Men Try the INSANELY Spicy Noodles Challenge – 2x Nuclear Fire Noodles!

Oh…AHHH (Music intro) AHHH Welcome back trybe. My name is Austin. (Cam) Still Cam.(Austin) Today we’ve got the spicy noodle challenge here in front of us. (Cam) Someone is not excited! (Austin) It has been highly highly requested we’re finally doing it and I just want to do it so it can be over with. (Cam) I will say I am a ramen noodle connoisseur. (Austin) Are you? (Cam) I am. (Austin) I was in college. (Cam) I friggin.. *You know the one question when their like what’s the one food you can survive on if that is the only thing you could eat? Ramen noodles. (Austin) Really? (Cam) Yes! (Austin) Really?!? (Cam) Every time! (Austin) Really? It’s cardboard. (Cam) It’s Noo, sir! (Austin) Yes, sir! (Cam) You have been eating the wrong noodles. (Austin) Which noodl.. Okay will get into that in another time. (Austin)Today’s challenge is the Spicy Noodle Challenge. We have to eat this entire frigging’ bowl. (Cam) I’m excited! It’s lunch time! (Austin Laughing nervously) (Cam) This is going to be great! (Austin)I’ve seen this. This has been a trend on youtube for awhile. (Cam) Dude (Austin) and it looks painful. My stomach guys is no longer what it used to be. (Cam) Laughing (Austin) We have done other spicy videos in the past. We have done videos where we did the one chip challenge (Cam) Oh Yah, that was really rough. (Austin) That was really fun. (Austin) We did another one where we did the progression of hot peppers. (Austin) Which was a “Shyamalan” twist in itself (Cam) We had to like by punishment, had to like just eat hot sauce. (Austin)Oh Right! (Cam) We, You got me with the friggin WHOPPER! (Austin) I Did! (Cam) The spicy Whopper challenge. (Austin) So spice is nothing new on this channel. (Cam)We do love it. (Austin) However, ever since we embarked on the last pepper challenge, my stomach no longer handles heat. (Cam) Has been destroyed. (Austin) Matter of fact this will probably hurt me for the next 48 hours. So, Just know I am doing it for you! (Cam) *Laughing at Austin* (Austin) And your entertainment and if you don’t give me that freaking thumbs up down below. I will reach through this screen and strangle you myself. (Cam) After he gets off the floor from all the stomach pain. (Cam) That’s right we are going to see who can down this little bugger the fastest. (Austin) Now, how can we “spice” this up even more? (Cam)OHHO! I am glad you said that! (Austin) Take it to the next level. (Cam) I think that only the winner gets milk. (Austin) Why are you pouring into your glass? (Cam) Just preemptive. You know don’t even. That’s right one cup of milk is all we have! (Austin) *sighs* (Austin)Yah, cause we weren’t smart enough from the previous attempts to learn. (Cam) To buy milk. (Austin) Hey, we should have milk in the house. (Cam)That’s it, folks, the winner gets the milk the other one suffers. Who knows? Maybe you’re just playing it down. (Cam)Maybe you’re just gonna like *pffft* just like inhale it in like one..(Austin)NO! I am not going to inhale it, you want to know why? (Austin) cuz I am not great with chopsticks. Let alone noodles. (Cam) There’s even a fancy chopstick sticker on there. (Austin)Yeah so when she says go We got a tear open our chopsticks throw on our headbands and go. (Cam) No put on a headband then tear open those shopsticks. (Austin) That shopsticks? Shopsticks *they both laugh* (Austin)Yeah, you sure you do it your way I do it mine I guess you’re right though about the headband first. (Austin)All right before we start. Help us hit our next milestone 500K! Hit that subscribe down below. Hit that notification bell so you can be alerted when we upload new content. (Austin) Ready for that count down. (Wife off screen 3…..2….1 GO!) (Austin) OH NO!! I dropped it!(Cam) You’re off to a terrible start! (Austin)Already! (Cam) A terrible start! (Cam)Is this a bow or a knot? (Austin) It just has to be on your head. (Austin) Okay. (Austin) Why is this…. *wife laughs off camera* (Cam) Holy crap, that was not ready for that. (Austin) Whose idea was this! (Cam) Oh my gosh. (Austin) Oh my gosh, it’s so much harder than the package says it is (Cam)Mm-hmm. I severely underestimated (Austin) laughing *wife off camera laughing* (Cam) The noodles (Cam) oh you know the worst part, my whole face burns! (Austin)I cant grip it!! (Cam) I get a grip and then my mouth is like no. (Austin)Oh my gosh! (Cam) oh, why is it so hot? (Austin) I gotta so hot i’ts so hot guys (Austin)For all my nose is running. (Cam)My tongue hurts. Ah..Ahhhhh!! (Cam)I got the eye sweats (Austin)Cam (Cam)My tummy…(Austin) ah! (Austin)If you’re watching this without video and just listening to the audio, that can sound real bad. (Cam)EWWW (Austin) Why did we up the anti?!? *wife off-screen* (cam is looking like he is in the lead) (Cam)I am getting there! But it hurts. (Cam)It’s too much! (Austin)I don’t think you realize how hot this is. It is really hot. (Austin)I’m looking at..Can I get a tissue for my nose, please. (Cam) At least my sinuses are cleared. Oh (Austin) God, he’s almost done. (Cam) Kills me! (Cam) Oh breathing makes it hurt. (Austin)Yeah… (Cam) Like a lot. (Austin) Oh Cam..