I tried Bangkok’s “Best Breakfast Buffet”. 🇹🇭

Yer man’s here doing some laps. Working up an appetite for a big breakfast. Aye. Just over here. Now. I’ve been told, by friends that just up there, a minute’s walk away from my condo, the Marriot Marquis, that’s where you can get the best breakfast in Bangkok. So I’m gonna go check it out. Okay, so my expectations for this place are pretty high. When multiple people tell you that something is the best, you expect nothing less than the best. And there also that saying that you only get what you pay for. Well, on this occasion I’ll be paying half and that’s because I’m using the Eatigo app. And this is an app that, if you go to fancy hotel restaurants at certain times that they’re not busy you can get your dinner for half price. Or your breakfast, on this occasion, for me. Well I guess it is my dinner because I’ve been up all night. Eh, but, yeah I’m going at 9:30 and their breakfast buffet closes at. Sorry it’s a bit busy guys. Sorry I’m sweating as well. That hot shower after the swim probably wasn’t such a good idea. [laughter] I’m going at 9:30 and their buffet closes at 10:30. Oh there’s a school in there. I guess that’s why they’re doing their assembly. Eh, oh standing outside a school with a camera. That looks good doesn’t it? [laughter] Right, so what was I saying? Yer man looses track. It’s, eh, 9:30 I’m going and the buffet closes at 10:30. So they’re usually not busy at that time, which means yer man, half price buffet dinner. Eh, breakfast. Well, dinner for him. Right, let’s go. Here we are. The Marriot Marquis, baby please. Let’s just walk in through here. They don’t even have, fancy hotel and they don’t even have a path going from the street to the bloody doorway. They’re expecting everybody to take a car here. Apparently. But yer man’s got two strong legs. He walks places, doesn’t he? Right, let’s go up here. In this joint, this gaff. Is this it here? Are we walking straight into it? This looks like. Let’s have a look. No, this looks like the lobby. I reckon this is just the lobby. I’m looking for Goji Kitchen. Over there. Over here? Okay. Thank you. Hi. Oh that looks nice. Yum yum. Okay. Over this way somewhere. One person? Yes, one person. None of my friends can wake up this early. Okay. Follow me please. Okay. Okay. Follow me please.
Thank you. Okay, what have we got? Oh. This is included in the buffet, right? The drinks? Yeah. That’s very good. What’s this? Waffles and pancakes over here. Oh, loads of fresh fruit. Lovely. As I follow this bloke. He’s fast. He’s faster than me. Right, slow down mate. Slow down lad. You’re taking me on a tour of the whole place, right? [laughter] Alright. Where am I sitting? Oh, next to the window would be good mate. Oh, mate. Mate, give me a window seat. That would be nice. Maybe over there. Somebody sitting there, yeah? Somebody sitting there? I can sit here? Okay. Okay, I’ll sit here. Here? Ah, you have someone. Really, what? Here, here? Trying to find somewhere quiet because I don’t want to disturb the other guests if I’m talking. Okay? Maybe here’s good, right? Okay, just trying to be, just trying to be polite and not sit right next to that couple who are enjoying themselves. Okay. Alright. Some coffee or tea sir? Would I like some coffee or tea? No thanks, I’m gonna go for fruit juice. Again please? I’m gonna drink fruit juice, so no thank you. Okay. Enjoy your breakfast. Okay, so, eh. Oh, this is the cutlery and everything. Alright. So I just come back here, right? Yeah. Okay, great. Thank you. Okay. Let’s go find some scran. Pretty busy, innit? I reckon most of these people are hotel guests. I think this hotel quite new as well. Right. Our signature omelet. Maybe that’s what I’ll start with. Fluffy fried egg omelet. And this looks like some quiche. Pumpkin, caramelized onions and feta. Right. We’ll give that a go. One slice. Trying to have just like one wee piece of everything, so I can try a lot of different things. Right, and maybe one of these omelets. How does this system work? Hello, how are you? Good morning. I want to order an omelet. I tell this man, right? Okay, this the omelet man. Good morning sir. I would like an omelet. Yes. Oh, this the omelet station. This the menu, for omelets? Cured ham and aged cheddar. Hmm. Which one is the best? What do you recommend? What? Which one good? Ahhhh. Which one you like? Condiments with all. Collection of condiments. Yes. Okay. This one. Okay. All? All, yeah. Let’s try the full shebang. Okay. 5 minutes you return. 