eat healthier, but now I’m realizing we really need to take our kids along on this sugar-free journey too. I don’t want them growing up addicted and unhealthy too.

  10. p tm

    They deliberately add more sugar.. heres ur example.. i watched milka bars.. the milka bar 300 gr had 48gr sugar per 100gr. So people think.. oh i take a smaller bar of 100gr to eat less sugar…. but then you discover they put 53gr of sugar per 100gr in the small bar..

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