(Cam) my tummies not happy. ( Austin) There’s been a recurring theme across…(Cam) Shut up (Austin)across all of our spicy videos. (Austin) And I’ve got something to tell ya. (Cam) Ya? (Austin) Your pregnant! (Cam) UGGHH (Austin) I’m just kidding. (Cam) Oh my gosh! whooo (Austin) No! But for real (Cam) Shut up! Are you? (Austin)We’re pregnant! (Cam) Oh my gosh! I was worried about that. (Cam) Congratulations! (Austin) Thanks Buddy! (Cam)Stop it. (Austin) Stop having kids? (Cam)Yes…I tired of the spice! (Austin) This is the only way. (Cam) I am so happy for you! (Cam) May not look like, just cause my face hurts. (Cam)OHHH!!!!! (Cam) FIRE!!!! (Austin) I don’t know if I can finish this Bro. I really don’t. (Cam) So neat. (Austin) Oh, wait! I just rubbed my eye. (Cam) You’re gonna die…. (Austin) Laughing (Austin) Hot mother of pearl. (Austin) I don’t think you guys realize how hot these noodles are. They are really hot! (Austin) Look at his face. (Austin) Banging table… (Austin) ahhuck….(Cam) uhhhh!! I hate it. (Cam) coughing. (Austin) Go Cam go! (Cam) I am going to do it! (Austin) I can’t I can’t (Cam) I’m so close! (Austin) There is no way I am catching you at this point. (Cam)There jigglin’ cause I shakin’ (Austin’s wife laughing off camera) (Austin) You’re just a beast. (Cam) You’re doing great buddy! (Austin’s wife off camera… Cam can drink the milk.) (Cam) I’m done! (Cam) MMMM!!! (Cam) Oh, that’s nice. (Cam) Whooo! (Cam) It’s like a little bomb in there. (Cam) You’ve got lipstick on to! (Cam) Ohhh it’s comin’ back (Cam) OHH really wish you had some milk. (Austin) YAH (Austin) I am starting to hit that euphoric stage. (Cam) Oh, it burns! (Austin) I don’t know how to describe it. But every time we’ve ever done something really spicy your mind… (Cam) Jessica’s pregnant (Austin) Burping (Austin’s wife laughing off-camera) (Cam) Don’t let it touch you again it’ll burn! (Cam) Boy, you gonna have a baby!!! (Austin) I’m goin’ to have a baby! (Cam) Oh, that’s awesome. (Austin) It was a surprise for me too. (Austin) I am taking that off. (Cam) Well (Austin) Ahhh (Cam) Oh my gosh. (Cam) How’s my face? (Austin) Your face. You’ve got a lot on your face. (Austin) That cold air on the neck feels so good. Wow, that is no joke. (Cam) Ohhh, after effects (Cam) That milk didn’t do anything. (Austin) Really? (Austin) Nothin’? (Cam) Nope just like while I drank it I felt fine. (Cam) oh, it still burns. (Austin)So what I was saying is.. Every time we’ve done a spicy video my mind gets takin’ to that like out of this world like it’s not part of my body anymore. (Austin)That’s where it’s at right now. (Austin) My mind is chilling. (Cam) It’s okay. It’s trying to avoid trauma. (Austin) Yahh and my body is hurting. (Cam) My lips hurt oh ho… Cam *coughing* (Cam) Make it stop! ohhhh… (Austin) I really wish I had some milk right now. (Cam) I’m crying. Look at that there is a tear rolling down… my face. (Austin)I see it I see it (Cam) I” M CRYIN’ (Cam) Tears of joy! (Austin) My brain, My brain is vibrating. (Cam) My gosh. (Cam) Whoo! You did good though! (Austin) No! (Cam) You ate some. (Austin) No, I barely went halfway man. (Cam) *pretending to cry* (Cam) Oh, that was a terrible idea! (Cam)I just want some chicken ramen that’s all. (Cam) Normal ramen. I’m sad. (Austin) I don’t I don’t have any of that for you. (Cam) oh no. Now I need, I don’t know something else. (Cam) OH MY GOSH! (Austin) Are my lips? What’s up? (Cam) Your lips are red! (Cam) Are they bigger than before? (Austin)This was that Kylie Jenner lip challenge. (Cam) Just spicem’ up. (Cam) Oh man. (Cam) Well, folks, I hoped you enjoyed that menagerie. You’re having a baby! (Austin) Dude! I am having a freakin’ kid again! (Cam) Oh my gosh, once the pain goes away their fun. It’s just like having a real child. (Austin) If you would like to follow along on the pregnancy journey. Make sure to follow the vlog *Austin and Jess*. We will link up to it eye in the sky. (Austin) Also, Cam just had his baby 2ish months ago. (Cam) That’s right! (Austin) Go ahead and check that out as well. *Life”s a Burch* (Cam) oh yah (Austin) Lot’s of good stuff happening on the vlogs. (Cam) Whoo! (Austin) We gotta stop having kids man. (Cam) For real it’s going to give us an ulcer! (Austin) It’s gonna do something worse I don’t know. (Cam) ohh my gosh (Austin) Again, help us hit that next goal of 500K. And none of this… would be possible without you! Our members (Austin) Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting this show. We host monthly live hangouts as well as bloopers and other benefits. (Austin) So make sure to check it out. Support the show if you like and we’ll see you…. next time. (Austin) Hopefully not dead. (Cam) Bye (Austin) Love you *Austin coughs* *Cam clearing his throat* (Cam) everything else is fine. My lips burn. (Austin) Really? (Cam) Yah (Austin) Did you just hear my stomach screaming for help? (Austin)uhhh, no it really was like uhhh (Cam) Oh my gosh (Austin) What? (Cam) I need water. (Austin) Water? Would make it worse! (Cam) I need bread

