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– [Interviewer] What
do you think makes this a good street food? – ‘Cause I can just like
walk around like doop doop. Mm, mm. (upbeat music throughout) – [Interviewer] Hello! Do you know what you’re doing here today? – We’re doing Kids Try? Right? – [Interviewer] We’re having Street Foods- – No! Don’t tell me. – [Interviewer] You don’t wanna know? – Yeah, that’s how I roll. (laughter) (scraping sound) – What? (laughter) – Is it deep-fried potato? – That’s curry. (crunch sound) – [Interviewer] This is Japanese curry, wrapped in dough and deep fried. – The bread’s really good. It’s like soft but also
crunchy at the same time. The thing I don’t really like about it is how the curry’s sort
of a little bit spicy. But the bread’s really delicious. – This is messy. – [Interviewer] But if
you eat something messy on the street, the crumbs
just go on the street, it’s not your problem. (laughter) (scraping sound) – Is this some sort of noodle hot dog? – Noodle dog. – [Interviewer] Noodle dog? – That’s what I’m calling it. (laughter) – [Interviewer] What do you see? – A hot dog, but with spaghetti inside it, with these little pink
things and some noodle on it. – Is that ginger? – Mmm! – [Interviewer] Like it? – Mmm! Mmm! – [Interviewer] You ever
had yakisoba before? – I love yakisoba. – [Interviewer] What
do you think makes this a good street food? – It’s hard to get like a salad on the go, but just grab a hot dog
and get outta there. – Like this? (laughter) – ‘Cause I can just like
walk around like, doop, doop. Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm. – [Interviewer] Go ahead
and open your eyes. – Ooo, it’s wrapped in newspaper. That’s fancy. – It’s newspaper. Whoa, it’s warm, is it a burrito? (paper sound) – Is this a yam? – [Interviewer] It’s a sweet potato. – What is this? Wow! – Tastes like a giant fig. – [Interviewer] So what you’re
eating is called a yakiimo. These vendors drive
these like little trucks, kind of like an ice cream truck. But instead of ice
cream, you get potatoes. – That’s cool. (laughter) – This is fun! – Get my food, I’m going
to read the article. (laughter) (scraping sound) – Come to papa. – This looks really messy. – Mmm, I like it. – Is this mochi? – I think mochi. – [Interviewer] It’s very similar. – It still doesn’t really
top off the noodle dog, ’cause the noodle dog was high quality. High quality food there. – [Interviewer] Why do you think they have so many street foods in Japan? – I’ve noticed that in
Japan, like in pictures, there’s always like really busy streets. I’m like, if there’s that many people, they don’t have time to actually sit in a real restaurant and like wait. And with street food, boom. (scraping sound). – Huh, what’s this? – (gasp) It’s a waffle fish. – So, how am I gonna open it? I wanna rip off the head, but- – [Interviewer] Do it. – Is this chocolate? – Mmm, so good. It’s sweet and really good
flavor, but it’s not too sweet. – Why are all these so fun to squish? – [Interviewer] Very
squishy selection today. – This is a puzzle. (laughter) See this goes right here,
and his blood goes in here. (laughter) – Man, that would be nice, living in Japan with
all these street foods. (crunch sound) – Why did the fish not have any friends? – [Interviewer] I don’t know, why? – Because it was shell-fish. – [Interviewer] Aww! – Bye! Thanks for watching!

  1. sweet afr

    I noticed that there's a lot of Japanese people and that almost time to sit down and eat with us where they grab food on the go lol 🤣 I think you are right

  2. Rei Bunn

    I know kids plays with food and it's a kid's thing but I'm really itching when someone plays with their food like heck I could swallow the whole thing in one go and if ur not gonna eat I know I will

  3. Smile

    Pleaseee do Street foods Uganda 🇺🇬🇺🇬 (chapati, mandazi, rolex, kasooli omwokye, muwogo omwokye, gonjya omwokye, nyama choma, etc.)

  4. Dark unknown Luna Gg

    I love this channel and I love the show but whenever the eat noodles I’m fine with it but sometimes I get creeped out because when I was little my cousins told me that noodles were worms and that they’d start crawling in your body and I never eat noodles since then

  5. e Rika

    I'm really curious to see what fletcher's parents are like. They're really cool for allowing fletcher keep his hair long. Some parents wouldn't approve.

  6. warriorbard

    It's funny how Japan has street food when it's uncommon to eat on the streets let alone walk and eat. When I visited Tokyo, I hardly saw anyone walk and eat anything.

  7. Mariposaoro Fusion food Channel

    That kid with the long hair and heavy metal T shirt, is funny!! I don't blame the boy, who said he wanted to live in Japan-I feel that way too!!

  8. David Hoffman

    I am somewhat confused. I was under the impression that it was considered very impolite in Japanese society to walk and eat at the same time. Do the buyers of this street food take it and go find a place to sit and then eat?

  9. 八咫烏




    These foods are not tend to eat while walking.
    These are well known, so thank you for introduce around the world.

  10. Lin Lin

    " i just wanna rip the head off"
    " and this piece goes here and the blood goes here"
    "Why's it so squishy (RIP sweet potato)"

    Me : 👁👄👁 kids are scarwwy 😨😨😨😨😂😂😂.

  11. Juen

    Only thing is….it's a social taboo to walk around with food in Japan. You're expected to stop and eat it, typically you go around the stall and consume the food there. As someone from North America I typically ignore this little 'social rule' and walk around eating and drinking but….that will incur quite a few displeased stares. Especially from older Japanese folks.
    Great food choices though! Curry pan is one of my favourites and yakiimo is one of my winter staples!

  12. KpopPotato

    Ugh I miss Japan:( I should have tried more street foods when I was in Tokyo… but I did try the karee pan and dango (and mochi too), and I gotta say the karee pan was sooo freaking delicious! And that fish they had looked a lot like it had red bean paste inside of it so I guess it’s similar to an anpan

  13. brisaespi99

    Could i ask why fletcher has long hair?… Its been making me curious. Is it for the androgynous look or religion?… Or just simplicity?

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