Japanese Food in Indonesia at Kintan Buffet in Amplaz Mall

you’re a little ship over there specific hey good morning guys and welcome back to the vlog there is a new barbecue buffet restaurant here in Jogjakarta it’s right here behind me it’s Japanese let’s cruise on in and check it out alright guys here we go if you haven’t that yet subscribe to the channel click that subscribe button to make new videos for you every day set there you already tell enough to be a adult alright guys let’s check out the salad bar they got some good salad dressing can you got a lot of different vegetables here tofu man look at all the fresh vegetables there lots of good fresh vegetables ginseng leaves bean sprouts I don’t know what all this stuff is that’s but it looks good oh you got some kimchi up here maybe yeah different noodles and other vegetables and fruit up there so there oh you got some sushi yeah we got corn with other things here yeah look at that little thing of corn what’s this miso soup I don’t know what they are but they look cool put some other kind of soup there chicken curry rice here we’ve got noodles and fried rice alright guys check out the salad today this is the best looking solid I’ve seen in anumita yet juice you made it I know but I mean with the so many different types of ingredients and vegetables and the freshness it just looks good I haven’t tasted it yet and then we’ve also got some a chicken curry here we’re waiting for the meat to come so we can cook it right there set there you got some good stuff over there – what’s another little cup o corn that that looks good well let’s try the chicken curry the flavor is good but it’s cold yeah I thought chicken curry was supposed to be hot are no photos for the salad I got a onion dressing it’s good really good onion dressing vinegar onion really tear these little tiny mushrooms for me to come in Wow so we just put it right on there yeah me too you said you just put it right on there all right guys here’s what we’ve got we’ve got some chicken and some lamb and beef right here this looks more like bacon man look at that it’s cool well I guess we start cooking huh alright guys so we’re cooking up to meet it looks like it’s pretty much done a lot of it that’s looking good put it on top of my salad oh that one’s got a little black thing it’s stiff from the grease all right let’s try the meat here back to our low piece on the lamb here Rustom engine yeah it will have to land yes Emma beep the meat doesn’t come out as a lot I mean Jordan you gotta order a lot like you gotta wait a long time look what Marty found Oh guys Sera’s barbecuing it’s so fun to build it yourself you know it’s fun to cook it yourself here it’s like sauces and garlic what’s your favorite so far like me feel like the lamp oh wow we got having sweet potato and pouring lamb beef and shrimps Wow oh that’s good look at my shrimp oh that looks nice turn him over and see here are you gonna eat it with the skin we’ll see how tough the skin is I’m gonna try it yeah that’s already you doing putting up my onion to eat with my skin you’re a little ship over there [Music] well guys the food here was excellent it matched the price of course though but that was one of the best salads that I have had in Indonesia lots of good fresh vegetables mushrooms all kinds of different stuff and then all of the meat right that you cooked yourself right there in the middle of the table was excellent as well tasted super super good I was surprised how much I really liked the lamb I was really good Seth you liked the lamb – yep really good yeah what meat was your favorite the lamb yeah yeah mine too I think oh the shrimp were really good too though they were good especially when Mike you cut off like the way yeah let’s go well guys we hope you have a really great day [Music] you [Music]

  1. Made Ngurah Adhiwangsa Wigraha

    Kalau di Jepang, the restaurant was known as '食べ放題' Tabehoudai = All you can eat. Dan perbedaannya semuanya bisa kita ambil sendiri, termasuk daging-dagingnya tentu saja 😉. Nice place to eat pak martin and of course what a nice vlog that you shared as usual 🙌😁

  2. David Yohan B.

    Hallo pak Martin, trimakasih anda dah menghiburku tiap pagi dg vlog² yg bagus dan enak dilihat. Kali ini pak Martin lupa tdk mencantumkan harga kuliner, kita kan di desa cuma bisa liat di hp doang. RIP for Texas. Masukan dr saya suting angkringan, walaupun dah pernah di vlog._ Coba suting di Ta wan, kalo ada di jogja, chinafood. "Jbu"

  3. Meikuma

    Thanks so much for this vlog! I wanted to go to Kintan but I thought it wouldn't be worth it! how many plates of meat did you eat, Martin?
    I'd love to hear your thoughts about korean bbq like Seorae or Bornga!
    Bornga is a bit expensive though, just to let you know.

  4. Manggala Leonardo

    Actually im curious for that place to eat, but after watch this vlog i think im should try at kintan restaurant. Thanks for the review, look so nice. 🙂

  5. Natalia Kristanty

    My fav all you can eat resto so far are "American Grill" and "Hanamasa", but I don't think there's one in jogja. maybe you can try them when u visit Jakarta

  6. hafidzdrew

    kintan is the best all u can eat di indonesia yg saya temui so far sih hehehe dan jagung yg sarah makan akan lebih enak jika dibakar (ditaruh di panggangan) 😀

  7. Adriansa Wahyu Pramudita

    beberapa hari lalu request di channel Sarah untuk buat video makan di restoran All you can eat. ehh malah keluar di channelnya Pak Martin wkwkwk

  8. Okki Syahbana

    pak martin , sebentar lagi ada Borobudur Marathon 2017, apakah pak Martin ikut serta pada lomba lari marathon itu? ikut donk pak !! hehehe

  9. Ajax Bleach

    hey man just want to let you know, the corn in the little alumunium container are meant to be grilled first 😂
    i don't know about this kintan buffet in jogja, but in other cities, usually it's in the same place with shaburi (connecting, with the same buffet) so if you feel like eating shabu2 you can eat in shaburi.
    the mushrooms you're eating are meant to be grilled first or dipped in boiling shabu-shabu broth (shaburi) 😂
    but you can either eat the vegetables by dipping it first in the broth or eaten as a salad.
    aandd just a tip when the metal grill start getting black and bursts out big fire, you can ask the staff to change it for you. but hey, great quality video as always. peace

  10. Random

    Hai Pak Martin, bisa buat video tentang perbedaan harga makanan di Amerika dengan Indonesia ? Apakah harga burger di Mcd Indonesia dengan Amerika sama ? thks

  11. Eliza Gu

    ok, wait wait…
    the corn (with aluminiium foil) should be put on the grill, not eaten directly.
    and next to the fried rice is not noodles, it is korean food called Japchae. the texture is very different with noodles/ vermicelli. it is transparent and kinda chewy and slurpy.

    and the small bowl next to the miso soup is actually the seaweed, so you only need to take a LITTLE, just a little bit of the seaweed into your miso soup.

    While the chicken should be cut (use the scissors), so it will be cooked faster.

    the best sauce dipping is the garlic sauce. reaally good.

  12. Danang Wantoro

    Pak Martin ajak semua kluarga berkunjung ke daerahku Kulonprogo Yogyakarta tgl 31 Desember 2017 nanti dong. Bisa berkunjung ke gereja kecil di desaku pak dan main ke tempat wisata jg

  13. Ervina Kusuma Dewi

    Japanese Curry is commonly served with hot steamed rice pak Martin.
    Japanese Curry Roux is very thick in texture and supposed to be eaten with white rice in a plate.

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