Mother’s Hut | Simply অসাধারণ ..!!! Women Staff Only Restaurant in Krishnanagar near Kolkata

Hello everyone As we promised in our last video That we will show you an unique place That’s why today we are at Krishnanagar Hello again, welcome to our channel Ride N Bite I’m Amit We have reached our destination Mother’s Hut Did you noticed anything different? Which we don’t usually see in restaurants I hope you noticed Here, every worker is a lady Not only that, most interesting fact is each one of them is a mother Our life is incomplete without our mother Many mothers are here Who serve food, take order, and prepare food also They manage the whole place by themselves After this, i hope there is no need to tell Why this place called Mother’s Hut We are not leaving without tasting the food made by the mothers Lets see what are the famous items here And lets taste the food Here is a huge sized menu in front of me Starts from South Indian Idli, Dosa Salad, Raita, Papad Tandoor Indian First let me see the whole menu Lets see if i found anything special If i don’t found anything, i’will take suggestion Pure core foods of Bengalis like Potol, Gourd, Fish curry Prawn, everything is written like this Aloo malai kofta, Thoor Many people don’t even know what is thoor Thakur Barir Ranna this is interesting And generally we don’t found it in restaurants Here is Pulao and Chicken curry I’m sure that i’m definitely trying something from Thakurbari Our order is served but at first notice one thing Everything is made by soil Only Thakur bari’s food items served by this soil made bowl and dish This is Pulao and this is Chicken curry On the plate there is a traditional banana leaf And this is Awadh Biriyani I have no idea what is Awadh Biriyani But the basic thing which i can see is on the top this is Please tell us This is my first time experience The specialty is the pot is sealed by pizza dough Whatever you order Chicken or Mutton it is stuffed in the mud pot with rich then Sealed the pot with pizza dough and put it in the oven Then it was brought out after Dum (a special biriyani making process) This is the specialty of Awadh Biriyani Lets see how it’s taste I’m very exited because i’m trying for the first time I’m always exited about Biriyani, aunty please surve Something happens in my body if i see something delicious Trust me i’m not overacting Nice smell First tasting Pulao lets see how it is I can feel the spices and with that a nice aroma is coming out Now lets taste the Chicken Please tell how many of you like Chicken curry’s potato For me i like Potato with everything, chicken , mutton, Biriyani Sweetness of Pulao and peppery taste of the Chicken You can’t imagine how nice its taste with these two combination Hmmm, the Chicken is also soft As far as your honest review, I’m not telling anything Exaggerating One thing always keep in mind that Taste depends on the person I like this but it can happen that you don’t like it or you like it even more So it depends on the person Very nice I’m getting more information about Chicken and Pulao as time goes They used pure Milk, Ghee, Saffron in Pulao as they informed us The ambiance is, wait first Biriyani I will not give you any Chance to ask the question ‘brother you are eating Biriyani with spoon’ See i put the spoons aside First time trying Awadh Biriyani Please forgive if i pronounce wrong I pronounce it as it was written Smell of the spices are bit too much Except that rice is good and Egg and Potato is here Biriyani is good, no problem with that Just the spices are bit too much, i think Lets check the softness of Chicken You can see the white parts of Chicken And think it is not cooked properly But no, it was cocked properly And you can feel the spices inside the Chicken It is not the Chicken which we usually eat in Biriyani It is different and the taste is also different I’m trying it for the first time and it feels different If you come here, please try something from Thakur bari Because we don’t get it regularly If you ask me which is better between these two i would prefer Pulao and Chicken The area is huge And the sitting capacity is above 100 people can sit at a time The most interesting thing is the mothers of mother’s hut Some people says that age matters You can’t do anything after you become mother But they are about 150 staffs everyday from 5 am to 1 am Maintaining this huge place And keep this place open everyday with a smile face Hats off For my opinion if there is something called women empowerment This is an example If you agree with me please like And if you have any other opinion please comment If you agree with me then show it to your family And specially your mother You guys enjoy the interior and decide you should come or not I’m done eating Pulao and Chicken or awadh Biriyani Everything was sufficient for one person But the Chicken was too good I like bit spicy so it was more good to me You can pay by cash or card But you have to pay first then they serve your order This is the kitchen of Mother’s hut In one word this is Mother’s kitchen So good to see this This is the bread of Burger made by themselves Just amazing Here are Tandoor items Everything is so clean and they are maintaining hygiene properly This is North Indian section This is South Indian section, may be a dosa is preparing Everything is so clean and they are maintaining hygiene properly This is love Biriyani Sommer time ac is heaven We ordered two lassis, one is matthi ki lassi And other is matthi ki hariyali lassi It is called matthi ki lassi because Of the mud pots And there is a flavor of spearmint and Jal jira That’s why it is Hariyali Lassi And now here comes the service Service is really good They are Mothers, how much bad service they will provide It’s natural that they are good The kitchen is a major fact we showed you It was so hygienic, and they are maintaining properly It is a must try place You guys please visit and let us know how was your experience Our experience was so good We want to come with family next time Wait, location.. Before i say about location You can book this place for any kind of party like Birthday party, wedding ceremony Contact number is in the description box Location is Bhatjangla, Gorai brothers Indian Oil petrol pump and just beside of NH 34 This is Mother’s hut Those who come by train not like this From Krishnanagar station take toto And come to Bhatjangla It is just beside of Indian Oil Petrol pump and NH 34 You can tell Toto that you want to go Mother’s hut they will drop you Toto charge 20 rupees per person from station to Mother’s hut If you new in our channel please subscribe And click the bell icon so that you don’t miss any update Thank you so much for watching this video And please show it to your family specially mother

