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I have a friend who doesn’t eat bacon so in that case we might just put a few extra online or it might just disappear mm-hmm it happens hi everybody I’m David one of my favorite things to do is go out for brunch on the weekends with my friends now that can get a little bit expensive so today I’m gonna see if I can make brunch for myself and five friends for only $20 that’s a pretty tight budget but I’m gonna see what I can do let’s get shopping and I’ll be right back all right guys that was pretty tough but I’m pretty happy with what I’ve got after all that we only spent $20 and 12 cents I’m pretty happy about that we were able to find a nice variety of stuff and we’re gonna actually make three different menu items today we’re gonna have a cream cheese stuffed monkey bread a mixed green salad with an orange dressing as well as a BLT Eggs Benedict of course I’ll be using a few pantry items these are things we always keep stocked in a tasty kitchen today we’ll be using salt pepper a butter and oil I’m excited to dive in and I hope my friends are gonna be impressed with that said let’s get cooking so the first thing we’re gonna be making is the cream cheese stuffed monkey bread what I’m gonna do is go ahead and add a little bit of cinnamon to my sugar here we’ll use this in a bit after we put together our cinnamon rolls and get them ready for the pan you want to just kind of mix that in there so we have that nice light brown color and they put that off to the side so now now we’re gonna use some cinnamon roll dough today because I wanted to make a super easy and quick dessert to add to my brunch I’m gonna go ahead and get it open oh all right looks like the cinnamon rolls had a little bit of pie Yatim sales now you’ll want to cut them in half so that you have almost a sort of moon shape bring these two sides together flatten it down with your finger until it’s basically back into a circle again and we have about four ounces of cream cheese here that we’ve cut into some cubes you’ll take one of the small cubes place it into the center wrap the cinnamon roll around it roll it between your hands and then we’ll use that cinnamon sugar that we made earlier just kind of toss it in there make sure it’s well covered can’t forget to get a little Pam into our baking dish now that that’s been greased we can go ahead and finish covering our cinnamon roll ball and the cinnamon sugar drop that in there you want to place this to the side and we can make a few more to layer in the pan now this would be a great step to ask for some help with if your significant others around or someone that you love cooking with definitely bring them in so you can put together this delicious cream cheese stuffed monkey bread together now we’re going to make a bit of a caramel sauce to add to this just to make it a little bit more rich and give it a really nice flavor and for this it’s super simple we’re just gonna use a little bit of brown sugar and some warm butter now you want to whisk this very well try to get all of that butter incorporated into the brown sugar there’s a couple of lumps in there it’s no problem just keep on mixing with your whisk until you get a little bit more of a smooth consistency now we’re gonna pour this over the top and then give us a really nice sweet glaze that looks good now we’ll go ahead and pour this over our mixture try to get a even pour as much as you can but again in the oven it’s gonna caramelize the sugar in there and it’ll spread nice throughout all right that looks good we’re gonna put this in the oven at 350 for about 35 to 40 minutes and then when we get back I’ll show you what we’re gonna do with the icing that came with our cinnamon rolls alright guys our monkey bread is finished and looks amazing when you take it out of the oven make sure that you let it sit for about 5 to 10 minutes or until it’s cool to the touch then you can invert it onto a plate like this and we’ll go ahead and get started with our icing now another tip would be the reason that we use that cinnamon roll is because it comes with the icing of its own so we’re gonna just spoon this into a small microwave-safe dish warm it up for about 30 seconds or so and we’re gonna drizzle it along the top for again another piece of nice presentation so since we had two cans we’ve got plenty of icing for this monkey bread I will make sure that I get every last drop because this is doll addition we will make sure that we get our money’s worth a little bit of frost I’m trying to hide from it we’re just gonna scrape em out alright I’ve got all of the icing out I’m gonna go ahead and microwave it for about 30 seconds and when I come back we’re gonna drizzle it on top of the monkey bread alright now we’ve got our icing just a little bit more workable and I’m gonna drizzle this across the monkey bread for our final touch this glaze definitely makes the monkey bread look perfect it’s so indulgent rich smells amazing now it’s probably gonna be a good idea to balance this out with a little salad or something I’ll be right back and we’ll get started on that next up we’re gonna make a mixed green salad with an orange dress we’ve got two oranges which are actually going to be doing double duty we’ll segment them to place on top of the salad and also juice them to make a nice citrusy dressing so how we’re gonna do this is take two small cuts first you’re gonna cut off the top and the bottom and this will give us a more sturdy workspace we don’t have the orange moving around when you’re trying to do a more difficult cutting technique now you’ll take your knife and place it just under the skin and try to work it down and around now I’m not a pro so don’t feel bad if you’re not able to make this perfect we really just want to try to make sure that we save as much of the fruit there as possible and just get off all of that peel now that we’ve got our oranges cleaned up we’re gonna go back in with our paring knife and try to cut out these segments you want to aim for the space right in between these membranes that you see also it’s very important to try to cut angle down at a V from both sides this way the segment will free itself after you get that out we’ll place it into our Bowl here to be used later you can just keep going around and slowly cut those pieces out this is gonna add a really nice color to our salad and be delicious for our dressing when we juice the rest of it now once you’re finished you want to take everything that you have left and squeeze it with the juices into your larger bowl because we’re gonna use that to make our dressing in a little bit we’re gonna repeat the process with our second orange get all those wonderful juices in there for our dressing and finish up this salad all right now we’ve got everything set up here to put together our salad and we’re gonna get started with the dressing first things first I’m gonna put this orange juice into a cup make sure you use a strainer just in case a few pieces of those segments got in we’re only gonna need about a quarter cup of orange juice here after that we’re gonna want to put in our lemon juice and our sugar and then we’ll put this in the microwave for about 60 seconds until the sugar dissolves all right now that we’ve got the sugar dissolved we’re gonna go ahead and mix in our olive oil make sure you whisk all of this olive oil in there for our double-dip orange vinaigrette now we’ll want to put just a little pinch of salt bow-bow-bow just 2 pi out this time not too much and depending on your taste a few cracks of pepper and that should be good to go now I’m gonna put these to the side as I assemble the rest of my salad we want to make sure to reserve just about a handful of these mixed greens so we can also use them with our BLT Eggs Benedict now I’ve got some nice avocados here because I mean what’s a brunch in California without avocados those segmented oranges that we worked with earlier