[Korean Food] Spicy Dumpling Stew for Winter | winter stew recipes | spicy stew recipes

Hello. Welcome to my channel. It’s Stella’s recipe. It is already so cold in early December. You must be looking for a warm stew that could warm up your body. So, today, I’m going to make a dumpling stew If you love dumplings, you should keep an eye on today’s video. So, if you are ready, let’s get started! Let’s make a broth first. Put 5g of kelp and 10g of dipori in a pack. Dipori is a dried fish that is used to make a broth. If you don’t have a dipori, you can substitute them with an anchovy or you can use kelp alone. The reason why I’m using this broth pack is to make a clear broth. It prevents broth from getting dirt. Then, pour 6 cups of water inside a pot. Put a broth pack and boil this for 15 minutes in a medium heat. Then, take out the broth pack and leave the broth on the side. Cut one onion into a half and slice them. Slice one green pumpkin and cut them again to look like a half moon. Cut the bottom part of mushroom and tear them out using hands. Slice one tofu into 1cm wide. Cut them into a half. Cut 400g of kimchi into a bite. I used kimchi, which is more than one year old. You could use a brand new kimchi, but if you use an older one, you can make a better broth. Then, let’s make a seasoning. Put three spoons of soy sauce. Put one spoon of ground garlic. Put three spoons of chili powder. Mix them all together using a spoon. When all the ingredients are ready, it is time to organize them inside a pot. We are going to use five kinds of ingredient, so divide the pot into five parts Then, place each ingredient in each place. I will put tofu first. Onion, green pumpkin, mushroom and kimchi. Last but not least, I will put dumpling in the middle. If this is done, put them into a stove and pour a broth that we made before Put a seasoning that we made before. Boil this for 15 minutes. Wow, it is almost done! Put a sliced red chili and green chili on top. Close the lid and boil this again for 5 more minutes. Warm up your body with this spicy dumpling stew. Have a nice winter! Did you enjoy today’s video? Then, please give me a thumbs up and hit the subscribe button below. See you in the next video. Bye Bye

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