McDonald’s NEW Spicy BBQ Chicken Sandwich Review!

Hello everyone, this is running on empty Food review. Well, hello, ladies and gentlemen and everyone watching This is running on empty food review and I am your host the report of the week Well first and foremost, I would like to apologize for the any audio issues I’m filming this one very haphazardly because it’s us it’s a busy day lot going on and Obviously at the time that work that was a busy time of day as well McDonald’s has released a new item. They released a new item. They got it out They it’s it’s fairly new release and it’s in conjunction with their spicy barbeque Glazed chicken tenders and I know when the glazed tenders originally came out I kind of tried them maybe a little too early I thought that I was just kind of jumping the gun on it and getting you know getting in first but I realize now I tried out those tenders before everyone else got them to the point where it just Didn’t really work out cuz no one can get them What’s the point but this is a national release now everyone can get it everyone everyone. Maybe they already got it I doubt it though and all that traffic in the background there people just flying over to McDonald’s to get this newest release so this is the spicy barbeque chicken sandwich and Here’s what it comes with, right? It’s got their buttermilk chicken filet as the patty it comes with slivered onions I believe in a past review. I said silvered onions, but now doesn’t feature any Silvered onions nor does it feature any gold onions wear platinum onions just slivered onions pickles a mouth-watering Smoky barbecue sauce and that says it’s a type of sandwich. That’s gonna make you go. Whoo So I guess it was just embodiment. It’s the perfect embodiment of that flavor is what they’re trying to say All right. Now the interesting thing with this one was the fact that it reminded me very much of The McRib not necessarily in perhaps how the sauce is But you’re going to see in a minute what it looks like the way the sauce is drizzled on it You know with the onions and the pickles very very similar Presentation-wise to the McRib so it’s going to be an interesting one there So let’s get it out for you What did the price come after this four dollars and 69 cents is the price Here’s the sandwich That their Special green box for this one says yours to enjoy So I suppose it is is it’s mine to enjoy and that’s in loving the flavor Loving it right there and There it is right in there. You can see the sesame seed bun and you can see some of the chicken sticking out now Let’s just take a better look at it. I Mean you can definitely see the sauce Covering it at the bottom there You can see it dripping off that pickle though. I don’t know it I thought it was gonna be a little more covered in the sauce. It’s like they kind of just oh Oh shoot. There we go. We have we have slivered onion losses going on To avoid any further casualties there’s the top bun. It looks like lots of onions and some sauce there’s the patty itself with a couple pickles and some sauce and Then I believe you can see the bottom bun right there It looks as though we have more sauce, so it’s not Saturated in the sauce like you might see the McRib that’s that is a big difference. It does feature though the same toppings and I Don’t know. I mean, maybe it’s just a very flavorful sauce. I’m not the most impressed with the sauce coverage, but you know what? We can’t judge a book by it’s cover. Maybe a little goes a long way Maybe it doesn’t we’ll find out so, you know what’s on it. I know what’s on it We all know what’s on it all those people on the highway there know what’s on it as well And with that try it up, so it’s a spicy barbecue glazed chicken sandwich from McDonald’s going in Yes, it’s been a busy day today otherwise I would have again Managed the timing of things better, but it just needed to be done when it needed to be done This was the only time that it would work out really take one more bite It’s not bad overall and that’s the probably the initial thoughts that are coming in No, it’s not too bad The one thing that I noticed It’s like you have little bits and pieces Where the sauce is very concentrated? Very potent there’s other times where the sauce is kind of just there You know when I was trying out these spicy barbecue chicken tenders and the sauce is the same for each one So you aren’t getting the same sauce. So no difference there, but I do notice here The spiciness that this sauce has again. It’s a lingering spiciness exactly the same as those tenders So as I’m kind of giving this little delivery right now, I can still feel that spiciness in the back of my mouth. They’re Not incredibly strong, but you did see I had to go for the water. So it’s definitely there It’s definitely present and that’s one thing to take note of but otherwise It’s a flavorful sandwich are the chicken fillet is tender. It’s juicy. It’s it’s favorable when I first saw it I thought it looks a little on the overcooked side If anything else and I was a little worried about it But it actually ended out for the better ended up for the better not ended out for the better Ended up being for the better though and it did she’s a little more tender than I thought I kind of looked at it and I was thinking man this thing looks like It’s burnt to a crisp But it wasn’t so they got me on that one otherwise, the one thing that I like about this sandwich, I was a little worried about the The silvered onions and the the pickles there. I was worried that that was just gonna It was gonna be a little iffy, but they blended together really well I like this a little bit of like a zestiness that the onions have and that Tang that the pickles provide is Just great. It’s very simplistic. It’s a very simple sandwich It’s not loaded with dozens of different artisan esque toppings or any of that Just the chicken the sauce some pickles some onions, but it all blends together I think into a tasty sandwich if you asked so those are my thoughts there again overall I think those pickles are what makes it so make sure if even want to get it with some extra pickles I might even go ahead and recommend that I think that Tang of the pickles really blends together with the chicken and especially that sauce. Well, that spiciness is good, too It’s not overbearing it’s not overdone, but I think it all just comes together really nicely. So that’s my two cents anyways Another price for this sandwich is around the four dollar and twenty six cent mark, I believe that’s when it came down to So out of ten I’m going to be giving this sandwich. I mean for what it is Yep, again, like I said, you can’t judge a book by it’s cover except first They saw this and I thinking that looks a little iffy I don’t know how it’s gonna be Looks a little gimmicky like they’re trying to make a play on the McRib and I should emphasize It doesn’t taste like the McRib the McRib is far far more Tangier whereas this is more on that spicy side So there’s definite differences when it comes down to that So I wouldn’t compare it to that Overall though I mean out of ten I would give it a seven point five out of ten. I think it’s pretty solid It’s pretty good. Definitely a little bit above average and I think that’s that’s the best rating for it So chicken is pretty good The sauce is still good and the topping so not a ton definitely blend together and make it a tasty sandwich So it’s all that I have for you ladies and gentlemen I’m your host the report of the week and always remember that if you would like to support this channel my podcast my radio show a lot of work goes into it each week and a fun way to do it is if you join my community of patrons at you know, it’s a fun community It’s a fun way to support it to team up and join other other fans and supporters It’s just a lot of fun over all so check it out if you’re interested That’s all that I got for you a new podcast is coming up as always this Thursday. That’s all that I have Thank you and take care. I’m your host the report of the week And again, I’d like to offer my apologies for the noise in the background. I’ll get that sorted out next time Thank you and all the best