again just gonna add another beautiful color to this salad some red onions for a nice little crunch that should do it and last but not least I’ve got some nice honey roasted nuts here that we just chopped up and I found these pretty much in the checkout aisle where you’ll see those little grab-and-go kind of snacks I think it’s just gonna give another nice little sweet flavor to the end of our salad and again make it look a little bit more fancy than it is it’s a dollar dish trend right there I’m not gonna quite put the salad dressing on yet I want to make sure that I toss that within the salad right before we plate everything and now it’s time for the last recipe everyone’s gonna be here soon so let’s make that Eggs Benedict now I’m definitely excited to make this BLT Eggs Benedict to get started we’re gonna go ahead and make our English muffins we’re gonna take this bad boy slice it in half and place it on to our pan like so so we’re only actually going to use three of these and have some extras left over in the package so you have more to use for a meal prep the next week or just to make another meal that’s another one of our dollar dish tips and now we’re gonna move on to the bacon we’re gonna use about two slices for each of our eggs benedict so you don’t want to take these and just line them across your pan now we could have gone with the typical eggs benedict but we thought that this little addition of the bacon was gonna give it just another nice flavor and our fun little twist that we’ll put on a classic brunch dish and now that we’ve got them ready we’re gonna bake these in the same oven 350 degrees Fahrenheit we’ll put our English muffins in for about five minutes and our bacon in for about 12 to 15 minutes until it’s crispy and golden brown all right now it’s time to poach our eggs we’re gonna be using these eggs here which are again a staple within our dollar dish meals because eggs are relatively inexpensive they’re filling and you can use them with in a lot of different dishes today we’re gonna use them for the poached egg within our Eggs Benedict as well as within our hollandaise sauce now since poaching eggs can be difficult we’re gonna teach you a hack using this muffin tin you can poach a lot of eggs save a lot of time and it can be done a lot quicker now the first thing you’re going to do is grease your pan you want to make sure that you put a little bit more than you think you’ll need just so that we don’t have the egg-white sticking to the side of the muffin tin now we’re gonna crack our eggs in but you want to be very careful because you don’t want to break the yolk all right now that we’ve got our eggs ready we’re gonna add a little bit of salt and a little bit of pepper we’ll finish off with just a quick six look by now by out by out by out by out and one more yeah wanted to be gentle on that one and now one of the most important parts you’re going to add one tablespoon of water to each one of the muffin tins that has your egg now you don’t want to just drop the water on top you want to try to spread it out around the entire egg so that it forms that egg back and if you have extra go ahead and put it on top in the middle now we’re gonna place these in the oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for about seven to nine minutes or until that egg white is firm and the yolk still has that nice runny texture all right now we’ve got everything ready to assemble our eggs benedict the first thing I’m gonna do is take my English muffins here and add just a little bit of butter on there so it has a nice rich flavor at the base now I’m butter obsessed person I feel like if you love people you butter their food I’m gonna butter your biscuit I’m a butter your muffin I’m about everything all right get a little bit more on this last one I might make this one for me so I’ll put a little extra light there after that we’re gonna go ahead and add the mixed greens that I reserved from our salad to add a little bit of nice color and flavor to our BLT Eggs Benedict we got the bacon the lettuce the tomato I got to put the ale in my BLT Eggs Benedict now that L stands for both love and lettuce just kind of distribute those evenly it doesn’t have to be a whole bunch on any one of them now we’re gonna put the tomato this will act as a nice little surface for our bacon and our egg now for the bacon we’ll take these and just kind of break them in half so that we can fit them on a little bit nicer and you’ll take two pieces for every eggs benedict we’re ready for the egg you’re gonna want to tip it over a little to try to let some of that water Bufferin off and place it on top all right last one the pressure is on careful oh that was close alright now we’re gonna put together our hollandaise sauce same simple but you want to make sure that you’re careful as you put this together we’re gonna start with a few egg yolks in a blender and then we’ll add our lemon juice and you want to blend this for about a minute or so until you see a pale yellow color now that we’ve got the eggs nice and ready we’re gonna go ahead and start to add this melted butter now you want to very slowly pour this in as it continues to blend now we’re talking very slow I mean la 4 or 5 traffic slow waiting on your income tax returns slow you know just molasses slow all type of things slow you know that’s that’s pretty much what we’re looking for here normally hollandaise sauce is made in a double boiler but we’re gonna do it in this blender to make it a little bit easier the heat of the blender in the butter will help to cook those eggs and finish off our sauce now that it’s almost together we’ll add just a pinch of salt for taste and that looks perfect now you’re gonna want to make sure that you pour this on and serve it immediately it’s gonna have a nice thick texture and you just want to put a nice generous serving on each one it adds a really nice beautiful shine to the top as well which are always looking for when you make that Eggs Benedict and we’re just about ready for my friends to come try this out now a lot of times people will top this off with some fresh chives or some paprika but that’s not in the dollar dish budget so we’re just gonna crack a little bit of our free pantry item pepper on here alright my friends will be here any minute so I’ve got to get everything else ready so they can try this wonderful brunch all right well I’ve got to say I’m pretty impressed with what we’ve been able to put together here for only $20 everything’s ready we’ve got this decadent cream cheese filled monkey bread this wonderful mixed green salad with a nice orange dressing and our BLT Eggs Benedict and two of my friends showed up a little early so at this point I’m gonna go ahead and see what they think you know something we really try to go hard on dollar – you know yeah let me stop talking I just let you guys try it yeah like this needs to be like a holiday or something let’s see I like how when is when you could taste fresh things I was just like explodes in your mouth it’s a party going on his flavors let me happen to this BLT that I’m go ahead now after tasting all of this let me know what you think I spent on this entire meal 6 eggs weren’t carried a 1 on that though some tomatoes in there mmm I’m thinking probably like 50 60 bucks okay I’m just saying ten dollars per person well being that this is dollar dish we were just a little bit under that this entire brunch for six people only costs 20 dollars and 12 cents this is crazy man some of those things you hold on hold on this is valid dish so unless you want to do drink Nightrain wouldn’t go but we’ll work on that for next season – all right now that everybody’s got their food or one more for if we need in the back okay seems like everybody’s happy everything tastes great and it’s time for us to have our little brunch party so I’ll see you next time hopefully you subscribe below and thanks for watching dollar dish oh oh yes

