Homemade Vietnamese Pho Soup Recipe – How to Make Beef Pho Noodle Soup

We’re Adam and Joanne from inspiredtaste.net and welcome to our kitchen. Making your own fabulous bowl of Vietnamese Pho soup is not hard… all you need is a straight forward recipe, a few secrets and a nice big stockpot. The broth starts with the bones. We like to use beef knuckles or leg bones for this. Add them to a big stock pot… then cover with cold water. Place that on high heat and bring to a boil. You want to bowl for about five minutes. You will notice a scum will rise to the top… drain the entire stockpot… and rinse the bones… this gets rid of all of that scum. You want to rinse the stockpot too. Place the bones back into the pot and set aside for later. Now grab two medium onions… quarter them… you can leave the skins on. Then grab a four-inch piece of ginger and cut it in half lengthwise. Arrange everything on a baking sheet… turn your oven broiler to high… then slide it under and broil for ten to
fifteen minutes, turning occasionally… or until… the onions and ginger have charred or
browned on all sides. Now for the spices… add one tablespoon of coriander seeds, one tablespoon of fennel… about six cloves… six star anise… two cinnamon sticks… and one black cardamom pod… to a pan. Put it over low heat… and toast for about five minutes
until fragrant. add the spices to some cheese cloth and tie with some butchers twine… and set aside. Next you’ll need to measure out a quarter
cup of fish sauce… one and a half tablespoons of salt. and you’ll need a one-inch piece of yellow rock candy. Something you can find at Asian markets. Now that we have everything ready we can
start the broth… Add six quarts of cold water to the bones from earlier… bring to a boil… then if any of that scum comes to the top use a spoon… or fine mesh strainer to remove it. Now reduce to a gentle simmer… add your fish sauce, the salt… the sachet of spices… rock candy. and the ginger and onions from
earlier. Now cook the broth at a gentle simmer… for about three hours. Once the broth is done… we want to strain it… so first remove any of the bones… onion and ginger from the pot… then pour the broth through a fine mesh strainer… into a clean bowl. You’ll notice quite a bit of fat will
rise to the top of the broth… to remove it use a fine mesh strainer or spoon… another option is to pour the broth… into a container and refrigerate overnight. We prefer this… since you can get rid of most of
the fat… it solidifies on the top… and is easily removed. Now we can make our bowls of pho… bring the broth to a simmer… grab some bowls… then add very thinly sliced raw beef to the bowls… bring a pot of water to a boil then cook your noodles… add the cooked noodles to your bowls… then cover with hot broth. Serve your soup with fresh herbs… bean sprouts… lime wedges, thinly sliced onions, chili
sauce… fish sauce or anything else you love. Enjoy! For more Pho secerts and to see our full recipe… visit us at www.inspiredtaste.net

  1. Kity Lorenz

    Alguien que me ayude quiero saber las especias que utilizó lo único que entendí es aniz de estrella canela y lo demás no sé que era 🙁

  2. SofiaLucas

    Why is the broth so dark? That's the problem when I make mine as well but when you go to Restuarants it's nice and clear it's way lighter in color

  3. bizhop2

    Other than the soup being super dark, it's fine. Rock candy or sugar, same thing. Just sweeten up the broth. You don't have to add both salt and fish sauce. Just use fish sauce and at the end. A little bit of fats in the soup won't kill you so don't fridge it overnight. I think freshly made pho should be eaten not stored a day before eating. I personally think it's like fried chicken…. They're not the same after you fridge it.

  4. Doodah Gurl

    Are you guys planning on doing a chicken pho recipe any time soon? Been waiting to see how you guys do that. Make sure to use lime leaves! LOL

  5. Farah Nuux

    loll this not my definition of easy xD haha. Looks good tho. Can somebody maybe tell me if there is a big difference when no meat is added? thanks!

  6. Pauline Luong

    You two are legit! You even mix the spices yourself. My mom just gets the spice mix from the market. To add a little natural sweetness, we also put white radish/daikon when making the broth. Typical herbs and garnish for serving also include cilantro, Thai basil and culantro (loveee culantro, have you tried it?). A big squeeze of lime right before digging in really makes all the flavors pop! You also say "pho" very well. You two are so awesome!

  7. kryz

    omg!!!!!! i love recipe!!! im looking 8 videos and all thems its too complicated ,talk much and loooongers… i love yours!!! thanks 👍

  8. Gwen Huynh

    You can't really achieve the full flavor and nutritional benefits unless you slow cook the bones for at least 4 hours. Add spice bag at last hour or you will lose all the spice flavor. Daikon, carrots, and mushroom powder will add umami. Add fish sauce at the very end or your broth might have a sour after taste

  9. Vũ Ngọc An

    It's so great to see my country's traditional dish on your channel. Even though I personally think there are various ways doing this dish and it's quite hard to say which one is the best, I have to say you guys have done a great job!

  10. xxSydneyFox

    My friend made a quick chicken version the other day. She boiled the chicken with the bones then removed the meat from the bones and put the bones back into the same broth. Obviously removing the foam. She then grilled one onion a few stars a few dried mushrooms and a cinnamon stick. Put it all into the pan and added the bits left from the green onions. It was simple to make but delicious.

  11. Việt Trần Hoàng

    Hành tây; Gừng nướng khét, đen = tạo vị đắng + dễ gây bệnh ung thư…nên có cảm giác ớn, ớn là sao ấy!!!!!

  12. Keylargo2383 Video

    If I could only take one food with my on a desert island, I would take pho Thai. I could happily eat it every day for the rest of my life. 😘

  13. Inspired Taste

    For the full Pho Soup Recipe with ingredient amounts and instructions, please visit our recipe page on Inspired Taste: https://www.inspiredtaste.net/4307/vietnamese-soup-pho/

  14. Hanan Fatani

    thank you for the video… I would like to try it but with chicken! how many hours I have to boil the chicken before serving? thanks u

  15. Jeanne Kelly

    Even as am experienced cook I find the recipes for pho quite complicated.These clear instructions and Joanne's soothing voice are a great help, thank you both.

  16. thomas kuhlmann

    it looks yummy tho. i went to a restaurant and tried their vietnamese noodles,Pho. i was so disappointed with the taste, mung beans sprout and beef. it taste old, the mung bean sprout was old too and yet the price is expensive. i will never go back there again😡😵

  17. jenn jeffs

    I had been wanting to try Pho for a long time, I finally got the chance and sad to say, I did not like it at all 🙁
    For me, Its the spices that I didn't like. Darn it.

  18. Sandra Dornick

    I recently had my first Pho and I'm hooked. The broth was so delicious. The owner of the restaurant said it takes two days for them to make the broth. I am having company next week, and they travel extensively. I will surprise them using your recipe. Wish me luck.

  19. ༺W҉E҉•L҉O҉V҉E҉• M҉O҉B҉I҉L҉E҉•L҉E҉G҉E҉N҉D҉S҉༻

    I looked at the food in the mouth when I was in Vietnam. The food is delicious 😉👍🍲 I from Vietnam

  20. fRiGhTfUl

    I made your recipe last week after taking a while to shop and gather the ingredients needed. I followed your recipe to a T except I didn't add star anise because my kid doesn't like the flavor of it. The broth was dark in color and very rich in flavor. I was surprised at how little broth you end up with after it's been reduced for 3 hours. The whole house smelled like a Vietnamese restaurant which was awesome. It was fun to make and it turned out great. Mahalo for the recipe.

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