Hotel Thrillist: Send Foodz w/ Timothy DeLaGhetto & David So

– Are you ready?
– Show camera first? – Ready for this?
– Show camera, okay. – One, two, three. – Alright, Tim. – Oh!
– Oh, nice! Look, they go together!
– Whoa, look at that! – Wow, that’s like, perfect. Oh, put yours this way. – Aw yeah, yeah!
– Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah–
– Yeah, yeah. Yeah!
– Yeah, yeah, yeah! – I’m Timothy DeLaGhetto. – And I’m David So. – We travel around to
different food festivals where we eat all the eats– – We drink all the drinks– – And we get all types of crazy while giving you guys the most raw and realest food reviews in the game. – This is Send Foodz. – What’s good, you sexy mother (beep)? We out here in Denver, Colorado, AKA, the Mile High City. We out here right now shooting
another episode of Send Foodz because Thrillist, the
company that bought Send Foodz from me, the company that
puts money in our pockets to do this (beep) has
their own special event called Hotel Thrillist, they
took over a whole-ass hotel! Yeah! What are you excited to eat, bro? – I am excited to try
out the duck meatballs. – Oh, my goodness! I’m excited to try this lobster shumai. – Shumai! – I’m ready for this (beep), son, and apparently, they got
a lot of food up there, lot of alcohol, so I’m ready to turn up, and enjoy the city. Let’s go. Denver, what’s up? Make some noise!
– Hello, hello! – My name is Timothy DeLaGhetto. – And I’m David So. – We are cohosts of
Thrillist’s show Send Foodz. – The best show. – The best show on Thrillist! The only show y’all need
to be worried about. Turn up, have a good time. We’re gonna be shooting our show tonight, so if you see us, and you want
to hop in the background– – Get the hell out of our shot, dammit! – No, no, but get in the camera, and we’ll make fun of you later on. So, thank you! Have a good night, bye!
– Thank you, peace! – Nobody was listening to that. Thought you weren’t going to drink, Dave. – Hey, man. – You’re allowed to change your mind. – I’m just over here, just
changing my damn mind, man. – And, I’m gonna tip. – For both of us.
– Because I know a lot of these mother (beep) don’t tip. It’s all these businessmen,
they got all this money, and they can’t tip the bartender. Mother (beep)! Hi! What is this? – So this is going to be our pasticcio. – Pasticcio? – What’s that mean? – It’s gonna mean mess in Italian. So what that means is it’s
gonna have pork meatball, bechamel on the top. Also, you have three
cheese tortellini in there, a little bit of house made ciabatta bread. – Thank you.
– You’re welcome. – Wow. – What is the meatball made out of? – I zoned out. – Oh, okay, well– – Pork something, cheers. – They call it the
pasticcio, one pasticcio. You son of a bitch! Mm, that meatball was as
tender as a meatball can get. – That is a good meatball, bro. – It like, it has enough body
where it doesn’t disintegrate in your mouth. Nice, hefty, meaty, oh. – Yeah, nice and fatty, too. I like a meatball with some,
oh, my god, all this cheese! – Tortellini. Oh, yeah.
– Oh, wow, that’s fire, bro. That’s so cheesy, oh! So savory, so bomb. You guys know I’m trying
to lay off the cheese, but I haven’t been, which is
why my (beep) all (beep) up right now, ’cause of stupid Thrillist! – Thrillist, what are you
doing to the man, dude? But, that creamy bechamel, that nice, bright, bright tomato sauce,
so good, man, so good. – Worth it. So, now we got some duck
meatballs from Ophelia’s. Tell me about this, dawg. – Like you said, duck
meatball on top of that, we have this lingonberry
jam sort of thing, and then we got grits on the bottom with pickled serrano chili on top. – Let’s see if it’s all
it’s quacked up to be! – Oh, my god. – Cheers. – The sweet lingonberries,
that creamy grit. – Wow, first of all, I just
love me some duck in any form. I feel like my favorite part
of the duck is the skin. It’s kind of sweet. – If you have ever been to IKEA, you know about Swedish meatballs. This is kind of a rendition
of it, in my personal opinion. IKEA always serves it
up with mashed potatoes. We have creamy grits instead. Very great rendition of it, in
my opinion, (beep) delicious. – And speaking of enjoying
balls in our mouth, we actually got to
enjoy a Denver delicacy, some Rocky Mountain
Oysters, AKA bull testicles. – I want balls. I want balls. – I want balls. – Gentlemen.