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    I would love for him and the zero waste ladies to do a video together! Maybe they challenge him to make a waste free brunch with a certain amount of money or waste free dinner. I’d be cool to see what he can come up with for under 20-30 bucks, it’d also be nice for the waste free ladies to give/get a few lessons.

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    Rookie mistake with the English muffins NEVER cut with a knife it destroy all of the curves use a fork instead and you will notice the difference

  3. rivu raja

    OMG!! who is this!!! I am a fan now!!! He is hilarious!!! LA 405 traffic, income tax return slow, all types of slow XD lol!!! I want more David vids now Tasty !!

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    I don't understand the math behind this because they show two different prices for every ingredient and nothing adds up to what the receipt says 🤔🤔🤔

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    That's a dream come true having Ms. Rie loving your food. Would love to see more vids of this guy and the other guy that did the potato salad cookout vid

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    I think this is a better ‘series’ (it’s not one yet but should be) than the one where Rie (Japanese producer, sorry if I misspelled but I don’t remember how to spell her name), where she had to ‘spend’ (she didn’t even go shopping as this man did and you can’t get $0.15 piece of butter at the grocery store) a certain amount to create food. This is more relatable and is something we (audience) can try to do.

  8. Tracie Irene

    My go-to is quiche. Few things more cost efficient than eggs. And super customizable for what's in season or on sale. And goes great with salad.

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    Please have this guy in more videos. He is well spoken and his sentences are not flooded with “like” or end sounding like questions ( no vocal fry either ).

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    The Monkeybread looks waaaay too sweet. The salad looks amazing, but again so much sugar. He makes the hollandaise look so easy! Will try the blender version.

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