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– [Narrator] This week, Joe Rogan explains how he feels about slaughterhouses. A vegan cooking show is coming to ITV, and a dancewear brand creates
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like and comment below. Oatly launched a new advertising campaign at Waterloo Station in London. The giant billboard, situated above cafes and turnstiles, reads, “Go ahead, eat like a vegan.” Opened in 1848, Waterloo Station is the busiest station in the UK, with more than 94 million passengers coming through the
station in the last year, according to the Office of Rail and Road. Last year, Oatly announced the launch of a 700,000-pound advertising
campaign in the UK. The oatmeal company is known for its unique advertising style. It created a 15-second commercial, which aired on All 4, the on-demand platform for Channel Four. ♪ No ♪ ♪ Wow no cow ♪ ♪ No no no ♪ – Oatly also put up
advertisements in several London underground stations, including King’s Cross, Oxford Circus, Shoreditch, Peckham and Brixton. The ads feature statements like, “It’s like milk, but made for humans.” Michael Lee, Oatly’s creative
and strategic director for international markets, said in a statement, “Some
consider our messaging “to be controversial. “We disagree, it’s fact. “Because our oat drinks
actually are made for humans, “rather than for baby cows.” Louie Psihoyos, director
of the vegan documentary “The Game Changers,” was a guest on “The Joe
Rogan Experience” podcast. The pair discussed climate change, factory farming, and how Rogan
feels about slaughterhouses. Rogan has long been vocal about his animal-based diet, and has frequently
encouraged his vegan guests to eat non-vegan food. However, he may be
turning over a new leaf. Musing on how we might be able to feed the growing population, Rogan says he has hope for clean meat. Real meat grown with animal
cells, without slaughter. – I am not a fan of factory farming. It’s the reason why I got into
hunting in the first place. I saw a lot of those PETA documentaries, and I just didn’t wanna have any part of any of that (beep). Like, all that stuff is wrong. I mean, all of it’s wrong. Whether chickens, raising
chickens like that, or cows like that, or pigs like that. – [Narrator] He added that ag-gag laws keep people from divulging the horrors of these factory farms. – There’s gotta be a
way to stop those laws, first of all. You should, these places
should be transparent. If there’s something they’re
doing that’s abhorrent, or something they do, what you can see, the lives of these animals, and they’re treated in
these horrific ways. It’s not necessary. It’s just, they’re doing that for profit, and this is why you can get
a chicken sandwich for $1.99, or whatever the (beep) it is. – [Narrator] The podcast also recently had Wu Tang Clan front man RZA on as a guest, along with comedian and
radio host Donnell Rawlings. In response to a question from Rawlings about what makes a true vegan, both Rogan and RZA agreed that it’s a mix of health
reasons and animal welfare. But for the rapper, it leans
more toward the latter. – To be honest with you bro, I’ll just hit you with this right here. The reality of how I feel. No animal needs to die for me to live. – [Narrator] Going vegan hasn’t always been an easy journey for RZA, who said he loved poultry dishes like turkey and chicken wings. In 1996, he changed all of his
red meat dishes to poultry, but he soon realized that
wasn’t going to work either. – Like when I was younger, I could knock out about 30 chicken wings, you know what I mean? – I mean, anybody could do that, right?
– I know. Man, you can’t keep pointing
at me like that (laughs). – By the 29th chicken wing,
– Right (laughs). my teeth hit the bone, keeng,
(Donnell laughs) – And my mind said, – No more? – “Dead bird.” – [Narrator] Coming up,
the vegan meat market is projected to reach $140 billion. Popular Greek yogurt brand Chobani is launching a dairy-free oat milk, coffee creamers and oat yogurt. Founded in 2005, Chobani
is the top-selling Greek yogurt brand in America. It also operates the world’s
largest yogurt facility. But Chobani CEO Hamdi Ulukaya noticed oat milk’s popularity after purchasing a stake in the Philadelphia-based coffee chain La Colombe in 2015. It inspired the brand’s move into the oat milk market. Chobani will offer its new
oat milk in four flavors, plain, vanilla, chocolate
and plain extra creamy. Its oak yogurt will
launch in four flavors, vanilla, strawberry vanilla, blueberry pomegranate, and peach mandarin. Chobani President Peter
McGuinness told “Forbes,” “We think oat is the superior plant. “Oat uses very little water, “and it delivers more
nutrition than coconut cream, “almond milk, soy milk or cashew milk. “And it tastes better.” The vegan meat market could be worth $140 billion by 2029, according to a new report from British multinational
investment bank Barclays. It revealed that while meat
consumption is on the up, due to a growing global population, there is also a big market opportunity for plant-based meat brands. The vegan meat market
is worth $14 billion, but it could grow to $140 billion by 2029, accounting for 10% of
the global meat industry. According to the report,
due to rising demand and a growing population, global meat consumption is on the rise, especially in the U.S., which currently makes up about $270 billion of the $1.4 trillion global meat industry. We believe, therefore, that there is a bigger market opportunity
for plant-based, and maybe even lab-grown protein, that was projected for
electric vehicles 10 years ago. A new Sunday morning vegan cooking show, starrring BOSH! is coming to ITV. Henry Firth and Ian Theasby, cookbook authors and the
founders of recipe site BOSH!, will host “Living on the Veg,” a 10-part series set to air in early 2020. – As you know already, we set BOSH! up to take vegan mainstream, and this is another marker in time for us, and the vegan movement as a whole. – So if you like our recipes, if you like cooking BOSH! food, you’re gonna get all the
recipes that you love, but in this beautiful new format, with an incredible film crew, director, producer, everybody purely making BOSH! recipes look amazing. – [Narrator] “Living on