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    Matte ki lassi naam ta i think matir bhaar er jonne noy, hariyali lassi o matir e pot a dewa hoa6e…otar to amn naam noy.
    মাঠা holo sei bostu jeta dudh theke maakhon tolar samay a pawa jay.ete matha a6e..tae ae naam

  7. Subhankar Roy

    Ota odh noi awadh biriyani, awadh is a place in uttar pradesh.It was a princely state,ruled by nawab.ei biriyani ta orer raj gharana theke

  8. Tanusree Chatterjee

    Ha khub sundor laglo dekhe Mother's Huter sundor upsthapona dekhe r arp valo laglo je ekhane prochur meye soyomsampurno hoe khub sundorvabe kaaj korche dekhe

  9. Soumen Chakravarti

    I am from kolkata..I went Krishnanagar so many times but really I don't know mother Hut's….

    I can't believe that Krishnanagar a ai rokom akta restaurant acha…….

    Must go there after watching your video

  10. Kuntal Majumder

    chandpara thaki ,anekbar krishnanagar gechi kintu sudhu swarbhaja khecihi,kintu tmr ei place ta bapyok r ashadharon r mindblwoing jabo khub siggiri with my my lovely daughter

  11. Sourav Dey

    Ambiance er sathe BGM the puro perfecto… Good job I am ur new subscriber… Parle diamond plaza mall esso okhankar bhojohori manna te akbar khawar try koro ebong mall er baire opposite foot ei KASTURI restaurant o ache… Okhaneo try korte paro r eo boli aminia r arsalan sob passa passi ache… Location shyamnagar near nagerbazar


    ফুল মেনু কোথায় আছে?? বলবেন??? Google Map এ যে পাবলিক রিভিউ …ওই খানে????

  13. IamBarish

    Awadh biryani r bisesotto pizza bread diye dhaka biryani noy. Lucknow ke age bola hoto Awadh. Sei Awadh er raja ke bondi kora hoyechilo Kolkata e. Awadh rajar abishkar holo ei biryani, ekhon jake india r onno shohore bola hoy kolkata biryani. Awadh biryani r bishesotto holo aaloo ar dim.

  14. Rahul Ghosh

    Hi sir
    Watching from Bangalore , one of the best video i ever saw. its was a awesome video thank a lot for sharing this experience with us .when i ll go to kolkata definitely i m going to visit (Mother Hut).Thank a lot buddy u r doing a great job 👌🏻👌🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  15. Amlan Saha

    খুব ভালো video…. Kolkata এর বাইরে গিয়ে আপনি অসাধারণ ভিডিও বানিয়ে ছেন সত্যি দারুণ

  16. Sumi Ghosh

    Krishnagar always good place amer sohor ar mother's hut khub valo ami vison valobasi okhan ker khaber ar ha akhan thaka home delivery o hoi😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  17. Parvez Zaman Khan

    Tomar ai video ta dekhe ami gechilm mothers hut a. R ami thakur barir ranna menu theke polao r murgir mangso order korechilm. But amke matir patre serve kre ni. Normally steel ar hari plate o thalai serve korechilo

  18. Brototi Chakraborty

    Thanks 😊 Video ta khub helpful. But let me correct you about 'mathe ki lassi ' I guess the name was given mathe ki lassi not because of the mud pot ,as it is made up of 'matha' means the by product of butter from milk.😊

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