– Yes, sir. – Oh, my (beep) god.
– These are your raw oysters. – Oh, my god.
– What? – These are raw, so
when we start with them, we take the outer membrane out. – Uh huh.
– We slice them thin, dredge them in flour,
and we deep fry them. And this is your end product. – Oh, thank god.
– Oh! I thought we had to eat this! Oh (beep)! – I thought we were going
to slice into this thing. – Oh, my god! So, this is what it
looks like before this. – Right. – Oh.
– Oh, thank god. I thought you were gonna have us grab–
– I mean, if you prefer it the other way, we can–
– Oh, no no no no no. Look, what is this? What is this squiggly stuff? – Little veins, membranes? – Well, thank you.
– Thank you. – Go nuts. – If I get indigestion out of this, I might need to take some scro-Tums. – That’s (beep) stupid, dawg. Hey, get this (beep) (beep) away from me. You know why this is weird? It’s because it’s too real. – I had no idea it was– – This big! – But look, but you don’t have that theory about how if you eat the animal’s gonads and reproductive organs, you’re for sure getting this, their life, their mojo, and shit.
– Tim, this is how big you were
when you were born, bro. Get the (beep) out of here with this, let me enjoy this real quick. I’m sorry, I can’t, I can’t look at this. I can’t look at it. – Okay, well– – It just looks like
ball sack potato chips. – Yeah, or you know, like some
fried oysters, or something. They try to make it sound cute with the Rocky Mountain
Oysters, but it’s just balls. – It’s balls.
– Bull balls. You ever had balls before? – No, I had pig uterus before, though. – Oh, I think that’s worse. – Yeah, okay. That’s sour cream. – I’ma try it without the stuff first. Mm!
– That’s not bad. – Tastes like a Burger
King chicken nugget, which I really like. – It definitely tasted like
there was hair on it before, you know what I mean? You know what I’m talking about? – A lot of, everything we eat had fur and (beep) on it before. – Yeah, but I’m talking
about direct pube hair. It has like that pubescence. – That pube-essence, damn.
– Yeah, that pube-essence. – That was fire. – Thanks, man. – That’s a bar.
– Thank you. – I feel the power, I
feel power already, dude. That the bull’s surging
through my veins, I feel it. – It tastes like liver
mixed with a Dino Nugget. – That is complete facts. Wow, that’s crazy. The liver taste of it is
definitely there, yeah, for sure. And I love Dino Nuggets, and I like liver! We’ve said this before the show, you take anything, deep fry it right, throw a little sauce on
there, you can’t complain. – Now, who’s the first one to look at that huge (beep) testicle, and be like, “That right there might be delicious.” – So, we make a lot of jokes
about, you know, eating balls, but this is the first time on this show we’ve really, you know, eaten balls. – I feel like this is some (beep) you would see on Fear Factor, and the Asian people would’ve been like, “What’s the challenge, guy? It’s a regular Sunday dinner.” – And? What you got for us, sir? – What’s up, what’s up? – I’m serving you a brown
butter lobster shumai, a little caviar on top,
and some togorachi aioli. – Thank you so much. – Try it out, yeah.
– Thank you very much. – Try it out, enjoy.
– Thank you! Okay, now we are gonna eat
it and talk (beep) about it! – Do what you want. It’s all good.
– Thank you. – Cheers, cheers, enjoy, guys. – Appreciate it, man. – Vietnamese guy making
Chinese things, man. – Got to love it, that’s America. I love a little caviar on top of anything. – Oh, for sure. – Let’s get it. You get a good look, you
get a good look at this? You got this? Alright, do it. Oh, you did that already, mother (beep). – That little shichimi togarashi
brown butter sauce, dude. (beep) amazing, dude. – What’d you call that? – The shichimi togarashi
is that Japanese red pepper they put in udon, and all that stuff. – That was bomb. – Yeah, so when you normally get shumai, you probably seen the
ones when you get dim sum that’s made out of pork and shrimp, like, a nice ground texture. But he obviously fancied
it up with the sauce, with that caviar on top, and the lobster. Dim sum, if you guys never had it, it’s like Chinese tea time. You know, when a lot of
people go to dim sum, it’s a long line, it’s
because everybody’s chatting, drinking tea, and eating at the same time. It’s really fun, so
you’re not supposed to eat and get the (beep) out. – It’s so fun. You go there, you sit. A bunch of old Asian
ladies walk by with carts. They scream at you– – You want this one? – The service is terrible, but you know, if the service is terrible,
then the food is popping. And speaking of delicious lobster things with (beep) wrapped around it. – Well, earlier, we made lobster
ravioli with fresh pasta. What? – And some CBD in it. – What? – What’s up, man? – Hey guys, how you doing? – Tim.