the Veg” aims to show how simple, varied and
delicious vegan cooking is. Every Sunday morning, new guests will join Firth and Theasby. They will create a range of dishes, including breakfasts, lunches, dinners, desserts and healthy snacks. Executive producer Michael Connock said, “With the subject of diet
taking such a prominent place “in the climate change debate, “it seems timely and relevant
to be producing a program “about plant-based food. “In fact, it’s small decisions “like choosing a fish-free
dinner over cod and chips “that are going to save our oceans.” At least, that’s what Chris Kerr thinks. He’s the chief investment
officer at New Crop Capital, and CEO of vegan seafood
brand Good Catch Foods. Kerr is on a mission to turn the seafood industry on its head. The fishing industry is responsible for significant damage to the oceans. Overfishing not only
impacts fish populations, but larger cetaceans
often end up as bycatch, or entangled in industrial fishing nets. Every year, around 300,000
whales and dolphins lose their lives due to entanglement. Opting for sustainable vegan fish could help to make a huge
difference for marine life. Kerr doesn’t believe in
arguing over moral purity. He’s more about working
effectively together toward a common goal. “Each of us can take small steps “toward a better world,” he told LIVEKINDLY. “When we take thousands or millions “of small steps together collectively, “we are taking a supremely giant leap “toward a better world, “and hopefully saving it.” The giant leap for Good Catch
Foods is saving the oceans from overfishing, and its creatures from entanglement and bycatch. But, small steps like
offering fish-free flaky tuna is what counts right now. But it’s not just about one brand. “There are many out there “trying to make a difference,” says Kerr. New Crop Capital has 35
companies in its portfolio. Each one is creating
direct vegan replacements for meat, dairy, eggs and seafood. City council members in New
York City and Los Angeles are calling for businesses
to cut ties with companies responsible for the
Amazon rainforest fires. Fires burning in the
Amazon have been linked to the beef industry. Cattle ranchers often set
fire to areas of the forest in order to clear land for their herds. There have been 41,000
recorded fire locations this year so far, according to the Brazilian
National Institute for Space Research. The fires are devastating
for indigenous people and wild animals, but they also have a wider impact. Amazonian trees absorb carbon dioxide, and are an extremely helpful resource in the fight against the climate crisis. When these trees are lost, it can be devastating in the
fight against climate change. NYC City Council members
Costa Constantinides and Justin Brannan are
co-sponsors of the new resolution. In partnership with vegan Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams. On the West Coast, L.A.
City Council members Paul Koretz and David Ryu have put forward a similar resolution. Adams said, “Today we
urge both city agencies “and local businesses to cut ties “with any company linked to
the multinational corporations “responsible for the fires still raging “throughout the Amazon rainforest. “Each individual consumer choice, “each corporate decision, “and each specific legislative policy “must be geared toward making our planet “more sustainable and habitable
for generations to come.” NYC and L.A. are the
two most populous cities in the United States. City council members from both hope that they can lead by example. They want to inspire the other
35,000 cities in the country to join them and introduce
similar resolutions. Lunchables creator Dr. Rody Hawkins is now the president and CEO of plant-based meat brand Improved Nature. The company recently launched
a vegan chicken range, which includes nuggets,
tenders and filets, at East Coast-based grocery
store chain ShopRite. Founded in 2015, Improved Nature aims to help the food system transition away from animal-based products, using sustainable plant-based protein. Hawkins believes the food
industry is changing. Vegan meat companies, like Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat, are soaring in popularity. Major fast food chains like McDonald’s, Burger King, and White Castle now offer realistic plant-based burgers. Hawkins thinks the same thing could happen with vegan chicken. “This is a really exciting time for us, “as well as the food industry overall. “Since the launch of several plant-based “beef alternative companies, “there has been a growing demand “for plant-based chicken alternatives.” American dancewear brand KD New York launched vegan cashmere. The vegetable cashmere is natural, cruelty-free, flexible, and sustainable. Made from a byproduct of tofu production, the vegan cashmere also
has antibacterial qualities and features superior
drape and breathability. The range features 13 pieces, including hoodies, camisoles, shawls, leggings and legwarmers. Traditional cashmere comes from the hair of a cashmere or Pashmina goat. According to KD New York, surging goat populations
from an unregulated market is causing erosion and desertification of the Mongolian grasslands. Around 90% of the world’s
cashmere is sourced from goats farmed in China and Mongolia. Major fashion retailers such as ASOS, H&M, and Le Chateau
have all banned cashmere for animal welfare reasons. An expose of cashmere production from international
animal rights group PETA revealed workers stepping
on frightened goats while ripping out their
hair with metal combs. KD New York co-founder David Lee told LIVEKINDLY that
vegetable cashmere production is a closed loop, and uses no additional
resources from the earth. “In all of our testing, it
has proven to be superior “to animal fiber cashmere,” Lee said. “It has greater tensile strength, “a lower pill factor, is moth-resistant “and machine washable.” That’s it for today. What do you think of Chobani
launching oat yogurt? Let us know in the comments below. Remember to subscribe and
hit the notification bell. We’ll see you again next
week for LIVEKINDLY’S “Weekly Vegan News.” (soft instrumental music)

