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Hey there. Lacey here with A Sweet Pea Chef, and I don’t
know about you, but sometimes I just want a fruity soda to just kick back and relax
with. But problem is, so many sodas out there are
just loaded with sugar or artificial ingredients and artificial colors and all that junk. So I figured, let’s go ahead and make our
own homemade caffeine-free sodas using fresh fruit, and have soda any time we want. All right. So, let’s get started. So, let’s talk bottles. While you don’t need any bottles for this
recipe, you could just make the drink and then drink it. If you want to store it in the fridge to have
later, I recommend getting a bottle that really seals tightly, so that it keeps all those
bubbles in. I can leave the link for the ones that I’m
using in the description below, if you want to check them out. And I am using a little bit of raw honey to
sweeten these drinks, to make it just a little bit sweet. I’m not using any artificial sweeteners, so
what instead we’re going to do is make a simple syrup using just water and some raw honey. So, in a saucepan, we’re going to add in a
little bit of water, and then we’re going to add in just a little bit of raw honey. And then we’re going to stir this together
and cook it over medium heat until it becomes fully combined and all the honey dissolves. That is your simple syrup. Now, what you want to do is you want to remove
this from the heat and allow it to cool, and then this, you can add into the sodas we’re
going to make, to add a little bit of sweetener. We’ll be using fresh fruit and only fresh
fruit to color and flavor our sodas. And this is going to make it so we don’t have
to use any artificial flavors or colors or anything, and we’re just going to have awesome-looking
fresh fruit sodas. So, let’s start off with strawberries. So, we’re going to get a bunch of strawberries
and add them to a blender. And then, we’re going to blend it, not all
the way. We just want to break down the strawberries
so that they’re pretty chopped. Then, we’re going to transfer that into a
fine mesh sieve, and what we’re going to do is press this all the way through, in order
to get all of that juice out. So, that’s basically our condensed strawberry
juice we’re going to use for our strawberry soda. So, now we’re going to use that juice. We’re going to pour it into the bottom of
our bottle. We’re going to use roughly a half of a cup
of juice for about a half of a liter of our carbonated water. And then, we’re going to slowly pour in our
seltzer water or our carbonated water, all the way almost to the top. We’re going to do this slowly, because the
bubbles do tend to get very bubbly, and it might bubble over you. So, you just want to do it very slowly to
get it as high as you can before the bubbles take over. And then, we’re going to add in a little bit
of our simple honey syrup, and this is just going to sweeten it a little bit. You don’t need a whole lot. Strawberries are pretty sweet to begin with,
so just do a little bit to taste, and then we’re going to fill the remainder up with
the remainder of our seltzer water until you get it all the way to the top. Then, seal the bottle, place it in the fridge
in order to get it nice and cold for later. This caffeine-free homemade strawberry soda
is so delicious and beautiful. It’s just like strawberries with bubbles. It’s so good. For our carbonated water, you have a few options. You can use club soda, seltzer water, or sparkling
mineral water. I like using seltzer water because it’s basically
just water with bubbles, and it doesn’t have any added minerals or anything, so the flavor
is very clean. Next, we’re going to be making a homemade
orange soda, which is super yummy. So, instead of blending our oranges, instead
we’re going to squeeze them and get as much juice out of them as we can. Then, if you don’t mind the pulp, you can
just use this as is, or if you want to remove all of the pulp and have it more smooth, you
can press this orange juice through a fine mesh sieve, and then get all of the pulp-free
juice from the bottom. Then we’re going to pour that juice into the
bottom of our bottle, follow that up with our seltzer water, almost all the way to the
top. Then, add a little bit of our simple honey
syrup, and then we’re going to finish it off with the remainder of our seltzer water. Remember to do it as slowly as you can so
that the bubbles do not flow over the bottle. Then, seal it on up, place it in the fridge
to get cold. The citrus with the orange mixed with the
bubbles just makes this orange soda so refreshing and so delicious. Next, we’re going to be making a lemon lime
homemade soda, which is my kid’s favorite flavor. So, in order to get our juice, we’re going
to juice some lemons and some limes, just like we did with our oranges. Again, if you want the pulp, no worries. Just put this right on into the bottle, or
you can press it through a sieve in order to remove any pulp. I like to use about a three to one ratio of
lemon to lime, because the lemon has less of a bitter flavor. So, I use three lemons to every one lime in
order to make this soda. Now, add our lemon lime juice to the bottom
of our bottle, and then we’re going to follow it up with the seltzer water. Then, add a little bit of our simple honey
syrup. You’re going to want to add probably more
into this one because lemon and lime are quite sour to begin with. So, it’s okay to add a little bit more into
this one than the other ones. It’s just going to be based off of what the
flavor is and what you like. And then, fill the rest of the bottle with
the seltzer water, making sure to do it as slowly as possible. Then, seal the bottle on up, place it in the
fridge to get cold and to enjoy later. The combination of the lemon and the lime
and the soda makes this drink so yummy and I hope you love it too. Okay. So, you know we got to make some homemade
grape soda, right? Grape is, like, the best flavor sodas. So, in order to do this, I used black grapes,
but you can use any grapes. The black grapes, I’ve found are the best
flavor for the soda and they have the prettiest color. So, we’re going to add our grapes to the blender,
just like we did with the strawberries, and we’re going to blend it until it’s broken
down. We don’t want to puree it here. We just want to blend it until it’s broken
down. It’s going to make it easier to transfer into
our sieve, and then press through to get that tasty grape juice into the bottom of our bowl. Then, we’re going to transfer that into the
bottom of our bottle, fill the bottle on up with our seltzer water, add a little bit of
our honey syrup if you want. Make sure to taste it though and see, because
the grapes are already pretty sweet, so you might not even have to add any of the additional
sweetener. And then, fill the bottle all the way up to
the top with the remainder of the seltzer water. Then, close the lid tightly and place it in
the fridge to get cold. This caffeine-free homemade grape soda is
so sweet and pretty, and it’s just really cool to have grape soda in the house. It’s a family favorite. Even Dustin likes it and he does not like
grape flavor anything. So, it’s a very good keeper. Another great fruit to make into a soda is
blackberries, because it has just an awesome color and flavor. So next, we’re going to make some blackberry
homemade soda. So, like with our strawberries and our grapes,
we’re going to add the blackberries to the blender and blend it on up until it’s chopped,
not pureed. Then, we’re going to transfer that into our
sieve and press through in order to get our blackberry syrup. You might notice that the juice from the blackberries
is a little thick, and this might also happen with your strawberries too. What you’ll want to do if it gets too thick,
is just add a little bit of water to loosen it up to get to be the consistency of, like,
the orange juice or the lemon juice. Once you’ve finished with the blackberry juice,
go ahead and transfer that into the bottom of our bottle. Then, we’re going to fill up most of the way
with our seltzer water. Add any of our syrup that we’ve made with
the raw honey and the water if you need. And then, we’re going to fill the rest up
with our seltzer water. Then, cap it tightly and place it in the fridge
to get nice and cold. This caffeine-free homemade blackberry soda
is really cool because it’s really pretty, and it replaces one of my old-time favorites
that has a ton of sugar in it. So, big win for here. So, all five of these caffeine-free homemade
sodas have no refined sugar, have so much less sugar than store bought sodas, have no
artificial flavors or artificial colors, and they are just so tasty and fresh. They’re a great replacement to regular soda
that you can get at the store. Plus, can we talk about how pretty they are? I mean, how cool is that to use fresh fruit
to flavor and color your sodas? It’s just super cool, rather than using all
sorts of artificial junk. Thanks so much for watching and make sure
to let me know in the comments below which flavor is your favorite, or if there’s another
flavor that you want me to make next. Plus, make sure to Like this video if you
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miss our new weekly recipe videos. Thanks so much. I’ll see you next time. [00:08:34]
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  1. Donna Norris