– Jared. – I’m David, how you doing? – Jared, also known as Chef Royalty. Work with Cannabis Tours. – Well, what do we got going on here, bro? I’m excited. – Well, I already got something plated out for you guys, here, it’s
one of my signature dishes. Our barbecue shrimp
with a cornbread puree, and there is some CBD oil on it, as well. The tail’s on there,
sorry, the tail’s on there. – No no, I like that. – Ah, yeah, well there you go. – The cornbread puree,
that’s what killing it for me right now.
– Mm hm. – In this pot right
here, you got yourselves a tomato cream sauce, with
some cheese in there, too. We use two different types of cheese, we use a little bit of parmesan,
a little bit of asiago. – Oh my. – Cheese, huh?
– Cheese. – Little bit of cheese, I
didn’t put too much for you. – I heard it makes you break
out, or something, dude. – That’s right, but the CBD
will help with that, actually. Believe it or not.
– Ooh, very nice! – And then, we are gonna
make some fresh raviolis, I made some fresh pasta dough for us. – Okay! – So, I’ll get it started
for us a couple times here. – Is it on two already, right? – Yeah, I moved it to two already for you. – And you just feed it right through two. Grab the pasta, Tim, dammit!
– Oh, I didn’t know we were doing a team combo thing.
– Yeah, it’s team effort! – Yeah, man.
– It’s your first time, you got to team up. – Make sure it’s nice and even. – Oh, god, I messed it up. – You stupid son of a bitch, man. – You didn’t mess it up. – It’s like back in
the day, like Play-Doh! – I’m basically an Italian man now. Oh, look at that, you
can see right through it. – Exactly, that’s what we want. Then, we’re gonna cut out
some rounds real fast, if you want to go ahead and do that, Tim. – Man.
– Come on, Timmy Tim. – And get your hands dirty a
little bit, push down hard. So, inside of here is some sautéed lobster with chives, garlic, some white wine, so we’re just gonna get ourselves a nice little scoop like
so, and you’re gonna put it right in the center of
the round like that. – Man, I’m nervous! – And then, you just
dip in the water here, and you’ll put the water
all around the edge there, you see that?
– Yep. – Just like so, and that
creates it so it could seal. Here we go, so now you got that set up, we’re gonna grab our second round. – Mm hm.
– You’re gonna push down one one side so it seals, and then, we’re gonna just push down
on the other side like that. You see how I did that one there? – Oh, my gosh. – Look at that, we’re
basically chefs, dude. – You’re happy with it? We’re good to go then. – Yeah, I don’t think
mines perfectly round, but you know what? I like the imperfections. – That’s it. – I want some more shrimp,
that was delicious. – We have more shrimp, you want some more? – I would love more shrimp. – You guys want to put
the cornbread puree on it? You could smother it in it, if you want. – Oh, man.
– Oh yeah. – Business has probably
been real good lately. – Business is always good, you know? The cannabis industry’s good. – For sure.
– Can’t really complain. – I like this, man. – Well, you guys take
that with you if you want. – Tim, open your mouth, give it a go, Tim. – No!
– No, Tim, now, I need it– – Okay, cool.
– For camera purposes, I need it. And, there you go.
– Mm! That taste like a biscuit smoothie. – Yeah, I love it. – Oh, my god, you really
about to kill that? – No, man, I’m just sampling here, man. – So, now we’re gonna move these here. – Straight into the sauce. – Straight into our
sauce, and we want some of that water that’s coming with it, that pasta water actually contains starch from all this pasta.
– Thickens it right up. – It’ll help thicken it
right up, and stick to it. So now, we’re just gonna
cook this down here for two seconds. Yeah, it’s not just all about the weed, you know what I mean?
– Yeah, dog. – The food actually does taste good. – Put a little finesse on there. – We also got these two wines
for you guys from CannaVines. So, the red wine is CBD and
terps, which terps is the stuff that gives the cannabis the flavor profile and smell that it has. – Ooh, it smells like weed. – Does it? Oh, yeah!
– Yeah, it has the terpenes of cannabis inside of it.
– Oh! Interesting. – Should we cheers? – Cheers! – Cheers.
