How to make Restaurant Style Gobi Manchurian -With Subtitles :Recipe no 35

In order to make gobi manchurian,first we need to marinate the cauli flower For that we need to prepare a batter Let’s see how to make the batter Take 4 tbsp of maida, 3 tbsp of corn flour and 1/2 tsp of rice flour.Mix these three ingredients evenly After mixing them well,add 1 tsp of soya sauce and 1/2 tsp of pepper powder.Mix properly Add some salt.After the batter is made,you can add enough salt after checking the taste Some people used to add food colour into this now.But i don’t prefer that If you want you can add red food colour Add water slowly and make a thick batter Do not add more water in the beginning itself.Then the consistency may varies.So add water very carefully We should add water little by little to make the batter,thus we will get it in the perfect consistency If the consistency is not perfect,the cauli flower pieces won’t blend in the batter Rice flour is used to get a crispiness for our manchurian Add little more water and mix well The consistency of the batter should not be thin or thick but it should have a medium consistency like this Check the salt.Its enough for me Try to take small florets of cauli flower and mix them whole in the batter well I’ve already washed these florets in the water diluted with salt and turmeric powder Its a small cauli flower I’ve taken here The amount of batter depends on the size of the cauli flower you take.So adjust the batter accordingly Keep the marinated florets in the fridge for 20 minutes.So that the florets will perfectly blend with the batter Its almost half an hour now Now let’s fry these marinated florets For that,heat enough oil in a kadai.You can fry the whole florets in 2 or 3 batches As I always says,do not fry the items in low flame,it may absorb more oil.Similarly,do not fry it on high flame,it may get burned as soon as you put it in the oil Thus always maintain the flame in medium Fry the whole cauli flower in 2 or 3 batches Kids will love this if you add some food colour into it My children start eating it up soon after it is fried Only a small portion would be left at the end to do the further procedures Every mom might know that situation,right?? Most of the kids are like that Flip them all after 1 minute Fry them till it turns to golden colour in medium flame This is the laziest part in the making of gobi manchurian I’ve also prepared gobi manchurian without frying the florets in the oil But you won’t get the actual taste.I’ve given that recipe in my blog.Those who want to avoid oil,can refer that I love this method only It has turned into golden colour.Noe let’s transfer them into a strainer to remove excess oil Try to remove the oil as maximum from the florets in the spatula itself.Fry the remaining florets in the same way If its done,you can hear an oozing sound from the oil.Or you can check the florets by cutting them with a knife.But do it very carefully I’ve fried whole florets and kept aside Now,let’s make the sauce for the manchurian Then we can mix the fried florets in the sauce. Take a thick bottomed kadai and add 2 tbsp of oil into it When the oil is heated up put the flame on medium. Add 1 tbsp of finely chopped ginger and 1 tbsp of chopped ginger Add 1 tbsp of chopped spring onion white Stir continuously to avoid sticking them at the bottom of the kadai Add 1/2 tsp of celery and saute them well Add 1 finely chopped onion (large size) Its strictly optional.But I always used to add chopped onion whenever I make gobi manchurian Thus we will get a very fine sauce which blend with the florets nicely Saute them well till the onion turns into golden I’m trying my level best to slow down my talk But I cannot slow down beyond this How many of you have tried my fried rice??? I’ve already posted the video for chilly chicken.Those who haven’t watch it,please do watch You can also make the chilly chicken very easily at home I’ve posted almost 30 videos till today.So those who haven’t seen them yet,please do wach The onion pieces are done.Now add 8 chopped green chilles Adjust the number of green chillies according to your preferences Green chilly enhances the taste of gobi manchurian I’ve seen some people adding coriander leaves in gobi manchurian.But I won’t add coriander leaves.If you want you can add accordingly Saute till the raw smell of the green chilly goes It has changed into a nice colour now. Reduce the flame into LOW and add all the sauces For the time being I’m adding 3 tbsp of soya sauce into it Add 3 tbsp of tomato ketchup Mix well Add 1/2 tsp of vinegar,1/2 tsp of chilli sauce ,1 tsp of sugar and less amount of salt.We can adjust the salt later Mix them all well Check the taste of the sauce and make necessary adjustments if required Add 2 cups of hot water into it If you want a red colour instead of this colour,add some red food colour into it In the hotels they used to add food colour for gobi manchurian I don’t want to add colour to my dish.So I’m ignoring that step Now let me check the taste of the sauce A little bit of salt is required Because of the vapor from the sauce,nothing is visible on the camera’s lens.That’s why I moved the camera a little away We have to add some corn flour mix into this sauce now Add 1 tsp of corn flour mixed with some water Stir the sauce continuously to get a thick consistency The raw smell of the corn flour should not be there.So cook the sauce well in medium flame Let me check the taste of the sauce once again Its perfect now Its almost done and there is no raw smell in the sauce Now add the fried cauli flower into this sauce The cauli flower should stay crispy when we bite them Slowly mix the sauce and florets well The cauli flower should be covered well in the sauce Its done.I haven’t used any food colour here.That’s why it is brown in colour Adding food colour is only a personal choice Presentation wise,it doesn’t look so good We can add some food colour just to take some photos This is a semi or medium gravy version of gobi manchurian which is not so dry or not so gravy type If you want more gravy adjust the quantity of hot water added in the sauce And follow the recipe as it is Add onions and capsicum ,cut into cubes Just cook them in low flame for some time. Mixing will become easy if you do it like this The onion pieces and capsicum pieces in this dish are seen in the manchurian available from restaurants We can have a bite of these ingredients just because we are adding them in the final stage So do not add them in the beginning itself It has cooked for almost 5 minutes now. Finally sprinkle 1/2 tsp of gingelly oil into it Also add chopped green spring onion Switch off the flame and transfer them into a serving plate I haven’t added ajinomoto in this dish.In hotels they used to add ajinomoto to increase the taste It makes us crazy about the dish and also we might feel like eating them again and agian Its not good for our health. So I didn’t used it here Ajinomoto also enhances the smell of the dish You never get that smell for this manchurian, because we didn’t add ajinomoto here Its always better to avoid such taste makers in your daily food.It depends on your choice Hope you all will try this super duper gobi manchurian at home See you all with a new recipe. Till then,Thank You


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