How To Create Promo Videos For Restaurants

What’s up guys. This is Vince with, coming
back to you today with another video about how I create video promotions for local restaurants
or for restaurants in general, and then what I think about before I go into a restaurant
to film them and create a video for their social media, their website. This is how I do it. If you’re into those things, business tips,
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hit that bell notification so you’re notified every time I post a new video. Let’s get into this. One of the first things that I do, I ask the
owner I’m in contact with kind of items they want to catch on camera, so I have an idea
of what we’re going to make and I can plan ahead and think of the shots I already want
to get when I’m going to go there and film. The video storyline usually goes as I open
with inside or outside of the restaurant, showing off the space a little bit. Then it goes into the food being made and
then an action shot, which is like kind of the climax of the video, you could say. You could say climax. And it ends with either the logo or footage
exiting the restaurant or just to kind of close out the video. First get to the restaurant, like to go and
kind of walk around the space and see how the space looks, see what I could catch on
camera, what would look good. If they have cool decorations, you want to
catch those things as well as a cool tabletops, anything that would look very interesting
that are different from any other restaurants in town. So, after you capture the outside and inside
of this space, when you’re in the kitchen filming the food, what I make sure I do is
I get different angles of them making the food, whether it’s far away or it’s close
up, the food being made. So, you want to get a horizontal view of them
making it, so from the side, an aerial view from the top, and I also like to hit a 45
degree angle kind of coming up over their shoulder and filming them and kind of revealing
what they’re making. So, one of the things that you have to get
in every video is the action shot or the most dramatic shot, and whether that’s getting
the food that’s at the end where the food’s being topped off with its final ingredients,
like a cheese fall, a cilantro fall, sometimes a torch burning some of the food on top too,
I find that that’s really cool. Maybe even egg, the yolk popping, yolk porn. We’re all into that stuff. We’re into that kind of porn, you know. It really captures the audience’s eye when
they see that. They’re like, “Wow, that looks amazing.” The other thing you can actually do to is
get someone opening the item or opening the food, like a burrito opening it. I don’t know why I’m thinking about Mexican
food, but this is just on my mind. When you open the burrito and it’s filled
with all the ingredients and then they take a huge bite out of it, it makes people that
see that video want to take a big bite out of that burrito too. You got to look for that dramatic, that most
exciting part that will draw the audience in and make them want to try out that item. So, what I like to think about when I’m ending
a video is to either throw the logo on the last clip showing the last dramatic shot of
what’s being made or I like to show a pull away from the sign or pull away from the beginning
clip. So, I’ll start the video with entering the
restaurant and showing something in the beginning, and I’ll end the video with that same shot,
but maybe throw it in reverse to show that you’re exiting the restaurant or that’s it. So, you open with the same clip and you kind
of end with the same clip to show that that’s the opening and this is the end, this is going
to be the end of the video. And I usually throw in a little fade at the
end or a fade to black just so that shows it’s the end of the video. So, hopefully this storyline or these things
that I think about will help you in creating a promotional video for a local restaurant
or any business that you’re creating a promotional video for. Let me know in the comments below what you
do when look at a storyline or story to create a video for whatever business you’re making
these videos for. Thanks for watching. Please like and subscribe and don’t forget,
be marvelous.

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