Japanese Bakery & Fish Buffet?【日本のパン屋と魚売り場】日英字幕

Are these cream-filled? Some of them might be.
It says they’re donuts. This looks really good! Bacon… Stay away from bacon! I want bacon! It’s not bacon.
Japan doesn’t use bacon. They use Canadian bacon… It has a lot of
fat in it anyway. …which is CHEATING! This looks good. This is also bacon. Bacon, cheese…basil…shrimp? Jun, this looks delicious!
Bacon and cheese basil shrimp! I’ll come back. Cute! But it’s kind of scary when
it’s eye’s falling off… This looks really good. Umm… Do you not think so? I think it has, um,
red beans in it. …So, it’s even better?
Maybe, yeah. Can I get one of these to take home? Can I get a couple breads? Okay, yeah. Bacon, bacon, bacon!
BACON! When you get home you’re going to
eat a ton of junk food. Like pizza. Okay, but I can’t
cook in my apartment. You can buy bacon. No! My microwave doesn’t
work, so I can’t… I could like, fry it… But when you get back to America you’re
going to eat unhealthy again, right? . . . . . Oh, these look so good!
Can I get one of these? Doozo. What’s the difference? Hang on… Oh, coffee? Definitely don’t want coffee. This one is regular glazed.
That one’s coffee. 30 yen. I wanna get this! I am sorry but I am getting it.
It looks delicious! Sorry! Is it good? It looks good! There’s a crab claw
coming out of the thing! With like cheese… She’ll wrap it up for you if
there’s anything you like. Ah! It’s squid! What’s that?
Hm? Karei. It’s a type of fish, too. Deep-fried fish. Ah! It’s crab! It’s like deep-fried
whole crab… Is this normal?
This isn’t normal! You don’t really see
deep-fried crabs. Oh, they have onigiri. Ah, it’s kind of expensive.
So expensive! Sushi? Ah! Tuna mayo? Mmm. Tuna mayo. I’ll get this? Ii yo. Hai. Wow, you look like you’re actually
doing groceries shopping for me. Otoro. It looks like it would
melt in your mouth. I am so hungry!! I want to eat! Salmon. I want salmon sashimi. I think it’s over here. It’d be cheaper to buy salmon at Aoki Super. Okay. Ah! No no no. You set it. Huh? Hook the bag… Oh! Okay. Then shut the lid. Put the coins…
Here? Yeah.
Then press the green button. Hai! Waa! It’s snow!

  1. Sandy Y.

    such a wonderful place!   everything looks delicious!   LOL I would spend $1,000 there…  I would buy one of each food item 🙂

  2. Celina Wong

    Hahaha I like how he keeps sounding so exasperated when you see bacon 😀
    I get it too – with an Asian palette here, I find bacon too fatty and overwhelming too. I do however use it when I making shogayaki for a quick dinner – college budgets.

  3. Marky Mark

    All the food looks delicious – but I understand Jun's perspective. Most of the food that looks good and tastes good is alot of times bad for your health. Eating healthy takes a lot of work and its great to have someone who know how to cook and prepare healthy meals. American food – especially fast food is so unhealthy. When you take Jun to America make a video of going to our local supermarkets and see what kinds of food he finds healthy / unhealthy. Would be nice to see this. All the best…

  4. Chamchamcham10

    Out of curiosity, how does the check out work? Do the cashier actually remember the price of every single item in the store? There's no barcode obviously, and… I suppose some sort of shape/texture recognition software with camera scanner would work but… feels a bit far fetched…???

  5. ShadowayeLeFay

    oh dang never knew Jun was like super strict on eating. no bacon but ok with glazed donuts? hate guys that control your diet honestly.

  6. i Natsumi


  7. KhmerD0g

    It is funny how one person speaks Japanese and the other person responds in English.
    The conversion is carry out in two languages at the same time.

    How the hell are we suppose to understand? Pick one other the other and not both.

  8. Livie B

    What was the "snow" for? I wish markets like that were more common in America! The closest I've gotten to that is China town.

  9. Herbert

    I wish you would stick to videos like this. I like them. But when you tell personal stories. you met a lot of stupid people. Or you put your self in stupid situations.

  10. Melon Lord

    Reading all of the old comments are stressing me out cause u know u can't reply and start shit again 3 years later.
    She can eat anything she want, stop it guys ;_;

  11. daAnder71

    Watching this I‘m reminded of the movie Tampopo, so I‘m always waiting for the crazy old lady to come around the corner and punching holes in the pastry with her thumb.

  12. 高坂深雪


  13. Clock Wise

    LOL I need someone like Jun in my life to tell me "NO! That's unhealthy!" I don't really like Bacon anyway so I'm good in that area! 👍

  14. Dead Zone

    Jun, fat isn't bad for you… Humans gorged and ate fat for thousands of years, we never actually started to get fat until we started putting sugar in everything and eating and drinking too much sugar.


    Lol in the thrift store vid she said she didn't like polka dots but jun wanted her to try on the polka dot headband . And now she's in polka dots 😉

  16. Akio Hoshino


  17. sakurai ryoji

    Japanese  bread  comes  from  Portgar   17  centuries  . so  We  call  bread  as  PAN  .  We  call  Pada   bread   as  PANDA  PAN  .

  18. bananabuttersomethin

    My eyes nearly popped out of my head when I saw all that fish. I have never seen that much fish in my life. You can't get that here!

  19. Rebekka H

    I WANT A BAKERY LIKE THAT HERE IN GERMANY TOO!!!! It looks so delicious and there are like 100 diffent types of baked goods 😀

  20. Bang Supa

    i love their videos and loved the manga where jun starred in "Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko!"
    it will be lovely if rachel got there as an easter eggs character

  21. Debra Gillet

    Wow. He won't let you decide for yourself??!! The more I watch your videos, the more I realize that I would Never be interested in visiting Japan. Seems like the women don't have much freedom, and the men are not capable of showing any affection to their wives.
    And the food lacks all appeal to me.

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