London to Mauritius with Air Mauritius | Mauritius Travel Vlog | Ep 01

Good Morning London, it’s a big day today
because our next stop is the African Island nation located deep in the Indian Ocean
known as Mauritius. But no one likes a morning London commute
so let’s make this fun. And good morning from Mauritius, first
stay here, first morning waking up to beautiful views, sound of the waves, the
birds chirping. We’re staying on the west coast of Mauritius at a little seaside
town called Flic En Flac. Kind of a funny little name with an interesting
back story behind it as well apparently it’s a little play on words
on a Dutch phrase that means ‘Free Flat Land’ I believe if my research has got it
correct but we’re here on this beautiful island we’ve got that beautiful little
mountain in the back there called Le Brabant it’s got a lot of historical and
cultural relevance here on the island and we’re staying at the Sands spa and
resort. First morning here, let’s get the drone out and check out the views. okay and just like that it’s the
afternoon very eventful morning had a huge breakfast, breakfast here was
amazing yeah and then we just lounge catching a bit of Sun now it’s whistle
rain most of the day but we’ve been lucky with this good weather so far I’ve
switched to the GoPro now so that’s why it’s been different I will see how this
turns out I haven’t used this in a long time need to start using it more but
mainly because we’re gonna either grab some kayaks and go out there or maybe the paddle boats of those I’m leaning towards the kayaks babe is leading towards the paddle boats we’ll see who wins either way we’re
going out on the water soon so we’ll see you there. Peace! just chilling out here in the water
a nice view of the beach, nice view of the mountain in the background not too
shabby nice over castles not too hot, living the
life here on Mauritius – Flic En Flac Rachel’s all the way back there
so I’m going to go catch up to her and see what she’s doing. Lets go! Okay, an update. Rachel went out too far and she
got told off by the Baywatch lifeguards so I blame that all on you Rach for
going too far, they showed us another area we can go to so we’ll go there- Hi, are you
having fun babe? (yeah it’s beautiful out here) Yeah, you’re a champ just paddling along like its nobodies business going so far out that the lifeguards had to come I know, I didn’t mean to, I just drifted passed it as well
as I was vlogging. Okay we’re going to go that way
we’ll see you when we get there. Good old paddle, kayak session finished
my arms are tired it’s getting a bit choppy out here as
well and it looks like it’s about to pour we’re gonna head back on in
I think that’s all the excitement for today so we’ll either see you later or we’ll see you tomorrow

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