Momma Dee Spills the Tea on Her Past & Relationships (S3 E5) | Brunch With TIffany

(upbeat music) – Tiffany darling, the queen
is requesting your presence. You invited me to this
ever so beautiful brunch, where are you girl? You know what, these young
people, I just don’t get it. – Oh my goodness!
– Girl! – I’m here with
the queen, honey! – Yes, I took the liberty, give me a hug. – Oh, Momma Dee. – I took the liberty to
order you a spritzer. Yeah we have (beep) lipstick. – What did you order me girl? – Girl, some champagne
with some spritzer. – I just love how you knew
I would need triple drinks. – Yeah.
– Like the beverages are out. – Girl, when you have children you just bring ’em
out, bring ’em out. – Momma Dee, you’re
so beautiful. – Thank you, and so are you. – I mean, you read
gorgeous on camera, but in person,
it’s another story. – [Momma Dee] Yeah. – You are a snack! Yes you are. – Yeah, you better bring
that body a snatch. – So Momma Dee, you are the queen of Love
and Hip Hop Atlanta, okay. – Yes! – As if you don’t
already know that. – Baby, I earned it
and I truly deserve. – I have to say Momma Dee, you are iconic. – Thank you. – You are known for
your catchphrases. Can you just spit a couple out
at brunch for me real quick? Whatever comes to mind. – Okay. Let’s do the first one. You’re late behind, girl I’m on my second
one waiting on you. – Oh, I’m gettin’ a read. – Yes! – Read me the filth Momma Dee. – Girl, it’s some things is
been going on in Atlanta, in the palace. Oh girl. – And this bitch is late. – Yes! – But you the queen.
– Yeah! – And this is the palace. – I’m the ketchup,
they’re the mustard. They go together, but you can’t
put ’em on at the same time. – Why not? – Because they don’t
rock like that. See like when the
world is off it’s axle, (beep) go on. – It does. Do people come up
to you on the street and just stop you
and expect to just have you pop one
of those lines out? – They do Tiffany, but a lot of times what people
don’t get about reality TV, I tell my truth, ‘cus
I live in my truth– – [Tiffany] Yes ma’am. – But it doesn’t mean I’m
in that space right then, because of my age I
have maybe a little bit of blood pressure
issues and stuff and sometimes I’m not my best
going through the airport. – At 22 you have? – 55 years old girl. – Momma Dee, stop
playin’ with me. – Yes, bebe, yes baby. And then I’ve had people
who’ve touched me. If you address me verbally,
I’ll acknowledge you. – That’s right. – But don’t run up to me
when I’m in the bank bitch, ‘cus I’m tryna
deposit something. But it’s okay, life is
good, life is great. I’m blessed. – You very blessed Momma Dee.
– To be blessed. – Yes. – Because, everyday
that God gives to me, you guys would have
too, so that’s okay. – Oh Momma Dee,
that’s so beautiful. Y’all better have some
reverence and respect for Momma Dee when y’all
see her cashing checks and eating at restaurants. Don’t be tapping her and
coming up and touching her. – Please, leave me alone when
you see me tryna cash a coin. (Tiffany laughing) – Girl!
– Girl! – It’s the truth,
also Momma Dee, do you see people stop you
and they wanna kinda almost even argue with you off
of something you said or did on the show? – Yeah, yeah. I don’t like that either. – They do that? – Even though, yes they have. Tiffany, believe it or not, I have been in grocery
stores with shades and it was no good, they still know who’s
behind those shades. Because I have a mindset when
I go in the grocery store. – Right.
– You know. – Right. – So, I know what I
came in there to get. You messing with me, is
gonna take me off my game. – That’s right. – So, I refuse… I heard one lady walk up and
say, “She think she got it.” – No she–
– Girl! Bitch, bitch. – All right! – See, I’m bipolar. – I am too Momma Dee.
– And I make it known. So, I was diagnosed in 1998,
and I don’t take no medication. But, don’t (beep) with me girl. – All right! – ‘Cus I don’t go round
(beep) with nobody. – That’s right. – I wish everybody good
tidings and everything. I wake up every morning
with a new understanding. – Oh that’s beautiful.
– To make more money today, than I did on yesterday. – Oh my goodness. – You know how to
get it, get it. – Cha-ching, cha-ching. I gotta sip on that. (upbeat music) Oh Momma Dee, this looks
so good, don’t it girl. – Yes girl, you know
I don’t eat much, but I’m gonna take a
bite out of everything. – Yes, ‘cus your waist
is snatched Momma Dee, let me just tell you
– And so is yours. – Well, we gotta
peck at it at least. – Yeah, we have to peck girl. – Momma Dee, you know I read something
and it really excited me. – Did it girl? – Back in the day,
not to far ago, but did I read that you
wanted to be a nurse? – I am a nurse. – Are you really? – Yeah but I was in a
head on collision in 96, so every year you have
to redo your license. – Oh, I didn’t know this. So you’re a registered
RN, if you will. – I came from educators, my
mother was a school teacher. My grandmother, school teacher. – Oh wow! – Even my baby
sister, FBI agent. We all were trained and
raised to be educated, continuing your education
after high school. – Oh wow! – High school is
not good enough, so we all went and
educated ourselves. – Where’s my champagne at. – Okay. – You said high
school aint what? – Aint good enough. It aint enough boo. But everybody aint
college material. So you can go pick up a trade. ‘Cus at the first year
of college of fine arts, I majored in fine
arts, which is music. But I dropped out. – Did you Momma Dee,
you dropped out? – Yeah, I dropped out. Because I was young and dumb. – Weren’t we all. – I thought dick was
important and dating. – Oh, it is. – Dick is overrated. – It is, it is.
