How to Make an Edible Apple Swan!

The next time you come across a basket of
fruit, don’t just eat it. Have some fun with it first. In this project, we’re converting
any ordinary apple, into a decorative, and completely edible, apple swan. Go find your basket of fruit, and pick out
an apple you think looks good. Now, using a sharp cutting knife, carefully cut the apple
at a slight diagonal, so that it slices right through the center, of the apple core. While
we’re here, let’s save 2 of the seeds, because we’ll be needing them later. Now that we’ve
got our two halves, let’s take the side that still has the bottom attached, and place it
face down on a cutting board. We’ll need to place 2 butter knives perpendicular with the
top and bottom of the apple. Now we can carefully cut down along one side of the apple core
until the knife bottoms out on our makeshift spacers. Then use the spacers as a guide to
gently cut in from the side. When the two cuts meet, you’ll have an apple wedge that
pops right out. And while we’re here, let’s cut a piece from the other side the same way.
Now our goal with these, is to cut out 3 more “L” shaped wedges, about 1/4 inch thick. And
this time, rather than cutting in sideways toward your fingers, try turning the piece
over so you can cut downward, and meet the first cut at the bottom. Now with a little
wiggle, a new apple wedge should break free. If you repeat the process 2 more times, then
stagger the pieces back together, the effect, is a beautifully layered wing. Now, just cut
the other piece the same way, and your swans body should look like this. To make a place
for the head, all we need to do is carefully cut into the front of the body, and gently
lift the pieces out, to reveal a clean, and fairly deep groove. At this point, we can
go ahead and grab the other half of the apple, and place it between the butter knives like
before. But this time, we’re just going to use them as spacers, to cut an even slice
off the bottom. You can see that repeating this process 3 or 4 times, gives us a nice
variety of shapes and sizes. Now look for a piece that resembles a heart that’s been
slightly flattened on top. All it takes to form the swan head is three strategic cuts
with a knife. I made one angled cut to form the head, a horizontal cut to form the neck,
and one slanted cut at the bottom for the base. Now you should be able to see how this
is coming together, and to clean it up a bit, just use your knife to round off the sharp
edges. All that’s left now is to place the apple seeds where you think the eyes should
go, then use the side of a butter knife to press them firmly into position. When both
eyes look good, simply drop the neck into place, and you’re done. You’ve just created
a beautiful and decorative, apple swan. I spritzed mine with a bit of lemon juice to
help prevent it from turning brown, then put it on display to show off, for our dinner
guests later that night. If you try using different apples, you’ll get a nice contrast
of colors, and every bird will look a little bit different. Well now you know how to take
any ordinary apple, and turn it into a decorative and edible, apple swan. If you liked this
project, perhaps you’ll like some of my others. Check them out at

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