HOTELS IN IRAN Accommodation Review | Travel to Iran Episode 2

Hi guys! Welcome back to Meiji Wanders channel.
We have finally arrived in Iran and this video I’m going to talk about all the
accommodations that we get to stay in around the big and small cities the first one here is called Abbasi
Hotel this is a luxury hotel in Isfahan The hotel is located near Chehel Sultan Square so this is the main square of the city so it means that you
can pretty much walk to any tourist site of Isfahan. Let’s have a look at the
rooms. The room that we got is a twin bed room and it’s facing the main street so
you can also get the room that is overlooking the internal courtyard. We
also got quite lucky this morning as one of the staff opened one of the large rooms
for us to have a look so if you come as a family I think there is a plenty of space for you to mingle around and also it features this special Persian style living room. So next is the hotel called Negaar Hotel in Varzaneh. This Negaar traditional house is a guest
house you can expect a really clean and spacious and a very safe accommodation
because Varzaneh is such a small town even if it’s still in Isfahan province.
It is famous for natural beauty so the accommodation is quite simple and you
can get excursions to all these natural places like the
spring water lake the Salt Lake even the Varzeneh Desert that it is famous
for you can ride a camel like this or do a sand board or other activities as well ‘The camels are very very..healthy’ one of the highlights of staying at
this guesthouse is its homemade food so it’s made by the staffs like most of the guesthouses
in Iran. The staffs are the family members of the owners. The owner, Mohammad also give
us a souvenir before we left so here is Negaar Guesthouse,
you can see that there are many sites around and if you are cyclist you can
enjoy a 40% discount you can inquire about that with a guesthouse directly next we get to the UNESCO heritage town, Yazd. We checked in at this hotel called Dad Hotel, it features this
beautiful and incredible courtyard that houses the hotel facility including the
restaurants and indoor swimming pool and sauna is located right in the middle of
Yazd city so very very convenient to get around even if you have to get the
taxi to somewhere, it is never more than $2 or $3 and don’t forget to try the pistachio here here even if in the minibars are not free, you can get the ones from the
market or something. The Iranians pistachio is quite distinct from other
countries pistachio and the breakfast buffet is really great
too and next we headed down south to Shiraz, we checked into this newly opened hotel called… I hope I get this pronunciation
right, Beyn Ol Harameyn Hotel. The hotel is a really big big hotel that is still
in soft opening time so you can get a discounted rate for this soft opening time
too it’s simple but nicely decorated and
also located in a very good location especially very near to Pink Mosque and we have just touched down in there
on the capital city of Iran we just checked in to our hotel as this is the last day
in the capital, after the long traffic because it’s Friday night so for the hotels in Iran even if
you’re traveling on a budget you can enjoy some really nice accommodation
like 5-star hotels of Iran like this for a night or two, or even if you want to stick
with hostels or budget stays, you can also expect quite clean and very very
safe accommodations throughout the major cities Let’s have a look at their breakfast! Hope you enjoyed this episode of Iran and all the natural wonders of this beautiful country. If this is the first time you’re watching my channel, don’t forget to click the red button to subscribe and if you have any comment, please feel free to leave it in the comment box.

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