Kids ‘n Fiber

Most of us don’t get
enough fiber in our diet-and kids are no
exception. Hi I’m Shirley Blakely, a dietitian and nutritionist at FDA. I’m also a mom, and when
my kids were little, foods high in fiber could
be a tough sell. Not like ice
cream or hot dogs. But kids need
fiber-we all do. It helps our digestive
system work better. And when kids are older,
fiber can help reduce their risk of
heart disease. Great natural sources of
fiber include Beans, Peas, Fruit, and vegetables. And
don’t forget-whole grains are also a great source
of fiber like whole grain cereals, whole grain
breads, and whole grain pasta. There are lots of tasty
ways to work fiber into your child’s diet. Whole grain cereal can
be sweetened with fruit. Their favorite sandwich
can be made with whole grain bread. Include some fruits and
vegetables in their lunch. And with my kids, chili
was always a big hit. With packaged products, be
sure to read the Nutrition Facts Label to find out
the fiber content per serving. 5% of your daily value of
fiber is low, while 20% or more is high. Kids need at least 14 to
31 grams of fiber per day. To learn more about making
good nutrition part of your family’s
routine, go to

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