Hostess Sno Balls Review – Playing with our Food

Today on Food Snot we are going to play
with our food .. Sno Balls from Hostess It’s time for Food Snot Hi, I’m Tom Cote and I am the Food Snot. hey you guys.. first off we want to thank you guys
because we hit 10,000 subscribers because of you guys – thank you it’s all about you not us – if you guys watch a lot of other food reviewers you’ll know that we’re a little different – we don’t exactly
do things the way everybody does it. or anybody does it. or anybody does it – So today, what we want to do is, we want to just play with our food because we’ve got – I’ve cut in half so nicely … Sno Balls – here – thank you – and Renae loves Sno Balls – But me? I can’t stand them. but I’m going to try them – we’ll
do a really quick review – are you ready? Go I hate them – there’s coconut in every tooth. Can’t stand it. (Renae mumbles with mouth full) So good. To me, a sno ball is just something to throw around the house – it doesn’t do it for me – I’m going to get that sno-ball. Do you think the kids will notice I threw this on the floor? Ewww look there’s hair on it. Oh those poor kids. Those poor kids. When I was a kid we used to take Hostess Sno Balls and put them under tires because on the East Coast where it’s very humid they would stick to the tire as you rolled away Did you really do that? We really did do it yeah. But I’ve heard in the West Coast where we are – we’re in the desert – I’ve
heard that they don’t stick to the tire so we’re gonna take one of these outside
and see what it does to a tire in the desert ok so here’s what I learned about
running over the Sno Ball. In Connecticut, the entire marshmallow and most of the
cake stayed on the tire and turned along with the tires. But here it pulled the marshmallow off and the cake just got mushed into the ground. So there is a difference between
a desert Sno Ball roll over and an East Coast Sno Ball roll over. You should
submit this study to one of those scientific magazines. yeah, Popular Mechanics or something So I guess the bottom line according to me. A Sno Ball is a toy. A Sno Ball is something you take it to bed – you cuddle with it. You throw it around the room. You just grab it out of somebody’s hand and eat it. But
it’s not edible to me .. but Renae my lovely wife. Hiiii she thinks it’s great. But the good news
about this is that we ran over the Sno Ball that had the hair on it, from
the carpet, so the kids won’t be eating that one. We might even let them eat the other pack we bought. You know what we should do? What’s that. We should tell them if they clean up the Sno Ball from the driveway – they get one that is not driveway smashed. Do we make them eat the one that was on the driveway or just clean it up? Well we have 3 kids and only 2 Sno Balls so .. Alright, whomever is the worst kid after school – doesn’t do their homework or something they’ll eat the one on the driveway the other kids will get the new one – that’s fair right? You gotta
work hard in school kids or else you could be eating a Sno Ball off the driveway. Disclaimer: We would never! No we wouldn’t really do that. You guys, sign up for our super
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videos – you can go right into the archives and watch them all – all 6 – unedited – unrehearsed – not entertaining – wait I don’t think I’m supposed to say that. but it’s the truth – they are not entertaining No, well we’re not entertainers – were just people. Thanks for watching the Food Snot you guys. We will be back again very soon – So long!

  1. Herfortz

    10,000 !!!!! ….. Awesome bro …. I hate those things …. That's why my mother used to buy them ….. She hated me …. "Mommy mommy …. Chocolate Ice Cream !!!!!" ……. Neapolitan …. "Stephen ….Why is there all strawberry left in the ice cream?" …. "Mommy Mommy ….. Chocolate Pudding for desert !!!!" ….. Wrong again …. Tapioca ….. The devil conjured that stuff up…. "Mommy Mommy …. Hostess Cupcakes …Yummy …. Please please" …… Nope …. SNOWBALLS !!!!! …. Never could figure out her logic …. The latter is healthier for you? … I could never run down a Hostess Cupcake.

  2. mOOnDustShow

    What a mess you did in your drive way maybe there was a kid playing there ; that's why there's hair on your Sno Ball ! … Oh 10,000 subs and you still visit me… ◯◯)) That is so kind !☆•*´¨`•.¸¸.☆•*•.¸¸☆•´­¨`*•.¸¸.☆•*•.¸¸☆ (((◯◯)))

  3. Michele Barton Thomas

    lol It landed marshmallow side down! Get yer carpet spot remover out! I don't like snowballs either. Congrats on 10,000 subscribers!

  4. EZGlutenFree

    Congrats on 10,000. I haven't had a snowball in decades.
    They were never my favorite but I had fun watching you play.
    Oh and in Philadelphia, decades ago, the marshmallow used to stay with the tire.

  5. Joan Dickie

    I'm with you, Tom. No to Snoballs! I hate coconut and was very happy when you didn't have Mounds or Almond Joy on your candy bar countdown.

  6. Mike D.

    ¨¨"°❃„¸¨"°º❊„¸❃ۣۜঔ 💕 ❃ۣۜঔ❊º°"¨¸„❃º°"¨
    ✲´`◕.¸✲⋟◕✲Ⓢ Ⓤ Ⓟ Ⓔ Ⓡ✲ ◕⋞✲¸.◕´´✲
    ✲´◕¸✲Pozdrawiam cieplutko;*))✲¸◕´✲
    ¸¸„❃º°"¨¸„❊º°"¨✬থথৣৡৣ✬¨"°º❊„¸¸¨"°º❃„¸¸ życzę udanej środy i zapraszam na najnowszy mój mix 🙂

  7. SonyVegasPete

    Been loving your vids since the Nate Pinky days Tom. Congrats on the subs. Hope you reach the silver and then gold YouTube play button some day man.

  8. Cheeky Tam

    Congrats on 10K so happy for you both. I like the snowballs don't throw them on the ground Tom LOL Oh well the kids will still eat it, okay they probably won't eat it now that it's been run over.

  9. Jacqueline C

    I'm glad to be one of your subscribers. I lol on this video. Actually, I do for all of them. Btw, the first 3 links don't work. They say I don't have permission. Permission for what, I wonder. lol

  10. Parmesana

    I don't think that I've ever had a "sno-ball" cake. I used to like the cupcake with the squiggle and save the squiggle and eat it last. I thought that the sno-ball cakes were covered with coconut.

  11. Peep THIS Out!

    Congrats on 10K, guys! It's no surprise given how great your content is and I'm definitely a fan! Keep doin' what you do, my friend! It'll be much faster to get to 201 now! I've always been on the fence with Sno-Balls even before Hostess went under and then came back, but I've always appreciated the upside cupcake in the middle! How they make these is one of my favorite episodes of Unwrapped on Food Network! Great video, as always! 👍😆


    You and I will both have 100k by the end of the year. Just watch and see. It's not a guess…it's all about patterns and timing, and eggs. Yes, eggs.

  13. Алинка Адэлинка

    Здравствуй дорогой друг!Я подписалась на твой
    интересный канал!Давай дружить!
    Хорошего дня и Лайк!
    Hello dear friend! I subscribed to your
    interesting channel! Let's be friends!
    Have a nice day and like!

  14. Majestic Fox

    Im from Germany i buyed a pack of Twinkies i love those and to try them a 2 piece pack of Sno Balls in one pack for (15 Euro)
    i ate all the twinkies and i ate one half of the snow balls the other half landed in the trash and the other one is in my closet where i try to let it rot =P

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