1. Princess Andres

    Before i thought You and Brooklyn and Bailey are triplets when I saw you in one of their videos with you and in my mind why are you not joining them

  2. allie m

    ok I have to admit something kamris videos used to kinda annoy me but I’m loving this new style! she’s much more mature and has grown up so much. she’s truly beautiful 💞

  3. Mahak Haidry

    Nice challenge but boring Kamri plz do more challenges with your sisters and friends love you guys so much btw did you guys even use the bathroom

  4. Annie Oakley

    OMG! In America you play I spy by colours we do "I spy with my little eye something beginning with …." That's weirded

  5. Sarah Genovese

    This is fake Because you guys got in the car at 11 o’clock and you said it was hour five at 1:36. I still love you though!

  6. Lily May

    6:41 It's called Tic tac toe "Tic tac toe give me an X give me and O give me a three in a row rock paper scissors shoot I win you lose now get a big bruise" then they hit your arm!

  7. Benjamin Brown

    Oh my gosh that must have been tiring for you all but you seemed like you all were having a fun time doing this. Kamri!!!! I went back to check my notifications, and they are all set to all notifications. I love this vid!!!!! Hope i get a reply from you someday. That would bee totally awesome. Keep it up!!!! And you do really sound like a very adventurer.

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