How To Make Coconut Ice Cream | A Shopify Business Recipe

Hi, I’m Rosemary Wilson,
Co-Founder of Neale’s Sweet N Nice ice cream. I’ve been making ice cream
for over 20 years, and today, I’ll be showing
you how to make homemade coconut ice cream. ♪ Today, we’re gonna
have some fun. The ingredients
are pretty simple. We have sugar, a mixture of cornstarch
and custard powder, milk, coconut milk,
and some flavouring. So, I’m gonna put
my water on to boil. We’re gonna keep a
medium heat all the time. To our half cup of water, add our custard powder
and cornstarch. Stir this until it’s
completely dissolved. My dad made ice cream
to take care of us. We’d come home from school, that’s the first
thing we look for. Ice cream is like
a comfort food so, that’s why we’re
making ice cream today. Add it to the water. Keep stirring it
because it will get lumpy. Neale’s Sweet N Nice is a
premium Caribbean ice cream. You get a taste of the tropics
when you eat our ice cream, and we want to make sure that
we have very home-y taste and texture because that’s
what makes us unique. Add the coconut milk. What we’re actually doing here
is a basic pasteurization, so everything
can blend in. I smell the coconut,
it takes me back home. Back home to Trinidad.
Makes me think of my dad. I go down memory lane quite
often when I make ice cream ’cause it’s just….
who I am. Add your milk,
and we’re almost there. 10, 15 minutes
and we’ll be done. Add the flavouring. And last, but not least,
we’re gonna add the sugar. Put between half a cup
to one cup of sugar. You can make this as
sweet as you want. Just take your time,
mix it in. I’ll just take a
little taste of it. That’s good. Grab your homemade
ice cream pail. This can be found at
any department store. You have your container
to hold the liquid. This beats the ice cream
while it’s turning and, it just sits
right inside there. Take your mixture,
just add it into our pan. Our next step, cover. Put your motor on. Once your motor is going,
you’re gonna add the ice. Fill it up, or half full. ♪ Then you’re
gonna add some salt. You can be generous with
the salt because that helps to bring the
temperature down and prevents your ice from melting. ♪ (motor whirs) ♪ You’re to keep adding
ice and salt because the ice must come to the
top of the freezer. ♪ (motor whirs) ♪ The cooler your liquid is,
the faster it comes in. It should be complete
within 30 to 45 minutes. ♪ Now we can call
it ice cream. Scoop it out in a
bowl for easy serving. ♪ You’re gonna put it
in the freezer until it’s time to serve. ♪ This is my favourite part,
eating it, and I love to have my ice cream
with something sweet. Today, we’re gonna pair it
together with brownies, and I think the chocolate
and the coconut will go very well together. It should be firm
enough for scooping. You should have a
nice creamy texture. ♪ Made in heaven, just like
my dad used to make. Something he shared
with me many years ago, he said, “You must always
give it your best,” and that’s one of the things
I’ve always strived to do, for the family legacy, Neale’s Sweet N Nice ice cream. I’m really happy to have
shared this recipe with you. I hope you’ll
try it at home. I know you’re gonna enjoy
it and have fun doing so. ♪ The best. Hey, I’m Natalie, casting
producer for Tasty Business. And this is my cookie. If that episode made you
as hungry as it made me, give us a like, subscribe, and hit that bell
button for more. ♪

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