Mango Ice Cream Recipe – आम की एकदम सॉफ्ट आइसक्रीम – Homemade Ice cream

Namaskar. Welcome to today we will make Mango Ice cream, which is relished by almost everyone. and it is my most favorite recipe too. So, let’s start with making Mango Ice cream instantly. For making mango ice cream, we have taken 1 kg mango, this is dusseri mango. You can take any mango according to your choice. If there is no thread in the mangoes, then the pulp will turn out to be perfect. If there are threads in the mangoes, even then the pulp will turn out good. but make sure you strain the pulp through a sieve, so that it tastes really good. Wash, peel and take out the pulp from the mangoes, Here we have taken 100 gms sugar(1/2 cup ) Mix the mango pulp with sugar and make a fine paste. We have already prepared fine paste from the mangoe pulp. Remove the mango and sugar and place the pulp here, Here we have taken 200 gms fresh cream, You can find packed cream at any dairy. Place it in the refrigerator i. e cool it. and open the pack later and take it out. Remove the extra milk from it. This quantituy of milk is drained, now we whip this cream. we already place these bowls in the freezer, The bowl at the bottom has ice in it, on top of it is an empty bowl, but it is chilled too. put the cream into it. Whip the cream in a cool room, It is extremely hot these days, If you whip it in a hot room , then it will be difficult to whip it. Cream was chilled, the bowl was too, The cream is whipped quickly and is ready, This is very nice and dense cream. We have whipped it for 2 to 2.5 minutes, cream is whipped and ready. We are making mango ice cream, so we don’t need to add any other flavor to it. Mango flavor itself tastes delicious. Add Mango pulp to the cream, Whip it so that all ingredients mix well. cream and mango pulp have mixed well. Ice cream mix is ready, put it in a container to freeze. It is better if we use an air tight container, then there is no crystal formation over the ice cream. Pour the mixture into the container, Spread it evenly. Close the lid and place it in the freezer, Ice will set and be ready in 7 to 8 hours, after that we serve it. Ice cream is frozen and ready. Now we will serve it, We scoop it out like this. We can serve the ice cream with dry fruits garnishing, or strawberry sharbat, rose sharbat, or serve it anyway you desire, You don’t need to mix anything to the Mango ice cream, this itself is delicious. Making it is very easy, You can prepare Mango ice cream very easily at home. Try making this recipe at your home and share your experiences with See you soon with another delightful recipe. Do subscribe to my YouTube channel as well.

  1. Krushnapriya Satapathy

    Nishaji apki batayi hui method ki anusar mai cream banyi icecream keliye lekin apki tarah thik nehi hua.mai mix mai banayi thi.please batayie cream thik kiyu nahi hua


    Ma'am kaun se fresh cream use karne hai. Amul fresh cream use kar sakte hai Kya. And instead of electric whipping machine, hand blender use kar sakte hai kya

  3. Sonel Sinha

    Madam today I have tried this icecream but after freezing the mixture icecrystal came why?& What is the remedy to avoid such problem?

  4. Jayshree Mudaliyar

    Very nice receipe mai last year malati mudaliyar id seapp ka sath baat karte thi is recipe me whipped cream use kar sakte kya

  5. Neeta's channel

    Why you are so sweet i really like you so much…Shob kitna asan bana deti hai app. thank you..Aap mere internet guru maa ho..Apse roz kuch na kuch sikhti hu

  6. Shweta Kapile

    Mam hum fresh cream ki jagah whip cream use kar sakate hai kya. ..agar ha to sugar ki quantity same rahegi Kya?kyunki whip cream already sweet hoti hai…

  7. bhakti bahjan shivdhi

    Mam which cream I will use homemade cream or market cream. And Mam if Galender mixer was not have so what will use please tell me because I really like your ice cream


    Hindi Shah Madhulika it's I am Mamta Sharma it is my Sasur ji phone my phone doesn't have data so I am using my Sasur ji phone this recipe is too easy I will try now because I have a stock of mango in my and my fridge

  9. Pushpa Sharma

    मेरी आइस क्रीम में बर्फ के क्रिस्टल जम गए ऐसा क्यों हुआ मेम प्लीज जरूर बताना मेम


    मैडम इसमें आपने तो आम का प ल कैसे बनता है वह नहीं बताया

  11. Sangeeta Singh

    Ma'am ice-cream me kaun kaun si cream use kiya ja sakta he please ek video detail me ek video banaiye me bahut confuse hu cream ko lekar

  12. Renu chauhan

    Mem mere paas wo ni hai jisay aapne mango or cream ko mix kiya h ….to Mai uski jagah Kya use kru…..mixer Mai ho skta h kya

  13. Neeru Aggarwal

    Mam aapki sab recipe bahut tasty banti h.but hum jab bhi koi bhi icecream banate h us per pani ki halki si layer aa jati h. Iska koi solution bataiye.pls…..

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