5 minutes? And bring this back to here? I take. Okay. Thank you. Sorry mate, that’s mine. Okay. Right, let’s see what other delicacies we can find here. Oatmeal, porridge, scrambled eggs. Right. Oh, that’ll be nice. A few grilled tomatoes. Let’s see. Okay. Just a couple of these. And baked beans. See, baked beans in breakfast buffets can be hit or miss, so dunno if they’re Heinz or not. Usually if they’re not Heinz, they’re not good. But we’ll give them a go. Right. What else do we have here? Roasted sweet potato. Oh that looks nice. Just have a wee bit of that. Looks like the Japanese style sweet potato. What else? This is a bit healthy for a Scotsman. Turmeric roast cauliflower. Give it a go anyway. There we are. See what else is going on here. Okay, crispy bacon. I said I was gonna try just one piece of everything but I’m gonna make an exception for the bacon and take two or actually maybe three. This looks lovely. We’re going to carry him up the stairs. [laughter] Yeah. I want to try everything, but you know, like it looks good, doesn’t it? Like you’re normally not getting good bacon that good in Bangkok breakfasts. It’s normally this like, plasticy ham kind of thing they’re using. Right, oh they’ve even got honey glazed ham here, with pineapple, oh. For breakfast as well. I’ll get myself a pork sausage. Here we go. There we are. That’ll do for starters. Still got my omelet card. Right. I’ll get stuck into that for starters and then we’ll see what else is going on here. All sorts. Grilling meat. There’s eh, just seen some Sri Lankan food there. There was like that vada, wade or something. Eh, right. Sit down. Oh wait a minute. There’s a woman sitting in my seat. How did that happen? Where’s the guy? That’s where he sat me. Where that, where that woman with the short hair is sitting. And now I’m stuck, holding a plate with nowhere to sit. Where’s the guy? Where’s the geezer? Where’s the bloke? Where are you mate? Oh wait. There’s a lass over there. I’ll go and speak to her. Hello, hello. Somebody help. Scotsman with no table. Scotsman with food and no table to eat it on. Hello, hello. Good morning, good morning. Someone stole my table. I’ve nowhere to sit. They took my table. And now I need another table. Somewhere quiet please. Someone took my table, so now I need another table. Somewhere quiet would be good. Okay, I will find a table. Okay, thank you very much mate. Cheers. Okay. Maybe this one. Okay, that looks good. Yeah, okay. Okay, I’ll go round here. Okay, thank you. Quite chaotic. Quite chaotic here, so he’s given me this wee space. But no cutlery on the table. Oh, very good. It’s very good of you mate. Cheers. Thank you. Tea or coffee for starting? Ah, no thanks. I’m gonna drink fruit juice. Alright. Cheers. Thank you. Right. First I’m gonna try this. I think it was a quiche. It was like pumpkin and feta or something like that. A bit fancy. Let’s try it. That is nice. I tell you what though. No need for the fork. I’ll wolf this down. Lovely. Very nice indeed. Right, it’s very difficult to get a good sausage in Bangkok, and this is because 95% of places are just using this cheap, rubbery, kinda, I don’t even know what they make it off. I dunno if it’s pork or what, but give this one a go. I’ll tell you what. That is a proper pork sausage. And the bacon. But I can tell, just by looking at it, that is proper bacon. I would say that the bacon is a bit too overdone. It’s hard. I dunno. Probably when it was freshly cooked it would have been nice but maybe it’s been sitting there for like half an hour or something. So it is, it’s kinda like rock hard. It need to be cooked a little bit less than that. Right, the beans. Like I said. They’re very hit or miss in hotels. I’d rather everywhere just used Heinz Baked Beans and then it would be good, but. Actually they’re not Heinz but they are delicious, but they’re also cold. Eh, so, yeah. Now, all that’s left, you know, I’ve went for the unhealthy stuff first. Now all that’s left is this cauliflower turmeric. Which is actually not bad. The sweet potato, which is creamy and flavourful. And then the tomatoes. Let’s give this a go. Which are fine. It’s a bit difficult to mess up grilling some tomatoes. So, overall pretty happy with that. Pretty happy to get a decent