  1. Joni Thompson

    ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚Oh my goodness. I had to stop it and rewind it and closed my eyes and rewatched it๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚. I was laughing so hard you couldn't hear sound as I laughed just a strangled wheezing sound, literally tears running down my face, until I sucked in a huge lung full of air. And then just high pitched squawks similar to a goose or a donkey braying. So glad my husband and kids were all asleep, so as to not witness my ridiculous enjoyment. It was just too good! Ya'll are just so funny! "Ew" my favorite part!

  2. monster9392

    I need to buy more of these noodles. The flavor was really good, but it is really hot so my best tip is to break the noodles up before cooking and use a fork that way you can be careful not to get it on your lips or outside your mouth. Also have some crackers near by.

  3. molly leopold

    Hey guys. Iโ€™m Korean. The spacing years arenโ€™t even spicy to me are you do is like once a month I love spicy things and we go to a Korean grocery store at a place called Findlay market where I live and I am they have a whole bunch of Ramen and itโ€™s super spicy but itโ€™s super good. So your next challenge maybe you could do trying to do you things as a woman. So wear a dress and go out shopping and buy some food at your local grocery store. Or girl make some dinner for your children. He he he I absolutely love you guys I love your videos and Iโ€™ve been subscribed for a long time I like this video please give me a shout out and I hope you read this comment love you guys

  4. Crysi Punkin

    I did this challenge with my dad like 4 months ago I ate all mine and his lol. Wasn't spicy for me . After eating two bowls in like ten minutes I took milk and it actually made my mouth burn for a bit . I drank water for a bit instead and it actually took the burn away , I seen people do this with water so I should of done that first hahaha. My dad only could handle a bite and cause I did it live everyone pressured him to take another bite lol My dad asked why it burned so much and I literally said jokingly "oh you gonna die" lol . But congrats Austin and Jess on baby #2

  5. Curtis Larson

    My wife bought me a 5 pack of these. Initially I made it up as directed and ate about 1/4 of the package before it simply got too painful. I finished up the rest by only adding a fraction of the spice packet to the ramen.

    Iโ€™ve got a pretty good tolerance for spicy food. Raw jalapeรฑos are about my comfort zone. The 2Xโ€™s spicy ramen goes well beyond that.

  6. S Garcia

    This is the first time I have seen a video from u guys. I'm subscribing loving both of your personality. U both seem like u enjoy life. I eat those daily. I don't eat breakfast so I can eat them for brunch or lunch. They r yummy and addicting. Our dollar store makes sure they have them for me. Lol. I get cart full when I run out. thy keep u full all day. The 1 times black packets aren't so bad once u get used to them but the red ones 2 times omg it's like a million bees went into your mouth amd had a stinging party. U both should try those ones. Thank u for the video and I cannot wait to watch more of your videos. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Blue LOVE


  8. Suzie Marie

    You know you are slap happy when you watch Cam say, โ€œyou gonna dieโ€ 5 times ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  9. bidya yanglem

    Why do I feel like you guys aren't eating noodles but facing punishment so funny…๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  10. Ruby Zamora

    So I got addicted to these before and I would constantly buy the 5 pack and eat them everyday I loved trying the flavors but my favorite are the curry, carbo and the 2x but now I can only eat them few times a month

  11. Animal_ Fanatic

    You guys bring so much joy and laughter! ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿœ๐Ÿœ๐Ÿœ๐Ÿœ Next time instead of milk try ice cream.

  12. Anastasia Rose

    I have done this challenge 2 times and both times it was intense and these are no joke i eat spicy food every day and these hit my limits

  13. Raven Artima

    Iโ€™m trying to show my boyfriend the video where Cam announces his pregnancy, canโ€™t find it. Any one know the title of it on this channel.

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