– The penis is overrated. – It’s very important. – I’ma tell you this, ‘cus once I’ve (beep) wiped
myself off, I’m done anyway. (bangs table) Eyes straight, no
chasing boo. (mumbles) Yes! (upbeat music) – So, Momma Dee,
correct me if I’m wrong, I know you will let me know. Back in the day, is it true
that you used to be a pimp? – Yes. Girl, my highest degree
was in P-I-M-P-ology. – Really Momma Dee?
– Yes girl! That was my major. – Okay. – So, I started with two
girls and ended up with 15. Now the rumor is,
that’s on the street, that I had 29 hoes that
retired ‘cus I couldn’t get 30. But I only had 15. (both laughing) between me and you. – [Tiffany] Yeah. – Since we having brunch. – Yes ma’am. – There was a lot
of seedy officials that paid me to sleep with my
girls and it’s in the book. – Oh, Momma. Listen y’all, we
gotta get that book. – Yeah, they’ll
be out, hopefully. – I just got chills when
you said that, Momma Dee. – It’s in the book. – [Tiffany] Wow! – I’m tellin’ on my God
damn self the (beep) I did. Yeah, but then no
one knows who lying. Oh yeah, everybody, that’s okay. – This is an exclusive you guys. This brunch is just– – Yeah, full of tea. – Full of tea! (upbeat music) Momma Dee, tell
us how are things between you and
Ernest right now. – Right now we are separated, but we’re working it out. It’s okay. But you gotta learn, I’m not your bitch
or your mother (beep) to tell me verbal abuse. I’m not your bitch or
your mother (beep), that’s what I aint gonna do. – No. – So, I’m somebody’s
mother and grandmother too. You don’t want nobody talkin’
to your mammy like that. – Exactly.
– Don’t come for me. ‘Cus baby.
– Yeah. – I know how to slash, like
him know how to cook dish, I know how to slash your throat. – Momma Dee is a slasher, honey. You better not. – But at the end of the day, me and Ernest been
together for over 23 years. – Aww that’s beautiful. – And he has an
aneurysm in his aorta, we went to the
doctor a week ago. – Okay. – It’s grown, ‘cus he
smokes like a chimney. – Jesus. – And he asked the doctors, “Can you up my milligrams of
my blood pressure medication?” And they said, “Well, Mr. Bryant, it
aint gonna do no good, “you can get some help. “CDC is giving away free
medications for people “who wanna stop smoking.” – Well forget the
medication, Momma Dee, why don’t you just
steal the cigarettes and sit on his face every
time he has the urge. – No, I’ve told you,
he told somebody else, they wanna get baptized
for eating (beep), ‘cus you know I never
had my (beep) licked. He told one guy, yeah. – Momma Dee! – You wanna get baptized,
you get baptized but (beep) aint going down there, and
I don’t wanna go there. But you know how
crazy these women act over these men that
they get eat out, girl I don’t wanna be like that, I got to old to act
a fool over a man. If I’ma act a fool, I’ma act a fool over
my kids and grandkids. – Momma Dee, you deserve
to get that (beep) eaten. (upbeat music) Momma Dee, I thank you so much
for this beautiful brunch. – Thank you for
inviting me Tiffany. – You sat down with me.
well of course. I’m with a legend right now. – Yes. – We are just prayin’
for a brighter day, a better day. – Yes. – And this was just so exciting. Momma Dee, do you wanna
close out in a prayer for us. – So, God right now father God, we come to you, we’re sitting down but I
feel like I’ve come to you on bended knees. Lord, thank you for
this opportunity to be in the presence of Tiffany and thank you for the brunch
and served so eloquently. And Jesus, I wanna
come to you now, thanking you for every day. And knowing that today is a
day that I’m still gotta live and that yesterday is gone and tomorrow’s a
day I’d never see. – Yes! – Oh father God, thank
you for the forgiveness, because as long as I live in
this flesh I will see him. It’s okay in
understanding your will, your life and your way Lord. Lord I just wanna
thank you right now, in the mighty name of Jesus, – Thank you.
– Bless her in faith, bless her in health and
bless her financially. And that I put on you. – In Jesus name, amen. Oh Momma Dee, thank you. I feel the anointing
all over my bosom. – Yes baby, shalalalalalom. – Mack bang! Mook bong, I don’t know
exactly how to say it. But for more videos
with me gossiping and having brunch
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