pork sausage in Thailand. Eh, it’s about time I go and get that omelet from the geezer who was making it. Number 17. I reckon that might be it there. Oh there’s a queue. Okay, number 17 mate. Give me. No worries. Sorry are you in the queue? Sorry. Number 17. Is that mine? Okay. Thank you. Well, it’s a wee one but no worries. It’s all I want. Want to be trying different things. Like I said, that’s I think this is Indian food. I’ll be back for some of that. Yeah I reckon that’s. This stuff. Hi. This Indian or Sri Lankan food? Which one is this? Yeah? What you have here? White Choley. This from India? Yeah. India food, oh? And sambar. Argh. Sorry, my fault. Okay. What do I do now? Take this idiot Scotsman to a fancy restaurant. [laughter] Well, I’m only gonna take 75% of the blame because, I mean it’s not like there’s a place where you can put down your plate while you’re loading it up with stuff. It should be further back, right? It’s not totally my fault. Watch it mate. Watch, watch. I’ve had a wee accident there. Yeah, I’m just making sure you don’t stand in it. Yeah. You don’t want egg on your flip flops. [laughter] Okay. I think that guy was going to get napkins or something, right? Oh there, he’s gonna get like a broom or something. I thought he was gonna get napkins because this is on my foot. Alright. I need some tissues or something to. Where will I get some tissues? Yeah, sorry about that mate. Just there’s no really a good place to put the plates. Okay. I guess most people, they’re holding the plate in one hand and then serving it with the other hand. But yer man, vlogging with one hand, so that’s the problem. Right. Oh look. That’s where they’re roasting up, or keeping warm the quiche. Lovely. And by now, no doubt somebodies stolen my table. [laughter] Right. Where is this geezer? How hard can it be to find some napkins in a bloody restaurant? I go looking myself. Hello. Oh there you are. Oh cheers mate. Thank you. Okay. Okay, I guess I throw this here. Well, this doesn’t work. Right. Luckily, everybody around too busy concerned with their food to be looking at me making an arse of myself. Right, I’m gonna get, sorry. [laughter] Right. Before I get in any more trouble, is my table still there? Let me check, is it still there? Aye it is. Right, good. I’m gonna get myself some fruit juice and then [laughter] maybe another omelet. Okay. Here we go. Where was the fruit juice? Pretty sure it was back here somewhere. It was on the way in. Oh what a trek this is. This place is huge. Right, through here. There we are. I see it. Five different fruit juices it looks like. These look wet. Okay. I’ll grab two. Save myself a second journey. Thai tangerine orange juice. Pineapple, guava, apple. Okay, I’ll get a pineapple and a guava. There we go. One handed. Not even making a mess. This is coming out a wee bit slow. Having to tip this one to get it out. It’s nearly done. There we go. One handed. Yer man’s an expert. Doing things one handed. Let’s grab these two glasses one handed and not drop them on the floor and make more of a mess. Let’s see if we can do this. That’s the mission for the rest of this breakfast. Not to make more of a mess. Right. Let’s go over here. My table, still there. Still waiting for me. Fantastic. Here we go. There we are. Okay. Right. Right. Time to order another omelet. [laughter] Well, while I wait for this guy. Hi mate. Can I get another one of these omelets with everything? The last one was lovely, so I want another one. Yeah. Everything. The one that’s selection of condiments. All, yeah. The full shebang, yeah. Alright. 911. 9 1 1. Yeah. 5 minutes you be back. 5 minutes, yeah, I’ll be back, yeah, for another one. That last one was fantastic, so it was. Fantastic. Right. Maybe I should try some of this Indian, food. With the chutney and all that. Do love a bit of chutney. And I reckon this vada. This, that I had in Sri Lanka. They’re saying this is Indian food but this is the type, it looks exactly like the type I ate in Sri Lanka. I’m gonna get a couple of these with a bit of chutney. A bit of coconut chutney in fact. That looks nice. I’ve never had coconut chutney. Right, I’m not making the same mistake again. I’m moving this. I’ve not had coconut chutney before, so oh, very strange. Right, give that a go, and some Aloo Parattha and Bhatura. Sambar. Okay. Don’t really fancy any more of that, but here’s the