How to Throw a Champagne Brunch

How to Throw a Champagne Brunch. It’s time to celebrate! What better way than with a bubbly brunch? You will need Champagne Orange juice Peach
nectar Coffee Tea Food Tables Champagne flutes and juice glasses Plates Flatware A coffee
pot A teapot Coffee and tea cups Chairs Invitations and flowers. Step 1. Invite your guests a month in advance. Spare yourself from being inundated with calls
by marking the invitation “Regrets Only.” Step 2. Plan your menu. Because brunch is a meal that serves as both
breakfast and lunch, it can be anything from a simple selection of breads and pastries
to steak and eggs. Step 3. Pick wines that go with your menu. As long as you have enough champagne for a
toast, you needn’t be a slave to champagne if other kinds of wine would better complement
your meal. Your local wine merchant can advise you. Plan on one bottle of wine or champagne for
every two or three people. Step 4. Have orange juice on hand for Mimosas; peach
nectar to make Bellinis; and tomato juice and vodka for guests who might like Bloody
Marys or Virgin Marys. Sparkling wine, which is less expensive than
the wine that gets its name from the Champagne region of France, works fine. Step 5. Keep dessert light, especially if your brunch
includes lots of breads and pastries. Consider putting out bowls of berries and
arranging fine chocolates on a tiered platter. Step 6. Whip some fresh cream to serve with coffee. Offer rock candy stirrers and chocolate spoons. Have a variety of teas on hand. Decorate plates with edible flowers and vegetable
garnishes, like radish roses. Step 7. Do as much food preparation as you can ahead
of time. Don’t forget to chill the champagne! Step 8. Give yourself plenty of time to get ready
before your guests arrive. Careful planning will let you relax when your
guests arrive. Cheers! Did you know Brunches first started in Britain
around the 1890s but didn’t catch on in the U.S. until the 1930s.

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