Lola Flora is glad with the inflow of their restaurant | FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano (With Eng Subs)

Thank you for eating here. Lola Flora, Emma was right. The food here is delicious. – Thank you so much.
– This kare-kare is great! Oh my god! It’s so good! That’s our family recipe. This is going to ruin my diet. But your sisig is just too good. Thank you. – You come back, okay?
– Of course. We still have more food
you should try. – Sure.
– We will. Bubbles, are you okay? I am. Tell us if you get tired. – Yolly?
– Lola Flora. Do we still have food? Of course.
Look, we have a lot. That’s good because
look at all those people. – We have that many customers?
– Yes. Our soft opening
is a big hit! You’re right. Can you borrow
some chairs so they can wait
more comfortably? Okay, Lola.
We’ll borrow some chairs. – Let’s go over there.
– We’ll be off. I think I saw some
chairs upstairs. – Yolly!
– Yes? We have a lot of customers. You’re right, Lola. We’ll make do with what we have. What do you want to eat? How much is a serving of
sisig and bitter gourd? Each serving costs 45 pesos. But since it’s our soft opening, you only have to pay
half the price. That’s great! We’ll buy three servings of
sisig and bitter gourd. Dine-in or to go? – To go.
– Okay. Everything’s going well.
I’ll go inside for now. – Prepare three servings.
– Okay. Three servings of sisig , right? I’ll give them
their change first. Go ahead. You should try Lola Flora’s
kare-kare when you come back. It’s so good. – It’s our specialty.
– It comes with shrimp paste. We should start conducting more
outreach programs in our town. Okay, Chairman Bart. We should also distribute
grocery bags in every area. Don’t forget to put my picture
on the plastic bags. But the campaign period hasn’t
started yet, Chairman Bart. The filing for candidacy
is still ongoing. We might get called out. We’re backed by
the powerful Coun. G. No one can take us down. Okay? I’ll definitely enjoy this food. – Wow!
– Chairman Bart! That smell… We bought some sisig.
Let’s eat! Well, I love sisig ! Let’s eat! Are you okay, Chairman Bart? This is delicious! – He likes it.
– It’s so good I forgot my name. What’s my name?
Please! What’s my name? Eat up. Introduce me to myself. Just tell us what you want to
eat and we’ll cook it for you. That looks good, Chairman I’m getting hungry. Go on and eat! Thank you– Wait a moment! Let me eat first. This is my favorite. Veggies with egg! This looks good. I’m hungry, you know. Delicious! It’s the best! Just like what Chairman
always sings… Hey, please buy
more of these. We want more veggies! Buy one for Coun. G too. Wait. Where did you get this? It’s from Flora’s Garden. It’s their soft opening today. Flora’s Garden?! You mean, Lola Flora’s eatery? Does it taste bitter now? It’s not that good. The bitter gourd
is not cooked. Call the ambulance! Go, call it now! Two more. What about you, sir? Here. Alright, rice? Hello, Lola Flora! Hello! Lola Flora, can we
hire you as the caterer for our firstborn’s
christening party? Yes, of course! Miss, just tell us what
you want Lola Flora to cook. Really? But if I may suggest, you can try her
beef caldereta. It’s so good! It’s so good! Is that so? We can cook
anything you want but may we ask your
estimated budget for this? I’m sorry but we don’t
have much. We’ll discuss it first at home. Don’t worry. We can still make
it delicious even with limited budget! Thank you so much,
Lola Flora! Just give us your number. Yeah, so we can call
each other. Alright. Wait, did you have lunch? Not yet. Oh, then why don’t you try
our dishes here? Alright then. Go ahead.

  1. Imelda Balmes

    Grabe ang dami ng tao sa karenderya ni lola flora ang saya saya namang ang princess yassi sa dami ng tao itong buwesit na congie palagi niyan kinakalabang ang pamilya ni lola flora

  2. Julymah marie Parpan

    Wow n wow soft opening daming tao agad kya ang saya ni mahal mbenta ang lola floras garden….. Bweset tlga c congi at kap bart eh pero nsarapan nman cla eh….

  3. Julieta Suralta

    Advice lang tagalin na
    ninio c Mits Valdez wla xang
    kuwenta masyadong.niang
    inaapi ang pamilya ni Cardo
    akala mo xa ung bida da FPJ ang yabang.nia vali gusto nia importante xa sa
    palabas ay dati lng.naman
    xa nanira ng pamilya.noong
    araw. !!!!!!!!!

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