meat station. Grilled saba. Okay, it’s fish. Okay, trying everything. Oh yeah, this nice. I guess this maybe Japanese section because this is normally what you’d get in Japanese restaurants. It’s kinda like more of a desert that savoury food but I’ll stick a wee part on there. That’s some grilled saba next to it. What else we go? Japanese rice? Nah. When you’re at a buffet, you don’t wanna be, you wanna be avoiding the carbs. It’s just a waste. And that does not look like Miso Soup at all, but whatever. And here we’ve got some grilled pork. That looks good. I’ll just grab that. And, grilled chicken. Will I grab that? I guess I will. So this is Thai, I guess. That’s Japanese. This is Thai. That’s Indian, so 3 in 1. Right, back to the table and eat that. Let’s go. Here we go. So I’ll wolf this down and then go for. Is my table still there? Good. See that’s always the problem, when you eat at a buffet on your own. As soon as you get up to go eat more food a lot of times they just clear your table. [laughter] Even when you’ve got food that you want to still be eating, they’ll just clear it away. Big problem. Right. Let’s set this up again. Fruit juice. Is it fresh? Or did it come from a bottle? Well. I reckon that came from a bottle, but it’s still pretty good. And the guava, that might be fresh. That does taste quite fresh. Oh that is quite nice. Right, what are we trying first? The Indian Vada, Wade, whatever it is. With the coconut chutney. First time ever trying coconut chutney. New experience for me. That’s pretty good. Pretty good. Thumbs up for the Vada with Coconut Chutney. That’s lovely. Right, this Japanese fish. The Saba. Which actually has a wee bit of coconut chutney on it. [laughter] Let’s try this. Oh, that’s nice. The skin, nice and crispy. It’s been well fried. It’s lovely. And then, the rest of the Japanese food. The, eh, I forget what you call this. I always call this “Tamagochi”, but that’s wrong. A word that sounds like Tamagochi but it’s like egg and sugar and that’s about it. And that’s decent because I do have a mouth full of fish, so in fact, let’s clear the palette with some guava juice. Taste it properly, as I eat with my left hand. That is pretty decent. Not too sweet. Which is what you want when you’re eating it with savoury food. Right, the Thai style grilled pork. Oh, yeah. This Thai style grilled pork is way better than the Moo Ping you get on the streets. It’s like perfect quality pork and just that glazed, Thai, Moo Ping sauce, whatever it is. Is lovely. Oh yeah. Oh the grilled chicken. They’ve got the skin crispy and perfect. That’s cooked to perfection. Again, another thumbs up for that. Lovely. Right, well I reckon it’s time for that omelet. Second time lucky. Right. Okay. Here we go. This time, the mission, get this thing back to my table in one piece. Oh this is tempting again. This is the best thing I’ve tried so far, this. This quiche. I’m just gonna grab a piece again. It’s all falling apart in my hand. That’s my one there. This one, aye. Thank you. Cheers. Alright. Let’s do this. Navigate my way through the crowds without smashing this ooooon the floor. Nearly hit that woman. Nearly just walked into a woman. Okay. Just one more to avoid and we’re there. Lovely. Here we go. One omelet with everything. I can’t even remember what I asked them to put on it. Or what was listed on the menu as the condiments, but there’s just a bunch of stuff. Bunch of. I’m tasting like ham, some I dunno. What am I tasting? Oh, right. I’m seeing. So in there we’ve got various herbs, cheese, tomato, sausage. Looks like cucumber. What else? Ham? Let’s get everything in one mouthful and see how it tastes together. It’s a pretty good omelet. Nice and fluffy. Nice and tasty. Happy with that. Right, more grub. Right, let’s see what else is going on. Garlic friend rice. Stir fried noodles with vegetables. This looks like lunchtime or dinnertime food to me. This is why you come here when you’ve been up all night. Tom Kai Palo. I dunno what Palo is. I know what Tom Kai is. Pork and egg with five spices. This is all Thai, Thai dinner food at breakfast. Brilliant. What else we got? Over here. Oh is this sweet stuff? Am I ready for sweet stuff? Tempting. Nah, in fact, I’m gonna stop myself. Once I start eating the sweet stuff that will be all I want to eat. So, eh. Oh, pancakes. Oh, that’s sweet as well. Right. Need to make sure I leave