Kaiyuan Life Huanchun, Huangshan, China – Best Hotel win Huangshan

Hello everyone, about two weeks ago I
went to China to climbed Huangshan, which is the Yellow Mountain. Before we visited the mountain we stopped by the ancient town in Huangshan, called Tunxi, which
has 1,000 years of history. Instead of staying in an international brand hotel, this time we choose to stay in a boutique hotel in the old town. The hotel mortified few very old buildings into a modern and beautiful boutique hotel. It is located in one of the alleys of the busy main street. It’s is like an oasis. The hotel is designed in a very elegant China style. They used a lot of materials preserved from old buildings. Like this staircase in the reception. It’s really a masterpiece. The room I was assigned is located on
another building, and here’s the entrance. This hotel was opened in summer 2018,
so it’s still very new. Apart from the beautiful architecture, the service of the hotel is very good as well. Before you arrived hotel you can give them a call or send them a WeChat message. The butler will come out to the entrance of the old town to escort you to the hotel. I love the Chinese garden inside the building very much, they make me feel very calm. And makes a big contrast from
the busy streets outside. This time I stayed in a deluxe double room. The design is in a modern fusion type with a touch of Chinese style. Even it’s only a small boutique hotel
in China, they still provide Aromatherapy toiletries product, which really surprised
me. They provide a complimentary minibar, tea, fruit, and snack as well. The bed and pillows are very comfortable. They are even better than many luxury hotels. I love to view from this window very
much Seeing this Chinese garden in the atrium. I really wish if I can have a view like this in my home. I paid about US$110 per night. It totally matches my standard of an affordable luxury experience. The design of the hotel is very practical and considerate as well There are USB power sockets on both sides of the bed, and the sitting area as well. Light buffet breakfasts are served
every morning in Anhui(安徽)Style。 I highly recommend this Kaiyuan Life Boutique Hotel. It is totally a unique experience to stay in such a beautiful ancient building like this. I hope you enjoy the video. If you liked it press the Like button and subscribe to my channel. See you next time.

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