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  2. Retrogamer1010

    All these places are the same. They come out with a new burger sandwich whatever and it's good. A few months later when a lot of people are hooked they change it. They make it cheaper less jucy etc. You can taste the difference. It really dissapoints me especially when it's really good to begin with.

  3. Mulder25j


    Has to be at least an 8 before I'll give it a try.
    I'll stick to Chick-fil-A. There spicy chicken sandwiches are an 9.25.

    Reviewbrah, please stop with the apologizes.

  4. Tom Stovall

    The lord Reviewbrah presenting another epicurean delight. That sandwich definitely needed more sauce. A definite spiciness is nice. The sandwich sounds good. Thanks Reviewbrah!

  5. Mackinly Geyer

    Reviewbrah! Before you continue reading this I just need you to prepare yourself because this is truly an outrageous concept, however! I think it would be quite interesting and definitely a surprise if you were to do one….just one! Food review where instead of you wearing your suits you maybe wear simply a pare of jeans and a graphic T-shirt without styled hair for added shock value lol

  6. that1 fuckindude

    I dare someone to hack into this guy’s search history… lol also can someone please maintain his finger nails… his feet must be interesting 😳

  7. The Henpai

    Thankyou for your review! I work at a busy McDonald’s in Virginia, and looking at the new sandwich I was very interested in trying it. Seeing this review, it definitely looks like a better sandwich than what we previously had, the extreme bacon burger a few weeks back. I think I’ll have it on my break today!

  8. Jason

    I hated it! 😝😝 Probably cause I only eat the real chicken sandwiches from Chik fil a, and occasionally Wendy's spicey chicken sandwich, McDonald's food just taste to processed and fake to me…. My opinion

  9. Jack D

    Sometimes as I sit in a full McDonald's, just packed with so many people I….. let out consistent farts and see how people react, see who they look at or blame.

  10. brad goins

    They should just rename themselves McDrunkards because you almost have to be inebriated to willfully go there and pay the prices they charge for the "meals" as horrid as they look and taste compared to anywhere else. They only make highly processed prefrozen everything that only tastes ok when youre drunk. And then you just get stuff off the dollar menu

  11. Matthew Campbell

    The sauce was supposed to go on top of the chicken not the sliver and pickle. I think it would be cheaper to have made it with the mc chicken instead of the crispy butter milk. If you like pickles you better order extra there will only be couple that come on it. McDonalds rule is no more than three on a sandwich. Only one on a single cheeseburger or hamburger.

  12. matt lynch

    Mr Brah, do you exclusively eat fast food, or do you occasionally cook what you consume? what are some of your favorite fast food meals? Have you ever considered making a cooking show?


    Before you hate on him first off he makes more money than you second look at his house compared to yours if you wear a suit for every video you got commitment

  14. Truth Seeker

    Sad, that the world is filled with people opposite of this guy's character. His character would improve the world if it was the many than the few.

  15. Johnny D

    Sad substitute for the McRib IMO. Not that the chicken sandwich is bad, the Rib is just so good. Not around East Michigan anymore. This BBQ Glazed lineup has been in Flint, MI for about a week now. Maybe a bit longer.

  16. Alfred Nerstu

    Wish you could come to Scandinavia and review the McDonalds Homestyle burgers

  17. BB0987

    Just had this. DISGUSTING. My entire sandwich was drenched in BBQ sauce. And WTF was that sauce? It smelled so weird and tasted absolutely AWFUL. This + a medium fry ran me up $8 smfhh

  18. GuessWho

    I just ate one and it was kinda the opposite of what you describe lol. Maybe poor quality control on the one I purchased. The chicken was dry, I couldn't taste the onion at all. The bun and sauce had an odd flavor to me. I had no pickles on mine (I don't like pickles).

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