room for all that sweet stuff, and some of the fruit as well. Healthy sweet stuff. Oh, and more healthy looking sweet stuff. We’ve got all the different varieties of yoghurt and muesli there. That looks pretty good. Right, what have we got here. Chinese buns. Ah, some dim sum. Barbecue pork bun. Well, maybe I’ll just get the one barbecue pork bun, just to taste it. Let’s just dive right in there. There we go. And then I reckon I’m gonna get some of that Thai dinner food from over here. This is definitely not breakfast. I don’t think any Thais are eating this for breakfast. Any garlic fried rice and stuff. In fact, I’m only gonna eat a wee bit so I’m just gonna put it on this wee plate. Like that. And, what else? Some of this chicken. There we go. Been eating every nationality of food. Right, so I reckon this will be it for my savoury food. And then I’ll be on to the sweet stuff. Okay, first the barbecue pork bun from the dim sum stand. Let’s eh, get rid of some of the carbs here. And just go straight for the pork. I always hate how it sticks to the bloody paper. Right. Okay. There we go. That’s better. Pretty good, pretty good. I’m pretty impressed by everything, pretty much so far, apart from the bacon, and what else? Yeah, pretty much just the bacon was a thumbs down for me. And it looked good as well. Right, let’s try some of this Tom Kai. Pretty standard. Nothing special. Just your regular Thai chicken. And the garlic fried rice, let’s give this a go. That is nice. That rice is nice and light and fluffy and the taste is just perfect. Really, it’s like, this rice kinda just melts in your mouth. No chewing required. So I would say, the best thing I’ve tried so far here, that quiche, the feta and pumpkin, maybe the garlic rice would be number two. Two thumbs up for the garlic rice. Lovely, lovely. Right, sweet stuff. First, pancake. Second, what was over there again? Oh yeah, all the cakes and stuff. That’ll be last. First the pancake, then the fruit, and then the cakes. I reckon that’s the plan. And maybe a bit of yoghurt as well. Okay. Do we have to order it like the eggs or do we just wait for the guy? What have we got here? Chocolate, maple syrup, honey, caramel and vanilla. Lovely. Some cinnamon sugar there as well. I reckon I’ll be going for the cinnamon sugar and maple syrup. A bit of raisins as well. How are you? You making good pancakes? They fluffy? They fluffy pancakes? Good. Okay, he’s giving them a wee check. Looks like they’re done. There we go. Alright, cheers mate. Thank you. Okay. Just gonna grab one. Okay, just taking the one mate. Cheers. Okay. What am I gonna get? A wee bit of cinnamon sugar. And I reckon some maple. Oh, lovely. A few raisins. And what’s this? It looks like chopped almonds. Oh right. That’ll be nice. There we go. A lovely wee pancake. Now, the fruit section. Let’s be nice and healthy. A healthy Scotsman. He ate his cauliflower. Now what. Oh, some rambutan I reckon. I’m a big fan of the rambutan. Let’s see what we’ve got here. Let’s load these up. Tempted to take the lot. Actually, but I’ll be nice and only take half of them. Right. Now I have the mission of going one handed, back to the table with two plates. [laughter] Okay. I’m literally holding this between my fingers. The chances, I’d say, of me dropping this before I get back to the table trying to avoid these people, I’d say 50/50. So wish me luck guys. Keep your fingers crossed for the next 10, 15, 20 seconds, as yer man navigates his way back to the table, with this grub. Here we go. Okay, brilliant. We did it. Oh that guy could have given the table a wipe, eh? Right, I’ll go and get another fruit juice as well. What did I try last time? I tried the pineapple and guava and they were both quite nice. The guava very nice in fact but let’s try another one. Maybe the Thai orange. Not that big a fan of the Thai style orange. The eh, it’s a bit strong, the flavour. But I might give it a go. Where was it? Oh there it is. I’ll grab one of these glasses. What do we have? In fact I’m gonna go for that watermelon juice. Let’s do this one handed. Easy. But can we do it one handed without making a mess? Let’s see. There we go. No worries at all. Oh, that is fresh. That is not come out of a bottle at all. That is proper, fresh, watermelon juice. Okay, so you’re about the learn the Dale Technique for opening a Rambutan. This is how Dale does it. He sticks his