Homemade Strawberry Jam Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 386

[Music] Hi Guys! I’m Laura Vitale. On this episode of Laura in the Kitchen I’m gonna show you how to make homemade strawberry jam. Yes! It is…uh I do it every single year. I’ve been
doing-I’ve been making strawberry jam since I was a little kid with my grandma so this you know it-it’s something to look forward to every year as soon as strawberry season is here,
homemade strawberry jam production is on its way Let take [INCOHERENT] ingredients so we can get started You’re gonna need some fresh strawberries, some sugar fruit pectin, and lemon. Now if you want
to use different berries That’s gonna make the difference on
how much sugar you’re gonna need so that is a lot of sugar but that’s just is what makes it so delicious! Now if you’re planning on doing canning like
I’m going to be showing you how to do today We’re preserving it. You’re gonna need youre canning kit. You’re gonna need some mason jars which I have simmering right now in a large large pot and your gonna need just some essential tools that comes to canning. I have a canning funnel here. I just have a few different tongs and this is just to screw on the lid and this is a knife and also a magnet which I show you what
we’re gonna need that for But I took my canning jars and I put the jars
in my large pot there that’s filled with water and those are
simmering and I also have the lids in a separate pan and simmering as well but just the lid and not the screw on tops. So first things first let’s go into it and actually get started.
Shall we? Okay in this big pan I’m gonna put on medium high heat. Get that ready. First thing Imma do is mash up some of my berries I have clean hands. I think it makes the best tool and I’m just gonna squish these around.
My strawberries are all mashed up I like to leave some chunky because I do like some chunks in my jam but you can do this however you like I’m gonna put that into my pan here and then I’m gonna grab a knife because I don’t
have one on hand Juice my lemon That’s good I’m gonna let this stir and I’m gonna let this come to a boil and then I’ll show you the next step. I’m gonna add in my fruit pectin and this is what gives it that jammie
consistency. Stir that in really well Now I’m gonna put in all the sugar and it is a lot of sugar but
that is just Thats what it takes to make homemade jam So I’m gonna give this a stir really well so that sugar is fully incorporated The sugar is all mixed in Now I’m gonna put in my candy thermometer and
I’m gonna let that come to a boil and boil away until it reaches 220
degrees My mixture is up to 220 Take out my thermometer Give this a stir and making jam is a science so there are-these tools I feel like you need to have So now what I’m gonna do I’m gonna skim off all the foam that’s collected on the top or much of it as you can manage I’ve skimmed all my foam or as most of it off the top so now ready to pretty much get canning. So you take your mason jars that have been simmering in water You get rid of the water Line them up Okay. So now…you take-I’m actually gonna make just a little bit-you take your canning canning funnel put it in each one and you’re gonna fill it up til you have a quarter-inch left
at the top of your mason jar. And I’ll show you-Just like that! See that? That’s perfect. So now I’m gonna continue to fill each one Last one Really important you take a clean wet cloth or paper towel and you run it around all the edges. Now that you have them all filled either with a canning knife or just a regular night make sure it’s
really really clean Your gonna run around the side and this gets rid of any air bubbles. You don’t want
any air bubbles when your preserving Now with the opposite side which is why I
love this little tool which is-because it’s a magnet you
pick up You pick up each each lid that was simmering and you sit it right on top centered. You wanna make sure it’s centered on top Last one And now you’re gonna put on your screw top which you don’t plan on so so tight. You
just wanna put it on tigh enough that its holding everything together Now that everything is sealed I’m gonna put these into my canning basket and I have my pot back on the burner
here now I’m waiting for that to come to a high boil and once it does I’m going to put these with
the basket and all right in there and I’m going to let them boil away for twenty minutes Not 21 minutes. Not 19. 20 minutes My jam is ready. I put my jars in boiling water and I left them and I I covered them and let them cook for 20
minutes You hear the pop? If you hear the pop Your jars are sealed That is a good sound my friend and just like that now now you can go
in and get em nice and tight Tighten all your lids Tighten the last one. Now here’s something that I have always done my grandmother’s all we’ve done this. I
thought the on counter for 24 hours and that just assures that all of them are sealed properly. Don’t
bother them otherwise if some of them haven’t popped yet and you’re bothering them chances
are what chances are that they might not seal
properly if you just mess with them so just put them in the counter for 24 hours just ensure that all they’re all popped and they’re all sealed. Once you hear that pop you know you got to go but I just like
to take that extra twenty four hours just to make sure and that’s it. You got homemade strawberry
jam on hand for whenever your hearts desire and these make awesome awesome gifts by the way. Hope you enjoyed spending
time with me I do have the recipe written on laurainthekitchen.com step-by-step as to what you need to do
when it comes to cannning and making your own strawberry jam at home. I hope you enjoy spending time
with me time and I’ll see you next time Bye bye [Music]

  1. taegi cherry motion

    Laura, I'm sorry we are like this. But Jimin needs his jams.
    Also, please make suga jam kookies that go with tae. We would highly appreciate.

  2. Itz_Syaz Gacha

    Mom: What do you want for lunch, honey?
    Me: Some KOOKIES
    My younger sister yelling from the living room: Don't forget the SUGA
    My older sister: And the TAE too
    Mom: And you expect me to say JAMS right?

  3. Christine Miller

    Seeing all these comments which i rlly dont understand 😂 but im geniunly here to know how to make Jam 😂😂💖

  4. Kai Chan

    "Laura can you make a perfect recipe for a Kookie?"
    It will be great if there's a lot of Suga
    And it goes with a cup of Tae.

  5. Some Random Crab

    i come back here after one year, and decided to comment it
    Laura, thanks for this recipe
    Jimin, you got yes jams
    Armys, you nice, keep going
    Laura, you nice too, so keep going
    My English, you very no fun
    So yeah.. ^^

  6. Heraclitean

    That is so much sugar though. If you use less it won't taste bad. It'll just taste more like strawberry and less like sweet.

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