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    And then a day later he had Chris Kresser on again to "debunk" the Game Changers!
    Joe speaking out against factory farming:

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  5. Raul Carmello

    I am from Brazil, and according to our national institute of Space resarch INPE, about 68% of the Amazon forest that is burnt is used for pasture, about 22% is just left there untouched , and the remaining 10% is for growing soybeans, which are then exported to China. 20% of the Amazon forest is already gone, by the time it reaches 40% it loses the ability to grow back. Cattle is responsible for 9% of Brazil"s income .

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  8. Gevan Lappido

    I'm crying.
    I'm happy.
    I know we will see a vegan world in our lifetime.
    And I feel so strong for the animals, for which this won't come in their lifetime.

    The change can't be stopped.
    We must be kind to help as efficiently as possible as many people to make the connection on their own.
    And as it was said, not argue over moral purity but take small steps.
    Thank you live kindly for showing us 😃

  9. MindVersusMisery

    Joe Rogan is a hypocrite. He is claiming to hate factory farming, yet pushes for meat consumption evey chance he gets. Like every person taking his advice on eating meat are going out of their way to buy "humanely raised" (oxymoron) meat. 99 % of meat is factory farmed.

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  11. Vegan Todd

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  12. Vitaliy Sakharchuk

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    for now you just give him not only views but make vegans think hes ok than they get a distorted view on vegnism and you get all those self hating vegans that are more anti vegan than most carnists are without even knowing it

  16. SER Angel

    I would be interested in this oat yogurt. I actually am going to make my own oatmeal milk this week. I went back to being a vegan last July. I have a hard time digesting meat. I have already lost 41 lbs. this year. I won't ever go back.

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  19. charlotte

    @livekindly – why do you promote the rogan guy ??? you know he doesn't give a damn about animals – farmed or wild … he claims he hates salughterhouses YET thrashes people who choose veganism for the greater good of animals…yes?

  20. neohumanity

    I was high on LSD one time and i meant to eat a fry but actually bit into a chicken wing and had the same 'ughh it's an animal response'. Then I went vegan like 8 months later.

  21. Jeff Cook

    Not being a fan of factory farming does not make one a Vegan. He basically destroys the argument for a non meat diet in his very next episode. I'm assuming you knew the first part and the title for this article is click bait.

  22. B vegan Now

    Sometimes while hunting animals r shot but dont die right away, instead they run away then die slow painful deaths from their wounds. Why doesnt joe kill a dog or human to eat it when he doesnt need to? Does joe eat meat that he hasnt killed himself or that wasn't from a wild hunted animal tho?
    Veganism is not for health.
    Impossible foods is not a vegan meat company, they served animal products and tested on animals.
    Great that they r launching oat yogurt

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    Average American: hmmm…so have you tried that steak sandwich yet?

    "But we also need those trees for oxygen and to combat climate change"

    Average American: omgz no, why no one told us this when they did actually tell us this 40 years ago?


  26. L.W.O Lit Wise Owl

    Meat eaters are murderers behind a middle man whether they admit it or not. In my eyes there's no difference from eating animals to murdering other people or cannibalism. 🤔
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    The reason we evolved the way we did is largely down to our meat infused diet, without it we would not have developed the brain we have today. All that said, I do find myself increasingly distressed by the treatment of animals in the meat industry today, it's abhorrent and bereft of any kind of empathy for their suffering. I still eat meat though, I see it as an essential part of our diet, although I only eat meat a couple of times a week now and always try to purchase free range, grass fed etc etc, if only to sooth my conscience.

    I hope one day we can use science to come up with a complete replacement to actually having to kill and eat animals, we are getting closer to that day, but it's not here yet, regardless of what some would like us to believe. But if it does happen in my lifetime I will be one of the first to welcome it. I've also told my children the truth about meat, how we get it and why they should be greatful to the animal that gave it's life to feed them, so they are already on the path it took me years to start to follow.

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