thumb into it, like this. And then he twists. Like that. There you go. That’s your Rambutan. Now, for anybody who’s never eaten Rambutan before, there’s a big stone in the middle of it. Some of them you can just peel them right off it. It comes straight off the stone. Those are the best ones. The other ones you have to bite round it. So we’ll see what we’ve got. This is like somewhere in between. In fact this is one of the ones that does peel off quite easily. You can see there. And then you can just, the rest, what’s left, the meat. You can shove in your mouth. Pretty decent, but what about this pancake? It is actually nice and fluffy inside. You see the way he was cooking them were quite slow, so anyway. Make sure everything is loaded on top and then it’s going straight in the gob. Another double thumbs up. So that’s the pancake, the feta cheese quiche and the garlic rice, are the three best ones so far. The three that I’m actually saying are superb. The rest, pretty good. Apart from the bacon. Get stuck into these Rambutans. Again, Dale method. Thumb, twist. Straight out. One bite. And then. separate it from the stone. It’s a little bit sticky. And then, you’ve got the meat. Right. That’s the pancake and the fruit done. All that’s left is time for some cakes. And then I reckon that’s me done. Don’t feel that full, but don’t want to be going to bed on a massively full stomach. Is what I’m doing after this. I am going to bed. Right. The bloody size of these muffins. Looks like a 400 calorie muffin right there. And here there’s some there’s a toasting station. Right, where do I get the plates. Any plates around here? Oh here we go. Just grab this plate and I reckon I’m just gonna take a blueberry danish and blueberry muffin. In fact that one’s got pecans on it. That’s not blueberry. This one and, I guess this is supposed to be from here. Do I want that? Or maybe I’ll go for this. Hazelnut Double Snail. There we go. Okay. Let’s finish up with these. Blueberry muffin. Let’s give it a go. It’s a pretty decent muffin. Decent enough. And then this thing. Ah, it’s not that great to be honest with you. Right. I’m gonna finish off this blueberry muffin. And I reckon that’ll be me, from here. Right, so that’s me done. How do I pay for this? There doesn’t seem to be. Oh, here’s a waiter. Okay, I was wondering. There’s not really many waiters walking about. I was wondering, maybe it’s just the hotel people who are normally here. It would be easy, if you wanted to, to just bloody get up and walk out. I mean, nobody would notice. I’m not saying you should do this. But, if for some reason you have no morals and you want a free breakfast, you know. [laughter] I am gonna pay for it though. How long have I been rolling for? 53 minutes. Okay, well I’ve been waiting for ages. I reckon, in fact I’ll give them two more minutes and if they don’t come with the bill I should just bloody walk out. Ah, bollox. I’m getting up. To hell with this. Keeping me waiting five minutes for the bloody bill. Where are you mate? Where are you? Right. I’ll just go to the entrance and tell them. I want to leave. I’m not sticking around here any longer. You can take my money or you can just say goodbye to me. Right, where’s the entrance? I think that’s the entrance there, with this lass. See what’s going on here. Hi. I’ve been waiting like 5 minutes for the bill. I want to pay the bill and go. Alright, this the bill here? Okay, okay. Okay, I’ll pay here. Okay. How much did it come to total? 621. Not too bad. Oh, right. Can I get Marriot Bonvoy points here or not? Ah, for now you use the Eatigo. Yeah, because I use Eatigo I can’t collect Bonvoy points, right? Okay. No.
Want to collect. No? Okay. Okay. This is their a la carte menu. It’s almost as much for Crab Cakes after tax and that as it was for that whole buffet. So, I reckon you know what’s the better value. Right. What’s going on here? So that’s me, from the Marriot Marquis buffet breakfast. Hope you guys enjoyed the video. Yer man certainly enjoyed his meal, his dinner at that breakfast buffet. It’s pretty decent. And one of the first times I’ve actually went to a breakfast buffet and had the discipline not to stuff myself until I’m sick. I’m actually feeling pretty decent. I’m gonna go home, have a wee sleep, gonna maybe get a massage when I wake up and that’s a good way to start the day. Hi. How are you? Good morning.