– To Denver! – To Denver! – To CBD! – Huh! – That’s juicy.
– That’s different. – Mm hm. – It’s tart, and then
it tastes like wine– – Sweet.
– And then you bring it down, and you smell the cannabis. – It tastes like a box
of Welch’s grape juice that you left inside of your friend’s car when they hot-boxed. – The pressure’s on.
– Pressure’s on. – Mm, that is very cheese
forward, and I like it. The pasta’s perfectly al dente. – Mm, that’s fire! It’s cheesy, salty, creamy. – There you go, and it’s
straight lobster tail, so you’ve eaten the booty. – There you go.
– Mm hm! Thank you for having us. – My pleasure, I’m glad you guys came out and had some of our CBD infused food. – Mm hm, I’ma take a long nap. – That’s only righteous at this point. – Appreciate you, man. – My pleasure, guys.
– David’s gonna eat. – That’s how I show my gratitude, man. – That’s right. – Oh, do you have a to-go box? I’ll take this home to my wife, who’s waiting in the hotel room patiently. – Tell her to wait. – So, we’re here at
Roaming Buffalo Barbecue, about to have some smoked
Colorado lamb shoulder sliders. Thank you!
– Of course. – So, what do we have here? – We have our sweet sauce
and our spicy sauce. – A little bit of both never hurt anybody.
– I’ma do both, yeah yeah yeah. – So, if y’all never had lamb
before, very distinct taste. People say it’s kind of maybe
tinny, or a little metallicy. I actually like that flavor a lot. It’s a hit or miss for a lot of people, but this is some good, slow,
pulled, roasted lamb shoulder. – I don’t find that metallicy at all. It’s kind of just, the
consistency reminds me of oxtail, actually. And the bread is super
soft, and pillowy, and nice. And I love the little side of coleslaw, you know what I’m saying? Nice little citrusy, fresh situation that just cut the little
saltiness of the lamb. You always need a little bit of that. – And, I like, like
you braise any shoulder or butt of the animal,
because you have a lot of connective tissue in
there, and a lot of fat, but after you cook it for a long time, it breaks down, and you get
this delicious pulled mess. – Butt! Yo, so here we are at Comer Marta’s, about to have some comalitos. – Comalitos.
– Some tiny tamales. I love me some tamales, dog. – Dude, the first episode that
we ever shot with Thrillist at the Hot Sauce Festival, which
you chose that had no food, only had tamales. There’s a little heat coming at the back of my throat right now. Tim is really good with spicy food, I, however, am not. I mean, yeah, you know,
it’s spicy, if you a bitch! – Tim, I’m not a bitch! – Alright, you know what? Forget the rest of the festival. We just gonna chill at the tamale booth the whole time, alright. That’s all we need. But look, I’m not, excuse me, sir! We’re shooting a show! – Cheers. So, this leaf right here,
they put this in there for flavor, okay? I saw a lot of tweets on Twitter of mother (beep) complaining
that Chipotle left this leaf, this bay leaf in their (beep) veggie mix. I’m like, “Are y’all dumb?” – Idiots! – Get some culture, you
(beep) uncouth swine! Anyways, these tamales are fire. – Smashed it, dude. You got that salty little cheese on top, that stringy little queso in the middle. – Some of the best tamales I’ve ever had were in a (beep) trunk of a car, fire! – Tamale! – Tamale, tamale! – Tamale! – And, you know what? Tamales are wrapped up similar
to how weed is rolled up, which reminds me of a little cannabis tour we took yesterday. – Whoa, man! – Whoa! We are at Medicine Man, and now, what’s cool about is they take you around
in this swanky little SUV, real comfy air conditioning, ’cause it’s hot out here in Denver. Sup?
– Yo, what’s up? – How’s it going, sir?
– Good, how are you? – Tim. – How was your trip? – Well, we just missed that one right, there you go.
– Bust that out. Let’s show you what’s going on over here. – Cool, cool, cool.
– Give me the light. – Lighter?
– Oh, why thank you. Oh, okay, nice. – Where’s mine? – So, you’re synthetically
producing certain environments to get it to bud so you can
harvest when you guys want it. – We are.
– Right, so it feels like it’s a certain season. – Exactly, when it starts,
it’s a little clone, and then from that little clone, it grows until it reaches
sizes that we can see right behind us here. These plants, they’re about
ready to come out of this room and enter into the flowering. The cannabis plant comes in
two sexes, comes in male, comes in female. One male can pollinate
the entire facility, so we eliminate all of the males. – Oh! – Any woman can tell you
that it just takes one male to screw everything up.
