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– When most people think
of Indian food, their mind goes to things like curries,
naan, and chicken tikka, which we all know really isn’t Indian. But today, we are headed
to Malai, a Brooklyn-based ice cream company that
specializes in flavors inspired by Indian desserts and spices. Our first stop was to
their production facility to see how they churn out
their most popular flavor: rose with cinnamon roasted almonds. They start by mixing up
their ice cream base, which unlike a lot of
other shops in New York, doesn’t contain any eggs, the reasoning being that a
large portion of the Indian population is Hindu, and
therefore vegetarian. Also, eggs have a very strong
taste, which can often overpower the subtle
flavors that Malai likes to use in their ice cream. Once the base has been churned
up and has been solidified, they fold in finely chopped
cinnamon roasted almonds, which gives the ice cream a
great contrasting texture. After, they packaged up
the ice cream in pints. We headed over to their
pop-up shop to try it out. Now this is, without a
doubt, the most unique tasting ice cream that I’ve ever had. It has things bounce of sweet
floralness from the base and this delicious spice
and great crunch from the cinnamon roasted almonds. I also got to try out some of
Malai’s other popular flavors. Next up was their golden turmeric,
which has this incredible color that is bright and
vibrant, much like its flavor. Now, turmeric is all the rage right now. But for those of you who
might not have had it, it’s got this pleasant,
earthy taste to it. At Malai, they accent that
taste by adding ginger and a secret blend of spices. To add to the great
spices of the ice cream, they serve it in a delicious Chinese five-spice cone,
which gives the ice cream a bit more of a punch. Last, but not least, I got
to try mango sweet cream, a flavor combination inspired
by the classic Indian pudding. This was hands down the
most refreshing ice cream I got to try all day. The bits of frozen mango have
a great tanginess to them. A texture that’s almost
like getting sorbet and ice cream in one scoop. While we were there, I got to talk with owner Pooja Bavishi
about what got her into making ice cream. – I always hosted
Friendsgiving every year, and I always make the desserts. I was making these desserts, and I noticed my ice cream maker and thought that I should make some ice cream. Because it was so last
minute, I just kind of quickly putting together the base and
looked at my spice cabinet to see what I could flavor
the ice creams with. My mom stocked my spice
cabinet, as moms do. I just reached for a ginger and
a star anise and saffron and these flavors that were so familiar to me and so common in my spice cabinet, and made ice creams out of it. My friends loved the dessert. They loved the pie that I
made, but they were like, the ice cream was something
that they’d never had before. So that sort of got me thinking
of this concept that I could incorporate into a
dessert business that I’ve always dreamed of, of
like these spice-infused ice cream flavors that reflect
my childhood and culture. – I’ve never experienced
ice cream like this before. Each flavor has this great
balance of sweetness, spice, and floral notes that’s really complex but at the same time so approachable. If you liked what you
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  1. Tosh T

    @0:15 Chicken Tikka is most definitely Indian. It's Chicken Tikka Masala that is popularly claimed to have originated in the UK. That said, these flavors sound awesome and Pooja seems very cool. Best Fork Yeah episode so far (to me). πŸ‘

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