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    Hey Dale.. Nice to see you holidaying in Thailand 😂.. I was there for almost a month last March and had a great time.. Enjoy mate ❤️ 👍

  16. Patrick Murray

    Jesus Dale….you'd eat a horse and chase the jockey…..it's a wonder they haven't got your photo with a warning on it in every all you can eat joint in Thailand

  17. Yvette Dale

    Dale stop smacking your mouth when your eating!! That poor did look nice & I don't eat meat I'm not a veggie as I had some minced beef but I choose not to eat meat. Mind you after that you won't want Lunch after all the food you eaten there. At least you enjoyed it that's all that matters. Xx

  18. Dmi serv

    Hi Dale what happened to ur veggies Fried-rice 🍚 in previous Video u bought the veggies 🌶🥦🥕🍍 to make your own version of fried 🍚 and I waited for that video but in this 🎥u struggling to get a yummy breakfast but u had unlimited food included (breakfasts lunch and dinner) on the breakfast time🤣 RIP exited 🍳😭😂

  19. Lana Ban

    You may consider eating at hotels and reviewing their food. Cause of your unique honesty, people will trust your judgement. You'll get free meals even to review in the future. Not sure if its your thing.

  20. Young Mathematician

    I have stayed in that hotel Dale. Definitely nice restaurant. Try dinner there too might be nice. Bit on the expensive side though

  21. Harsh Mehta

    You paid $20 and ate more than $80 in a fancy hotel. Got huge appetite 😂
    I would have been shy to make that many trips to food stall. Enjoy!

  22. Mark C

    Fab Vlog Dale.

    How on earth did you manage to eat all that food?

    Ive taken note though of what you enjoyed at the Marriott, if I ever return to Thailand I will check it out.

    Thought it very funny that you said earlier in the Vlog that you cant get a good sausage in Bangkok 😂😂😂

    Respect Dale, love your Vlogs they are so honest, just a suggestion, make them shorter, some of us have to sleep, so make em shorter and post more👍

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