– It’s true, men are trash. – Men are trash.
– Hashtag men are trash. – It’s extremely true. – Man, you smart, dude. – I try. I try.
– See, that’s what happen when hood people stop growing weed, dude. Give it to nice bearded white
guy, and they figure it out. – If it was anything less than a white guy with a pony tail and a beard– – I don’t want that weed. – I would not have trusted you. Okay, where are we? – Right now, we’re standing
in a flowering room, where we have plants in
several phases of finishing up. The plants right over here,
they’re pretty much wrapped up. They’ve been in here for about two months, and here’s some of our final product. – Wow!
– So, you can see how much the plant
changes in that two months that it’s in this room. – When do they start getting
their little silly names? Is this like, Buddha’s Bellybutton,
or something like that? – Well– – Who gives them the names? – Well, that would be
whoever the breeder was. – I see.
– So, in order to create cannabis seeds, you’ve
got a breeder whose done that. All the strains originated
from seven original land-raised genetics that
were gathered in the 1970s. – So, you’re saying
there’s seven main ones that they all came from? What?
– Over 20,000 varietals that we know of today–
– We could learn a lot from this, people.
– Originated from this seven. – We can learn a lot from this. – That we all come from
the same place, guys. – That’s true, I mean, and honestly, the number seven is kind of interesting. – And there’s seven continents, right? – Yeah.
– Is that right? – Lucky number seven.
– And there’s Seven Wonders of the World,
what’s happening right now? – Oh, my god! – Mind blown! – If you come up, and
you turn your flash on, you’ll actually get all the crystals. So, turn your flash on.
– Oh, sweet. – So, that’s what these little– – Get real close, and now
take a picture of that nug. – Cool! – That’s a beautiful
nug right there, guys. I got some delicious-smelling
THC stroopwafels, and David’s picking up
some CBD, what’d you get? – Some CBD edible stuff,
and some topical stuff. – Yeah, he has trouble sleeping at night. The demons haunt him. I sleep like a baby. I don’t give a (beep)
about the (beep) that I do. – We’re grabbing some dessert
at Little Man Ice Cream. Alright, what do you guys have for us? – We’ve got some Salted
Oreo, this is the good stuff right here.
– Thank you! – Thank you.
– Thank you. This that good (beep) right here, son! – Who doesn’t love Oreos, man? If you don’t like Oreos,
your mother never loved you, you’re ugly, and your nose is weird! – Yeah, weird nose-ass! – Man, be quiet! – Is this really music that people like? Anyways– – Like I always say, a
little salt and chocolate goes great together. – I was about to say,
you know what takes this to the next level is
that little bit of salt! – I’m telling you, man.
– Wow. We’re both pretty lactose intolerant, because, you know, Asian (beep), but this right here is
worth the farts later. And we’re also in committed
relationships, so it’s like, who cares if you’re gassy?
– Yeah, man. I love ice cream, man! Ice cream never did me wrong. Oh, my god, it always
listens to my problems. Oh! – Oh, I love ice cream! Well, I feel great. – I am the fullest I’ve
ever been in my life. – What was your favorite
thing you ate tonight, bruh? – My favorite thing I ever
ate in the whole world was those duck meatballs
with that lingonberry jam, and that delicious, delicious
little thing on the bottom. – Oh, the shroon-dee-foon-dee
with the kerk-ski-nooz on the bottom. – Aw, yeah, the ers-ski-kahs-ski
kerk-ski-furb-ehn. – You know what I loved? I loved the Italian poo-scoop-ee-tee-co. – Yeah.
– With the mess. – Yeah, pasticcio! Man, that’s a lot of
racist (beep) there, huh? – Yeah, pretty much. Thanks, Thrillist, for
throwing this event, and thanks for continuing
to fund this show, because let me tell
you, we need the money. Hey, let us know in the comments below what city or food festival
we should hit next, and we might just turn up in your city. And, as always, we love that
you guys leave comments, so we’re gonna shout a
couple of you guys out. Shout out to Karen Anderson
for saying thank you to the Thrillist gods for
answering her prayers, because you know, we got these long-ass, sexy-ass episodes now. – That’s basically what
Colleen Hudler was saying. She was happy about the longer episodes! – Yay! – Yeah, man, you get to see
more of us, more of this, more of that, more of that. – More of this, right here.

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