    What I like about this is you don’t HAVE to have one of those soda machines.

    Exactly what variety of grapes did you use, specifically?

    How long do any of these keep (without going bad) in the fridge before you drink it?? Less than a week or what??

    Where did you buy those bottles from?? Walmart or a dollar store or where?? Target??

    What if you WANT some caffeine in them??

    (Yes, they are QUITE pretty!)

  2. Badass Uchiha

    I missed your Channel it's been awhile now seems to me toy still got it

    & looking good for the Summer, BTW do you have a great Recipe for Lemonade!

  3. Cory Feznick

    Thank you ma'am! I'm currently recuperating from an ulcer and I want a soda so darn bad. Well, I've started looking into these natural homemade soda's and found this video super informative! Especially the part about dissolving the honey into water to make the syrup. Please accept my heartfelt thanks for making and uploading this video. Also, I think you're a very pretty young lady. Just don't tell your fella I said that! I can't run very fast and never could fight my way out of a wet paper bag. LOL! Take care and be well, ma'am!

  4. ShinKyuubi

    You had my attention at "Lemon Lime" I've been trying to cut back on stuff like 7-Up (except for a good cake) and the like so I've taken to drinking flavored water..I've pretty much cut caffeine out of my diet other than the very trace amounts found in chocolate (when my sweet tooth acts up) and my sweet tea (which ain't all that much). I've actually got to the point where if I have a soda with heavy caffeine like MT.Dew (former 2-3 bottle a day drinker) or the like I actually get severe headaches from how much of an influx into my system it is. Not only is this version full of less additives but it's also healthier for you too since you're using actual juice and a simple honey syrup for making it sweeter if you need to..all those are good for your body and when it comes to the oranges, lemons, and limes you get a good dose of vitamin C. This is a good simple recipe and relatively cheap too.

  5. rokkastorm berzerker

    Hi Lacey, first off thank you for the tutorial. Your drinks sure do look delicious and simple. After reading some of the comments, I would like to add some recommendations to your process. At 1:00 -Remember that raw or unrefined honey has multiple heath benefits over processed honey, so keep the simple syrup temperature under 95°F to retain that raw goodness. At 2:10 -a good way to retain more carbonation in your finished drink and to reduce the risk of overflow and spilling, is to chill you seltzer/carbonated water to about 35°F to condense the carbon dioxide in the water so less of the gas escapes as you pour, also with this method there is no need to chill after combining, so you can enjoy your drink right away if you so choose.

  6. Skyler Gamez-Toca Hair Salon and More

    Sweet pea Chef: Grape is like the best flavour of sodas
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    Hey I loved the video… I just wondered if you could make a root beer soda like this using pappy's sassafras tea concentrate

  8. lazor

    To save fizz when pouring, tilt the glass or bottle you're pouring into. It runs down the side smoother and doesn't fizz if you just dump it in.

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    You're amazing, Lacey!
    Thank you for all those great recipes in your channel and for guiding us on how to eat better.
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